C-ute says Bye Bye Bye to quality

C-ute’s 8th single, Bye Bye Bye, is being released April 15th. It will be their first release since January.

So, I’m here to give you a better late than never review. This time of C-ute’s new PV and song. Which came out about a week ago.

I actually really love the song. But I feel almost guilty about liking it. I think because Kanna’s not in it I shouldn’t like it as much as I do. I’m Kanna biased!
But the song is really good, I love the dance and techno theme the music has. The overall tempo of the song is a little bit on the slow side though. Even at the chorus it barely picks up.
The line distribution is another reason this song is awesome. Of course there’s still the overdose of the Airi/Maimi combo. But everyone else gets 3-4 solo lines. Which is nice for a change. Mai sounds especially great in this song. Her voice wsa just perfect for this song. But I really hate that on every Saki solo line they do that crackling effect to her voice. You can’t even really hear her voice. I know Saki isn’t the greatest vocalist of C-ute but come on every solo line. That’s a little harsh.

As for the PV, I think less than impressed would be an understatement. There’s just so many reasons it was a dud for me. First off, I absolutely hate the outfits. They are like futuristic race queen outfits. And the silver and pink combo reminds me of Nono’s Robo Kiss outfit.
The PV also focused way to much on the giant Bye Bye Bye screen in the background. I swear they did like 12 separate effects on the background. It’s not that important.
And the dance was just an absolute fail. Easily one of the worst and unimaginative H!P dances in a while. For the chorus they just throw their hands up in the air. They really just phoned in the dance.
The overall set is boring too. Take away the big flashing sign and what do you have really? Plain silver walls and a few lights off to the side. It makes it look like a dance shot rather than a PV.
Another thing I don’t like is the close up background. I don’t understand how Easter pastels match anything. The girls to look really pretty in the close up though. Especially Chisato, she blew me away.

Dramatic silhouettes

Mai trying to look sultry

Awkward dance #1. I don’t even know what’s going on

Airi saving the PV with her cutness but Mai is not amused

Awkward dance #2. Brush your shoulders off

Saki wants you to stop altering her voice

I have to admit I love those boots

Adorable Airi

Awkward dance #3. Finger waving good

This pic is just too cute

Awkward dance #4. Chorus Fail

When did Chisato get this pretty?

Gosh Maimi looks great

Awkard dance #5. What is this the cotton eyed joe?

Mai looks really mature. And I love her shirt

Erika’s face looks weird o_O

Saki looking bland

Awkward dance #6. WTF?

Chisato looks adorable

Saki and Mai is win and cute

More Airi cuteness

Awkawrd dance #7.

Awkward dance #8. It’s a point off!

Awkward dance #9. Now hug yourself

As much as I miss Kanna from the song and video, even she couldn’t have made it better. She just would have made it more watchable.

H!P 2009 Poll

Hello!Blog has released yet another poll. But this time it’s the 2009 H!P Poll. Or as I like to call it H!P Perfect 10. You can see my results above.

Now this poll was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Easily harder than Hello!Blog’s group ranking I tried to place each member in order of how much I’ve been paying attention to them lately and who is already my favorite members. But there are so many members I like I ended up having to cut a few off. Which wasn’t an easy task. I actually feel really bad about the members I had to cut. XD

Here’s a little expliantion of who I picked and why.

1. Kusumi Koharu: I think it’s pretty obvious that Koha was going to be number 1. I’ve loved Koharu ever since I first saw her. She’s the main reason I love Momusu as much as I do.
2. Arihara Kanna: I need to show my love for Kanna! She is definitely my favorite C-ute member. I never even cared about the kids before Kanna. She has one of the best and underrated voices in C-ute.
3. Konno Asami: When I started listen to older Momus I was always intrigued by Kon Kon. I went out of my way to find songs and shows that featured her. I guess I liked her because she was flawed. Insanely cute but not necessarily the best singer.
4. Mitsui Aika: I’ve always had a certain attachment to Mittsi, since I started to really follow Morning Musume on her debut song. I always supported and followed Aika closely for that reason.
5. LinLin: LinLin has really come out of nowhere to be one of my favorites in Morning Musume. Her overall energy and enthusiasm during concerts and shows really drew me to her.
6. Kumai Yurina: The main reason I care about Berryz. And another underrated member. I heard her in Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi and that was it, I was sold.
7. Tsugunaga Momoko: I started liking and noticing Momo because of Buono. And it helps that she’s adorable with an anime like voice.
8. Michishige Sayumi: I totally expected Sayu to be much higher on my list. When I first got into Momsu she was my 2nd favorite member. I still really love Sayumi, but there’s just H!P members I’ve grown to love a little bit more.
9. Fukuda Kanon: I started listening to Shugo Chara Egg for Yuuka, but ended up liking Kanon way more. Her voice is adorable and she’s like mini Aibon.
10. Tsuji Nozomi: Nono will always be one of my favorites because she was the other half of W. So I’ve grown to like her. But honestly if Aibon was there I’m not sure if Nono would even make the list.

And here’s the members I had to cut.
-Niigaki Risa
-Suzuki Airi
-Maeda Yuuka
-Ishikawa Rika

New H!P unit Guardians 4

Starting April 4th there will be a new group to promote Shugo Chara called Guardians 4. This group will consist of Morning Musume member Mitsui Aika, C-ute member Nakajima Saki, and Berryz Koubou members Kumai Yurina and Sugaya Risako. Their first single, Omakase! Guardian, will come out on May 27th and will be the new opening theme to Shugo Chara.

This is seriously amazing news. Yurina is finally in a subgroup! And it’s about time. Yurnia is my favorite Berryz member. And she’s more talented then she gets credit for. And Mittsi in another group is amazing. Gotta love all the Aika love that’s going on lately. I’m not to thrilled about the second half though. Saki is one of my least favorite C-ute members and even though Risako can really sing, I think she already gets enough attention. The same thing happened with Athena & Robikerottsu. I listned to them for Aika and Risa.
Another thing that’s going to be interesting about this group is who is going to be the leader and main singer. I really don’t want to see an overdose of Risako or even her as the main singer. Her being in the group alone is enough. I’m actually hoping Aika takes lead vocals. Since she’s growing in popularity and singing opportunities. It doesn’t really matter who gets the main vocals though since Shugo Chara groups have really fair line distribution. And every one pretty much gets equal screen time.
As for leader they will probably go the Buono and High King route. Where they don’t have an official leader and one of the member names themselves as the unofficial leader. But if there is a leader it should definitely be Yurina.

The whole con of this group is Shuo Chara Eggs possibly disappearing. Which makes the whole Guardians 4 group bittersweet. I gain Aika and Yurina in a group but lose Yuuka and Kanon in one. Which is kind of terrible. Since Yuuka and Kanon are Eggs there’s a possibility we’ll never see from them again. I hope that doesn’t happen. Yuuka and Kanon deserve to be in an official group anyway.

I have a new blog!

So everyone I have a new blog that I’m launching today. It has absolutely nothing to do with Jmusic however. It’s just my personal blog. I’ve pretty much wanted to make a personal blog every since I started blogging, but I was just too lazy to make one until now. So if anyone cares about my personal life or opinions on things other than Jpop check it out. Here’s my site, Daily Dose of Amy. And thanks for reading my shameless plug. 😛

Mikitty’s getting hitched!

Former morning Musume member Miki Fujimoto is engaged to comedian Shouji Tomoharu and is planning to get married this summer. After a 2 year relationship they finally are tying the knot.

My initial reactions to this is, that’s who she resigned from Momusu for! I’m not really a big Miki fan and didn’t even bother to research her boyfriend when her scandal hit. What is it with H!P and their bad taste in men?

But looks aside, I am really happy for Miki. It’s great that she found someone to love her completely. I wish her all the best. It will be interesting to see her start her family.

C-ute- Bye Bye Bye PV preview

My past few posts have been very JE centered but here’s some H!P news to break the theme. H!P released a short 15 second PV clip of C-ute’s latest single, Bye Bye Bye, available by cell phone download.

I kind of feel cheated out of a preview since we only get to see shadows of the girls. Which is a little frustrating if you ask me.
So far the PV looks pretty cool. It’s a little 80’s looking, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The flashing Bye’s in the background are a little gimmicky, that’s really my only complaint about the short preview.

It’s anyone’s guess when the PV will actually be out, but we can most likely expect it sometime this week. This little clip isn’t really going to hold you over until then, but it will have to.

Hey! Say! Jump! Jonetsu Jump preview

Hey! Say! JUMP! preformed their new song, Jonetsu Jump, recently at what I’m guessing is some volleyball event. So now we have a nice preview of this song. But there is still no official word if this is the A-side for their upcoming new single.

The performance itself is really cool. There’s a lot of backup dancers, so it’s really extravagant. And Chinen’s jump in the beginning was pure win. The cameras really seem to be focusing more on Hey! Say! 7. Ryosuke and Chinen especially. Which isn’t really surprising since Ryosuke is the most popular member. I would like to see more Yabu and Yuto though.

The outfits are really a disappointment. They’re very matador like and hideous. I really hope these aren’t the PV outfits. For the most part Hey! Say! JUMP! has had ugly PV outfits. Mayonaka no Shadow Boy’s outfits were the best looking and the Your Seed ones weren’t bad either.

But anyway, I’m not really impressed by the song. The music is really fun, but everything else is a little bland. It’s just not catchy and the sound has been done before. We’ll see what I think of it after I listen to it a few more times.

NEWS’s new single Koi no ABO

NEWS’s new single will be released towards the end of April. It will be their 11th single to date and will be entitled Koi no ABO. This song will also be featured in the Spring and Summer ads for the RUSS-K clothing line.

This is amazing news. I’m super excited for a new NEWS single. It’s really about time too. Their last single was in October. And it seemed every other Johnny’s group was releasing new singles. Not much is known about the new single as of now. But we do have a 15 second preview of it in the new RUSS-K ad. And the song sounds amazing! It’s completely different than Happy Birthday. I can’t wait for a full preview of this.

Kusano returning to NEWS in April?

All I can say about this is where have I been? I seriously just found out about this yesterday. But this info has been all over the web for almost a year! I really need to start following JE more. Currently all my time is spent religiously following H!P. But anyway, since it’s getting extremely close to the rumored date this deserves to be posted.

Ex-NEWS member Hironori Kusano left for New York City last year around April 18th. He was said to have departed to study both dance and English in NYC. And it seems the extra nudge to leave was Kusano’s lonely feelings he had when Jin spoke in English. There was also apparently a farewell party held for him. Which Jin attended and probably Yamapi.

I found this picture shocking at first look because I automatically recognized the girl in the picture. It’s none other than Chelsea aka AmerikaJinMusume. I’m sure most of you will remember her, from either her youtube dance videos or her appearance on Haromoni@. She also has her own blog, if you want to check that out. She’s also a little to chummy with them if you ask me. She also refers to Kusano has Hiro. But anyway, this is pretty much the most recent picture of Notti on the web. It also wasn’t easy to find. It seems that Kusano has changed much, which is good. I wonder if he also kept his hair the same? Hard to tell when his hair is under that hat.

I really hope this isn’t a rumor because this is seriously the best news I’ve gotten all week. And all it makes sense now, why only Uchi was getting attention. It’s kind of hard to have a solo concert if you’re not in the right country. I think my previous posts make it pretty obvious that I’m a bigger Kusano fan than Uchi fan. He’s supposed to be coming back in April, so I’ll really be looking forward to seeing if anything actually happens. I’ve really missed Kusano’s unique vocals, awesome dance skills, and his overall sexyness.

But I doubt Kusano will be placed back into NEWS just like that. They will probably do the same thing as Uchi and have solo concerts first. But it’s pretty interesting that the Kusano comeback rumor overlaps with the Johnny’s Entertainment shuffle groups rumor. So maybe we’ll see the return of Kusano in a dream unit first. Who knows? As of today neither of these things have been confirmed by JE yet. It would really suck if both of these were really nothing more than rumors.

Get rescued by KAT-TUN

KAT-TUN’S 10th single, Rescue, was released on March 11th. And as many of you know, it’s the opening theme for the drama Rescue. This single is probably the last KAT-TUN single we’ll see in a while. Since they’ve had 2 singles in 2 months. I doubt they could keep a release schedule like that for long.
And on a side note, sorry this review is delayed. I’ve been sick with the flu for the past week or so, and I haven’t really been up to writing anything. But now I’m back to 100% to bring you my Rescue review.

Now I wasn’t really a fan of this song when I first heard it on music station. I actually kind of disliked it. It was a little bit of a disappointment to me since I really liked One Drop. But after about the 3rd listen it really grew on me, and I’ve been listening to it nonstop all week. Overall I think the song is amazing. The harmonies in the chorus are just incredible. And the song is very catchy. The music has heavy almost anime like elements to it, but at the same time is very dancable. There’s also a decent amount of English in the song, for one the entire chorus is sung in English. But I’m actually surprised by how well it sounds. If you listen closely though, you can hear Jin’s voice overpowers everyone’s during the English parts. Which honestly makes me laugh a little.
I think easily my favorite part of the song is Koki’s rap. It just works and blends nicely into the rest of the song. Which is nice for a change, because in songs like Don’t You Ever Stop the rap seems almost out of place.
But one part of the song I didn’t like was Maru’s stupid beatbox. Does anyone else think he should just stop? It seriously reminds me of how Justin Timberlake tried to incorporate beatbox into Nsync songs. So just no.
I actually really liked Taguchi’s solo English line. His voice is usually too nasally for my taste, but for this line it just worked. And ended up sounding really awesome.
But poor Maru, it’s his drama and he still only got 2 solo lines. Tough break. Maybe next drama you’ll get more lines. But that’s unlikely, they still have to worry about sales.
As for Kame and Ueda they kind of fell into the background to me. Everyone else easily over shadowed them.

I think the PV is really cool, it has a dark and intense theme. Most of KAT-TUN’s PVs have a darker theme than other JE groups. But this one even more so, the color scheme to the video is black & white, sepia, and just overall grungy tones. There’s also smoke stacks releasing smoke and fire in the background. I’m not really sure what that’s all about. My best guess is, it’s supposed to represent Maru’s role as a fire fighter in the drama Rescue. But to me it’s just an awkward interpretation. Other than the snazzy colors there’s not really much going on in the video. They basically dance on top of a building and then run through the sewers. And lets not forget all the unnecessarily dramatic solo dance scenes.

Dark themed background

Dramatic running

Useless female dancer number one. Jin’s excuse to get her on the

Jin’s hair looks weird and crunchy.

Nice to have Kame’s good hair back.

Maru’s big spolight in the PV.

Cheer up emo kid.

And on the second day god said let there be Jin.

Ueda looks amazing.

Useless female dancer number 2. And it looks like that guy’s
checking out Taguchi.

What’s with Koki’s MatsuJun smile?

Dramatic running 2.0.

Koki goodness.

More Koki goodness. He should never change this hair. It’s
seriously the best he’s ever looked.

Lolz at Taguchi’s ballet moves.

Ueda looks awkward dancing with those girls.

This picture will never not be hot.

KAT-TUN line dance.

It’s about time there’s a Kame closeup

H!P winter concert previews

With the H!P winter tour DVDs being released shortly dohhh up has released clips of each concert. As a short preview of Wonderful Hearts Kouen ~Kakumei Gannen~ and Elder Club Koen – Thank you for your LOVE!

The first clip is from Wonderful Hearts and it’s Go Girl Koi no Victory.

I was really happy that this song was used for the preview. Go Girl Koi no Victory is one of my favorite Morning Musume songs of all time. I think this performance is really fun and full of energy. This performance really showed that Wonderful Hearts will continue to go on strong after Elder Club.
Their outfits are really sparkly and fluffy. I don’t really understand what all the overuse of boa is about. But it’s cute none the less. People that really stood out to me were Koharu, ManoEri, Risa, Momoko, and Aika. The green really makes Koha pop, she looks great. I’m not really a fan of Erina. but she is undeniably cute, and she had a lot of energy during this performance. That hat looks really odd on Aika. It makes her look kind of like a mushroom. But a cute one. And Risa, my god does she look gorgeous with that hair or what? Momoko, how can you not notice her? She looks adorable as usual.

The next clip is from Elder Club’s final concert and it’s Never Forget.

This is a very fitting song to show. I’m sure all of us will never forget Elder Club. Just as expected this is a very emotional performance, pretty much everyone is crying. But this seems to be hitting the older gens extremely hard. Mari, Yuko, Nacchi, and Rika seem to be taking it the worst. This is actually very upsetting to me. I think just now it hit me that they are finally gone. The performance is really great, the singing is spot on. Just what you’d expect from the best of H!P. And my girl KonKon even got a solo line in this song.

Maimi and Kanon’s winter ghost story

C-ute member Yajima Maimi and Hello Project Egg Fukuda Kanon are to appear in a movie together called Winter Ghost Story.

Now I don’t know much about the movie yet, since I can’t read Japanese. For now all I know is Maimi and Kanon are in it. Which is exciting news. This will be Kanon’s debut as an actress and will be Maimi’s second movie role. From the title we can assume it’s a horror/suspense movie. I have a feeling it will be a mix between Ghost Train and A Tale of Two Sisters. But that’s based on title alone.

I’ll be updating this story later when I have more info on it. You can also read about it on Shinichi Konjina’s blog.

LinLin’s Happy Birthday comes

I’m not really much for writing about idol’s birthdays, but I should really start. Especially when it’s a member I’ve been starting to like even more recently. :] I also wonder if anyone got my W reference. But anyway, onto LinLin praising.

Happy Birthday LinLin!

It’s really hard to believe LinLin is 18 already. It seriously feels like she just entered Morning Musume yesterday. Mostly because new members weren’t added yet. And even though LinLin has been in the background of singles and concerts, I’ve been noticing her a lot more. She really seems to be shining lately. She was fantastic in Resonant Live. And I think she brings something great to Momusu. Her fun loving personality was what drew her to me. Her Yorosen was surprisingly one of my favorites. Even though LinLin doesn’t have the best shining voice, she really has been improving lately. I think we can expect great things from LinLin in the future.

And here’s a LinLin pic spam!

One Room Disco PV preview

Perfume released a short preview for their new song One Room Disco. The preview is roughly only 40 seconds. But you can still get a feel for the PV. I really like how they keep changing rooms. And they seem to be wearing the same outfits from the CD covers. Which I’m not too happy about. I would have love to have seen different outfits, because they ones they’re wearing are gross.

Maasa PB preview

Maasa’s first photobook is being released on March 11th, so we have a nice preview of the cover.

The cover is pretty standard as photobooks go. But I think the cover is really cute. Maasa’s looks really happy and cute on the cover. And it’s nice the see that she’s slimmed down a little. Since we’re used to seeing Maasa with a little more meat on her bones. I also think her bikini is absolutely adorable. And it looks really great on her.

Aside from the cover, there’s also a video of Maasa’s photobook into. Where she quickly flips through the photobook. The video also shows Momoko and Chinami looking through it with her. Though I can’t understand what’s being said, I think Maasa looks great. Her shirt is really cute. And I love her curly ponytail.

There’s also another video of Massa, that’s is a portion of her making her photobook. Which is from her photobook DVD. It shows Maasa picking fruit and several other scenes from her photobook.

H!P lands at South Korea

Tsunku, Maimi, and Saki arrived in Korea to kick off the Korean auditions. They held a press conference to officially announce the auditions. And it seems like Maimi and Saki are wearing their recent concert outfits for most of the photos.

Koreans seem to be really excited for the audition. They even welcomed their arrival at the airport.  

I’m really excited to see how these auditions turn out. I’ll probably follow these a lot closer than the Taiwn auditions. Mainly because I’m more interested in Kpop than Cpop.
Anyway here’s a little pic spam of the event.

Ai Kago FRIDAY’d again

Once again Kago-chan is hit with another scandal. This time it’s an alleged affair with Hidejiro Mizumoto. Mizumoto had recently gotten a divorce from his wife Asato. But Asato is claming the reason for the divorce is her husband having an affair with Ai Kago. She is also seeking a large ammonu of money from both Mizumoto and Kago, 50 million yen from Mizumoto and 10 million yen from Kago. She is also asking for child support, which is standard for divorces. Asato also seems to have proof of the infidelity. She claims to have pictures Kago’s underwear, clothes, cosmetics, and other items at the apartment and also love letters on Mizumoto’s movie scrips. Tokyograph posted the news a couple days ago. You can read the full article there.

Kago, Kago, Kago. It really seems that she’s learned nothing. She’s finally getting her life back and is in the spotlight again. And yet she risks to lose it all again, for essentially the same reasons. I really thought she was past all of this and finally moving on. But this really makes it seems like she doesn’t care. And is again acting like a selfish teenager who never thinks of the repercussions of her actions. This really is disappointing. I was finally getting used to the new Ai and then she does something like this. I mean she’s probably allowed to date now. Can’t she find anyone single?

Another thing that catches me off guard, is the fact that Asato is asking for 10 million yen form Kago. Does Kago even have that kind of money anymore? She spent her H!P money when she was under house arrest. She even stated in her photobook, she had to take an office job with H!P because she didn’t have any money. I wonder how she’ll get that kind of money.

It also seems that Kago-chan isn’t over the older men yet. Mizumoto is 13 years her senior. And above all that, he’s not even good looking. Kago could do way better! Even the last scandal she was caught in, the guy was hideous. I don’t really understand. If you’re going to risk your career for a guy at least make sure he’s attractive.

Namie gets Wild

Namie Amuro’s new single, Wild/Dr, is being released March, 18th. This is Namie’s first single of 2009. Her last release being the widely popular single 60s, 70s, 80s. Dr. is featured in a Vidal Sassoon CM while Wild is featured in a Coca Cola zero commercial. After a little over a year without Namie single, all I can say is it’s about time!

Namie seems to really be back with this single. Wild is absolutely fantastic. The music is very danceable and has a lot of techno elements to it. And is so different then anything Namie has done before. Namie sings this song with a lot of intensity and yet still manages it to be very soft and sweet at some parts. Just like most Namie songs there’s some English lyrics, but even more than usual. Close to half the song is sung in English.

The video looks like it has a futuristic theme. I guess to fit with the dance/techno like music. Which is a little cliche if you ask me. But Namie really has a demanding presence in this video. I never loose focus from her. Mostly because she looks gorgeous in it. At one pint she’s wearing this very sleek silver dress, and she just look incredible in it. The video is very powerful. And even though the dance is simple she dances with intensity. And the rocks falling behind her at one point is pretty epic.


Namie’s back!

 Cute pose

Not really a fan of the moon set but that dress is fabulous

Gorgeous with her blown out hair

Reminds me of the BoA- Eat You Up video

I love the semi fishnet glove

Intense part of the dance

Namie falls gracefully

Perfume- One Room Disco preview

Perfume’s new single, One Room Disco, was previewed on their radio show Perfume Locks. This song will be released on March 25th and is perfume’s first single of 2009.

I like the overall music for the song and I think the song is really cute. And everyone one looks super pretty in the cover pics. But I think I will definitely enjoy this song more when the PV comes out. Because for now it sounds like every other Perfume Synthpop song.

KAT-TUN- Rescue short version

The short version of KAT-TUN’s new single, Rescue, has been released. And all I can say about the PV so far is it’s amazing! It’s has a very dark theme to it. And the guys are in all black once again. So I definitely approve of that. And for some reason I find Jin in sunglasses really funny. I gotta hand it to Koki though, he’s looking pretty hot again.

I’m really excited for the full version now. But that will probably be out in the next few days.

Bye Bye Bye preview

C-ute’s new single, Bye Bye Bye, is being released a little over a month from now, and we already have the song preview. Thanks to Maimi’s radio show.

I’m really relieved to hear Kanna’s voice. However, she will not be on the single’s b-side, Go Go Go. Which is kind of sad. But the song is so amazing! It’s easily better than Berryz song. And it’s another dance song. There’s also some voice altering going on. Surprisingly I hear a lot of Mai in the song.

Buono, next stop Sweden

It seems like H!P has been getting a few new stamps on their passport recently. With tour stops in Korea and Taiwan last year. But they seem to be setting their sights on the rest of the world. And the next group to go overseas is none other than Buono. They are performing at the Japan Expo in Stockholm, Sweden on May 24th. Much like Anime Expo being the biggest anime/manga convention in the US, Japan Expo is the largest Jpop/Culture event in Northern Europe. If you plan to go check out their official site for more info.

And now the European fans can stop complaining. It seems like H!P didn’t forget about the European fans after all. This really is great news, I’m glad to see H!P acts get more recognition all over the world. And it seems like Buono is taking a page out of Tegomass’s book. As some of you may know Tegomass debuted in 2006 in Sweden, with the English version of their song Miso Soup. The song did surprisingly well and charted at #12. So, it seems Sweden would be the perfect place to perform.

Now their is one thing I’m not happy about with all this, why did they pick Buono? I mean Buono is a really good group, with fun and catchy songs. But they haven’t really been around that long. I would really like to see Berryz Koubou go, since they are more established. I’d like to see their reasoning behind picking Buono, because I can’t think of any.

H!P has already been scheduled to perform in Asia, Europe, and North America. So the question that comes to mind is, which country is next? Mexico seems to have a lot of Jpop fans. I’ve even see videos of Mexican VK stores. So that seems like a likely choice. But it really seems to be anyone’s guess as to which lucky country is next.

I’m really liking the whole H!P world domination that’s going on. Let’s hope they keep this up.

KAT-TUN Rescue PV preview

And with a flash KAT-TUN’s next single, Rescue, is being released. It’s coming out on March 11th, which is exactly one month after their last single’s release. And to hold us over until the PV comes out we have a 15 second Dwango commercial.

They don’t really show you that much. Since it’s such a short amount of time you mostly see close ups of the members. Which isn’t really a bad thing. But what really stood out to me was the dance. It looks pretty cool, and has some awesome kicking part.

Another thing that stands out are the female dancers. That you could blink on miss them, but they’re there. It’s a little weird to see female dancers. I mean they hardly every show woman in Johnny’s videos at all. But girls show up a few times in videos. Like in Cherish by NEWS, Don’t You Ever Stop by KAT-TUN, and Love So Sweet by Arashi. But for the most part there are none, especially not dancing. I think this might be the first Johnny’s video that features female dancers.

So here’s the short commercial preview.

But if you want to listen to the whole song KAT-TUN preformed it recently on Music Station. I can honestly say I’m not really impressed with the song. One Drop was a lot better, and definitely my favorite of the two new singles. Though I do really love Koki’s rap part in Rescue.

Maasa’s first photobook

Berryz Koubou member Sudou Maasa is getting her first photobook. It will be titled Maasa. And to many Massa fans this has been long awaited.

Now I’m not really a big Massa fan, but this is exciting news. It’s about time someone other than the most popular members get a photobook. I mean Momoko already has 3 and Risako has 2. I hope this means that the remaining Berryz, C-ute, and Momusu members will get photobooks soon.

I’m dying to see a Mitsui Aika and Arihara Kanna photobook. Mittsi has been in Momusu for a while now. It’s about time she gets one! And as for Kanna. Come on Tsunku, the girls going through foot surgery. Give her something to ease her pain!

Anyway, congrates to Massa. Hopefully this will make her popularity go up.

Eri and Sayumi solo previews

Morning Musume’s 9th studio album, Platinum 9 Disco, is being released in a few weeks. And previews of the songs have been released recently. First it was Eri’s solo song and now we get a preview of Sayumi’s. So here’s my quick reviews of the song.

Kamei Eri-Kataomoi no Owari ni

I think Eri sounds really sweet in this. And vocally she sounds amazing. But as of now this song isn’t really doing anything for me. It’s really nothing special. And kind of sounds like everything else. Maybe when the HQ comes out I’ll change my mind.

Michishige Sayumi-It’s You

The music has a more rockish feel and is very out of place for Sayumi. And yet somehow this song really fits her. I think the music is great though, but parts of it reminds me of the music they used to play in the old Street Fighter video games. Sayumi doesn’t sound that great vocally on this one, but she does sound really cute. It also sounds like she’s trying to sound sexy. But I’m Sayumi biased, so I love the song.

Hey! Say! JUMP preview

Hey! Say! JUMP is coming out with a new single some time in April. It will include the songs Jonetsu JUMP and Yuuki 100%. Which translates as Passion JUMP and Courage 100%. Jonetsu JUMP is going to be the volley ball support for 2009, and Yuuki 100% is a cover of a song that was for the anime Nintama rantarou. As of now it’s still up in the air as to which song is going to be the a-side. It seems likely that Jonetsu JUMP will be the a-side since it’s a new song and is also a volley ball support song.

But for now we have a preview of Yuuki 100%. It’s a pretty upbeat song and more of a group song. I think the only one that gets a solo line in it is Yabu.