Korean H!P audition

Now I remember a while ago hearing about a Korean Morning Musume audition. And when nothing happened with it I just assumed it was a rumor. But this seems to actually be happening. The Korea Times and a handful of other websites confirm a Korean H!P audition. So the member or members are being added to just H!P, so it looks like there’s going to be another Ice Creamusume.
The audition process will be by both H!P and M-Net Entertainment. They will also start recruiting members in March and will broadcast the auditions sometime in April. Yajima Maimi and Shimizu Saki are going to March 9th to announce the auditions officially to Korean fans.

I’m happy for them expanding into Asia more. Korea is really a good place to pick next, since girl groups like Wonder Girls and SNSD are popular right now. I’m also really excited to see what the group turns out to be like. Ice Creamusume turned out surprisingly well. I’d also like to see them change up the group a lot, so it’s not so similar to Ice Creamusume. I’d honestly be happy if it was similar to SNSD.

This news is good and all, but I’d rather see a 9th generation Morning Musume audition instead. I love the current line up of Momusu, but they’ve been that way too long. This is the longest Momusu has stayed the same in the history of the group. I’m ready for a change to spice things up a bit. They need to get new members in soon, to keep the current line up around a little longer. Then once the 9th gen is established have a graduation in a year or so. But I guess we have to wait a littler longer for that.

Arihara Kanna takes indefinite leave from C-ute

Breaking news from H!P came out recently, involving C-ute member Arihara Kanna. It seems that recently Kanna has been having difficulty performing on stage due to hallux valgus or bunion deformity. And will need treatment and surgery over the next month or so. H!P is expecting Kanna to be absent from work activities from February 28th-April 11th. They are expecting her to miss the promotion of C-ute’s nex single, Bye Bye Bye, and C-ute’s spring tour. It’s looking like there’s going to be a 6 nin C-ute for a while.

Now I can honestly say I’m a huge Kanna fan. Kanna is my favorite member of C-ute and one of my favorite current H!P members. And this is very shocking news to me. Maybe even more shocking then her boyfriend scandal a few months back.

A main reason this shocks me is several people have mentioned that C-ute’s PV filming might not be done yet, or even started. Now, it’s bad enough having a Kannaless concert but a Kannaless PV would just be terrible. Another reason it shock me is, indefinite leave could be interpreted differently. I mean, indefinite leave automatically makes me think she’s not coming back. Uchi and Kusano took an indefinite leave from NEWS! But I doubt it’s that serious.

All I can do now is wish a quick and fast recovery to Kanna. Bunion deformity is very painful. Best of luck to her.

Kirarin Revolution coming to an end

Popular anime Kirarin Revolution is finally ending. After roughly 145 episodes and 3 seasons, Kirarin Revolution will play it’s final episode on March 27th. Which is the 51st episode of the 3rd season. Not only is the anime ending but on May 4th they’re performing the last Kirarin concert called, Kirarin Revolution Final Stage.

Milky Way is graduating in the anime so it’s an obvious end to Milky Way, but what about Koharu? With the anime ending it’s most likely her solo singles will stop. Since she got to release these songs because of Kirarin Revolution. Now all of this makes me overwhelmingly sad. I love Koharu’s solo songs and she’s a big reason I love Morning Musume. It really makes me sad to think that she won’t have another single.

Even thought the Kirarin anime is ending, the manga is still continuing. So maybe they might make an entire spin off series some time in the future. Kind of like what Naruto did with Naruto Shippuden. They could do the whole time jump and make Kirarin more mature, to kind of age with Koharu. Well that’s mostly what I wish would happen.

Even though her solo music is most likely ending I’d love to see Koha continue voice acting. I mean they need to get her a new anime role like ASAP. She really has the voice and personality for that.

Also here’s the scan from Ciao magazine that confirms the ending


CDTV Most Wanted Lover ranking 2009

CDTV released their Most Wanted Lover 2009 rankings on February 21st. And some of the people and their rankings might shock you.

Male top 20:
1. Akanishi Jin (KAT-TUN)

2. Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN)
3. Yamashita Tomohisa (NEWS)
5. Hyde (L’Arc en Ciel)
6. Masuda Takahisa (NEWS)
7. Matsumoto Jun (Arashi)
8. Domoto Koichi (KinKiKids)
9. Nishikido Ryo (Kanjani8/NEWS)
10. JaeJoong (Tohoshinki)
11. Akihito (Porno Graffitti)
12. Tegoshi Yuya (NEWS)
13. Kiyokiba Shunsuke
15. Yamada Ryousuke (Hey!Say!JUMP)
16. Sakurai Sho (Arashi)
17. Haruichi (Porno Graffiti)
18. Takahiro Nishijima (AAA)
19. Kamiji Yusuke (Shuchishin)
20. Yasu (Acid Black Cherry)


Female Top 20:
1. Ayumi Hamasaki

2. YUI
3. Takahashi Ai (Morning Musume)
4. Nakagawa Syouko
5. Reina Tanaka (Morning Musume)
6. Motida Kaori
7. Amuro Namie
8. Kawashima Ai
9. Nocchi (Perfume)
10. Koharu Kusumi (Morning Musume)
11. Aiko
12. Satoshi Satoshi Yoshioka (Ikimono Gakari)
13. Ai Otsuka
14. Yui Aragaki
15. Sengai (GIRL NEXT DOOR)
16. Kimura KAERA
17. Koda Kumi
18. BoA
19. Mizuki Nana
20. Ayaka


Now a lot of these rankings are shocking. And they’ve added some young people to the mix. Kusumi Koharu who is 16 and Yamada Ryosuke who is 15. I seriously think they are too young to be added to the list. I was creeped out last year when Yajima Maimi made it on the list.

I’m really thrilled that 3 Morning Musume members are in the top ten. And I’m amazed my girl Koharu made it in the top 10! And Ryo is the top ten and moved up 5 places from last year. Which is amazing.

But a lot of these members fell significantly. Ai Otsuka who was 2nd or 3rd last year dropped all the way down to 12th place. And MatsuJun moved from 3rd place to 7th.

For the most part I agree with the results. The only thing I would change is switch Ayumi Hamasaki for Ai Otsuka and switch Kame with Yamapi. Anyway, the guys section is relatively the same, with the overdose of Johnny’s members. Jin and Kame from KAT-TUN managed to stay in their same exact positions from last year.

Nami gives up her old image

We have new Nami goodness in the form of her new PV. Nami’s new single, Give Me Up, will be released on March 25th. Give Me Up is also a cover of an 80’s euro beat song by Michael Fortunati.

My first reaction to the song was: What is Nami doing? Where did the old Nami go? Hardcore Nami fans will be able to tell at first listen what’s different. The music is obviously a HUGE change. Nami mostly does anime type songs with more intense music. But this music is much more simple and dancey. But aside for the music her whole voice sounds different. The way she’s singing in this song makes her almost sound like a completely different person. In a way that’s good, and in a way that’s bad.

At first I hated this song until about half way through, where I realized it’s really not that bad. It seems like Nami is trying to move away from the whole anime thing and become a more serious singer. And I’m really happy about that. It seems like Nami is moving on to bigger and better things.

My first reaction to the video was, Nami was trying to be more hip hop. Based on her outfit and her initial dance moves. Her video looks pretty much like every other video out there. There aren’t too many original or distinguishing elements to it. For the most part she dances in a cluttered garage and sits on a couch. But Nami looks super cute in the video. Especially her close up scenes on the couch. Her cuteness blew me away.

Her outfits are a win for me. I think they’re adorable. Her dance outfit is kinda sexy and kinda cute, with a hip hop vibe. The boots are fabulous and the racer gloves add a nice touch. She’s also in a pink cheetah printed hoodie and sunglasses for about 5 seconds. The outfits nothing special but she looks really cute in it. Mostly because her hair is in a cute bun. But my favorite outfit from the PV by far is the giant bow outfits. She wearing a normal sweater and shorts but the ridiculous, oversized bow makes it to adorable for words.


Nami’s got sex appeal

Nami only eats wonder bread

Gahh Nami’s adorable


Nami sends her love!

My final thoughts on the song? Well first of all, I’m she happy she finally made a comeback. And I think the song is pretty good. It’s defiantly a 5/10. But I honestly don’t think it will break the top 5.

Tommy’s Strawberry Cream Soda Pop fizzles

If the return of Tommy Heavenly6 wasn’t big enough, we now get the return of Tommy February6! As many Tommy fans know, she completely stopped releasing singles as February6 to focus on her Heavenly6 persona more. Her last release as Tommy February6 was Lonely in Gorgeous. Which was released in November of 2005.

Well Tommy February is back with a new song Strawberry Cream Soda Pop. This song is being released on her best of album Strawberry Cream Soda Pop Daydream. So I’m not sure if this is being released as just a single as well.

The song is exactly what you’d expect from Tommy February6. The music is very simialr to all her other February6. It honestly reminds me of a mix between Love is Forever and Blooming. Which isn’t really a good thing. The song is slow and simple like most of her songs. But this time it’s really not doing anything for me. It’s so similar to her other songs that is seems almost unoriginal. And just when you think it’s going to pick up it doesn’t. The music gets higher and her voice sounds the same. And this time it’s not even catchy. The song sounds good for about 3 lines when she sings Tommy Heavenly6 like. But in a flash it’s back to the cutseyness. Which is usually fine for me.

The video is the same as every other video. Except this time with a lower budget. She shoves her normal video clutter into a plain white room. Which makes it look a little tacky. But this video has a theme, and that’s displaying her two personas. Bot Tommy Heavenly6 and Tommy Feburary6 get their own separate rooms. Which is kind of cool. But I personally liked when she concreted her two persona videos together. Like she did with Love is Forever and Wait Till I Can Dream.

I think what really annoys me about this song and video is she’s too old to have the cutesy child like image of Tommy February6. I mean she’s in her 30’s. I personally think it’s too old to have that cutesy fun feeling. Tommy Heavenly6 and The Brilliant Green have a more mature and rockish theme. Which is what really works with her and what she should be doing full time. And if she is going to keep this persona going again, at least make a good song. Where’s her Blooming type of song and video? I miss that. Tommy Feburary6 was buried away a few years ago. Try to keep it that way.

The two Tommys!

Feburary room

Heavenly room

Shugo Shugo preview

Shugo Chara Egg’s 2nd single Shugo Shugo, is going to be very soon. So we have a preview of the new song. So on some I know this news is a little late. But bear with me, I was having some sound issues on my computer.

The sound isn’t the best because it’s audio from Buono’s 2nd concert. And at some points you can hear the wota’s yells clearer than the song. But this song seems fun.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Another year and another Valentines’ Day. What’s a better way to spend it than listening to Jpop? So I’m going to countdown my top 5 love themed Jpop songs.

#5: Miyavi-We Love You ~sekai wa kimi wo aishiteru~

The 8th track of Miyavi’s MYV★POPS album. The song is so incredibly sweet, sending the message that the world loves you. And Someone, somewhere, loves someone. Accompanied by soft music and Miyavi’s amazing and sweet voice.

#4: Leah Dizon- Koi Shiyou

Leah’s 2nd and highest grossing single so far. Koi Shiyou is a sweet and bubbly song about falling in love. The song as a whole is really fun and Leah is surprisingly a good singer. The video is pretty cute, aside from her slutty dancing.

#3: Arashi- Love So Sweet

Arashi always has the cutest love songs. This song is really sweet. It’s a love story song about loving someone so much. Jun being in it is just an added bonus.

#2: Tegomass-Kiss~Kaerimichi no Love Song~

This is defiantly the cutest love song from JE. Masuda and Tegoshi are super adorable. And this song is about loving someone forever no matter. It’s really sweet and equally catchy.

#1: Ai Otsuka-Sakuranbo

Ai Otsuka does it again, she really is the queen of all Jpop love songs. Her ultra cutesy voice mixed with the heartwarming lyrics made this song undeniably sweet. This song is about being a pair together like cherries. And also a girl’s feelings of love.

Momusu to perform at Anime Expo!

OMG! It seriously feels like I’m dreaming! Morning Musume is going to perform at Anime Expo. This is their first performance within the continental US ever! And Anime Expo will be from July 2-5. Here’s AX’s officials page. http://www.anime-expo.org/2009/02/12/morning-musume-first-official-guests-of-honor-for-2009/

Now this news is HUGE! I mean this could mean Morning Musume wants to pursue the US. And the exposure from the country’s biggest anime convention could get their foot in the door! Who knows what else they have in store for the future. Maybe an American Morning Musume audition? Now that sounds less like wishful thinking and more like a possibility. They have 2 members from China. Why not some from the US too?

I still can’t even fathom how or why this is happening. Even now this seems like it’s not true, and tomorrow someone will say it was all a joke. I can’t believe after years of wishing they’d come to the US, besides Hawaii, it’s finally happening! I can’t wait for this!

But this news is bitter sweet for me. I won’t be able to make it there. I live all the way across the country. Which makes me ridiculously sad. California got Jrock Revolution, the debut of S.K.I.N., and now Morning Musume. But I’ll try not to hold anymore resentment towards California. This is still amazing news after all. And I’m super excited for this wether I’m there or not.

Here’s to Momusu having a future in the US. And maybe even a tour here someday.

Hold me, Berryz!

Berryz Koubou’s 19th single, Dakishimete Dakishimete, is being released March 18th. But the PV is already out, more than a month away from the release date. The covers aren’t even out yet. But this is exciting news for Berryz fans. It’s a potential move in a different direction for Berryz Koubou. This might be a new mature era for them. Who knows. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Until then we just have Dakishimete Dakishimete to focus on. The concert preview of this song didn’t instantly blow me away, but I still had high hopes for the song. The song is slowly growing on me but for now it’s really just mediocre at best. If it wasn’t for the awesome trance like music I think this song might have been a miss for me. As we know it’s yet another Risako overdose, but they other girls do sing. Each member gets a minimum of 2 solo lines. Which I’m ok with. To me Miyavi, Momoko, Saki, and Chinami shined vocally in this song. The other girls weren’t necessarily bad they just lacked something for this song. After watching the video this song will always remind me of a fun dance song. Which at first listen, the thought didn’t even cross my mind. This song may turn out to be one of my favorite Berryz songs. I mean I hated Madayade when I first heard it and now I can’t get enough of it.

I’m actually really surprised by the PV. I didn’t really expect a dance club themed video. And the video is very impressive, and it looks like it cost a pretty penny. And there’s a lot going on. The club scene with speakers and a dj booth. Disco balls and raving lazor lights. Glittery backdrop and multicolored stars. And even green screen parts. Berryz had an obvious big budget and it shows. The PV looks fantastic! Easily the best Berryz video so far. Maybe graduating the Elder Club was a good idea. All the groups seem to have nice video budgets. C-ute’s upcoming single is the real budget test though.

The video has so much more to offer than just the background visual aspect of it. The girls look absolutely gorgeous. The rocker themed outfits and the beautiful hairstyles make for amazing close up shots. And the dance is really cool too. It’s visually intricate and difficult yet simple and fun enough to learn yourself. Everything is just working in Berryz favor with this video. It’s better than I expected it to be! Everything just blows me away.


Even though I’m not a fan of Saki’s hair she has the
best outfit in the whole PV.

Miyabi looks so gorgeous. Her scrunched curls give her

a soft and pretty feel, while at the same time giving her
a mature and sexy vibe.
Momoko somehow manages to make any rocker outfit look
cute. She looks so adorable in this video. I love her hair up
like that.
Wow does Yurina look mature and goregous or what? It’s
amazing what a few curls can do.

This hair and outfit makes Chinami look very sleek and

chic. Her up-do makes her look sexy but still classy.

I’m not a fan of Maasa’s outfit. It’s the least rockish of

them all. But her blown out curls pinned to one side really
show off her face. She looks great.
There’s not really much of a change for Risako. She looks
like her same old cute self. But I really love her red zebra
print jacket. It’s defiantly the one peice of clothing I’d
like to steal from the video.

Ice Creamusume’s suprising new PV


Ice Creamusume released their 3rd PV for off their first mini album. The song is zài méiyǒu yǔshuǐ zīrùnde xīngqiú shàng shì wúfǎ fùchū ài de ba, which is the Chinese version of Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou. I’m actually really surprised they have another PV. This will be their 4th video off of their 7 track mini album. And it’s really soon. Their last video was released only a month ago. But I guess we can expect this to be their last PV until a new single comes out.

I really love this song no matter what language it’s in. And we can assume the Chinese lyrics are very similar to the Japanese. Maybe not a mirror image but as close as you can get to a foreign language cover. I think the song is very pretty on it’s own. And this is the softest we’ve heard Ice Creamusume sing. I think they handled it really well. It’s defiantly at par with the original. This song is also my favorite song by them. In this song we also see Reirei and Guu-chan taking lead vocals. But it’s hard to tell if from now on how often they’ll be singing because for the most part line distribution has been really fair. I would like to see them up front more. To me they really shine the most in videos. The more I listen to Ice Creamusume the more I’m warming up to them. Some of the girls are really cute and infectious.

As for the PV, I guess it’s trying to have a nostalgic feel, since it takes place in a school. But to me it just reminds me of Buono videos. Even the part where they draw on the black board, Buono has done that in half of their videos. But other than that, the video is really cute. It shows them doing school activities like jumping rope and running track. And for some reason dancing with umbrellas. I’m not sure what that part has to do with anything. The video also has some really pretty close up shots of the girls.

And of course, once again the ugly boots make a triumphant return. I think being tired of seeing those boots is an understatement. Even though this time they are pink instead of brown. But other than the obvious ugly aspect of the outfit, I think their clothes are really cute. They are wearing almost school girl dresses, but designed differently to look more modern and cute. I think they look adorable. Especially Anchii with the bow in her hair.

The video is cute and all but I liked the liànài gémìng 21 video better. I just liked the fun feel their last video had. But I do prefer this more mature song though.

Love, Dreaming, Eternity, Hope, and One Drop!

KAT-TUN’s new single, One Drop, is being released on February 11th. And the full version of the PV is out! Hooray!

The song is amazing! It’s super catchy. It’s been stuck in my head since yesterday. The song also has a positive message, that it’s ok to cry. No matter what it’s ok. Which is really sweet. But of course the song mainly focuses on Kame and Jin, like practically ever other song. And I’m not really complaining since they are the best vocalist in the group. But I’d like to hear more Koki and Ueda. The group parts sound really fabulous. I love the harmonies that they each have.

But it’s mostly because everyone in KAT-TUN sounds exactly the same. I can’t be the only one who notices that. I mean seriously close your eyes and listen to Lips, it sounds like Kame is singing the entire song. But that’s something different entirely.

The video is pretty hot. As I said before KAT-TUN+all black=sexy! And they have 2 snazzy hummer limos in the video. That’s pretty epic. But the dance. Gosh the dance is so stupid. I mean I thought they were going to break out into the running man.


LOLZ Thriller WHUT?

But mostly every looks hot in the close up shots.

JIN! He looks gorgeous.

Kame change your hair!
Ueda looking pretty sex hot.
Maru dosen’t really impress me. XD
Taguchi suprisingly looks pretty hot.
Eww Koki has yellow teeth.
One other thing I noticed, is it really necessary for KAT-TUN to wear so much lip gloss.

Come on make Johnny’s some what manly. The concert outfits are embarrassing enough.

So pretty much I’m a fan of this song. I’ve listened to it at least 10 times. It’s great. They’ll probably make it to number one, they always do.

Ai’s Super Cargo

So Ai Kago’s first photobook after being fired from H!P was released recently. After I saw the previews for the photobook I was shocked but I remained optimistic because it’s Ai Kago. And I really wanted to believe she wasn’t changing. But it a way she really is.

She seemed to do this photobook, not to have a slutty image but to futher defy H!P. Even though she was fired and they don’t care about her any more. This photobook is really saying I don’t care what anyone thinks anymore. And I’m not the cutesy Aibon image you created me as.

Hello-Online.com translated the entire interview from the photobook, and it really made me think more about Aibon and my love for Aibon. I always supported Aibon, through her scandals, through her firing, through her comeback, and beyond. But I always selfishly held onto a hope of the Aibon, that I loved coming back. And a sort of resentment for her leaving to begin with.

This interview really showed that she left H!P for the right reasons. She felt more like a puppet than a human. She wasn’t even allowed to love. She was hurting for a long time but still holding onto her dream of acting. Through the whole interview she sounded very mature and was able to take openly about hard times in her life.

I love that through the whole time she would never be defeated. Even when her career seemed to be over she bounced right back. She even tried to make it in a foreign country. I think this interview is very inspiring and makes me look at Aibon with a whole new light.

I know now that Aibon will never be back, she died when Aibon left H!P. And I’m actually ok with that. Aibon has been able to move past that part in her life. She can be her own person now and act however she wants. Like the mature woman she now is. This experience has changed Aibon a lot, but truly for the better. She has more control over her own life and her own career.

I think that all Aibon or former Aibon fans should read the article. It gives closure for everything that happened and essentially an explanation. She really has turned out to be someone great.

As for the whole pictures in the book. Yes they are a little much and even some of them in bad taste. But I honestly don’t care about that. She needed to do them for herself and to tell everyone she doesn’t care what they think of her anymore.

Bring on the M-Line

 Graduated members from H!P will have their own separate fanclub called M-Line. Melon Kinenbi and Aya Matsuura will also have their own. But Yuko Nakazawa, Iida Kaori, Natsumi Abe, Mari Yaguchi, Kei Yasuda, Hitomi Yoshizawa, Rika Ishikawa, Nozomi Tsuji, Asami Konno, Makoto Ogawa, Miki Fujimoto, Mai Satoda, and Ongaku Gatas will all fall under M-Line.

Now we’ve know about M-Line for a few months, but it’s not until recently their own website launched. And it seems instead of being called Elder!Club it’s going to be M-Line. It would have been cool for it to be H!P and E!C. But also kind of stupid.

It’s nice to see that the girls didn’t disappear forever and have some sort of plans for the future. But it seems like Aya Mastuura and Melon Kinenbi have a brighter future since their fanclubs are separate from M-Line all together. But I’m still pretty excited for this.

I want to see KonKon and NoNo being very busy and working like there’s no tomorrow. I’d also like to see Makoto do something too. Since she came back to H!P suddenly and was graduated shortly after. Besides KonKon, NoNo, Makoto, and Ongaku Gatas are really too young to be in this. They were even too young for Elder Club. But just because once you graduate from Momusu you are now lumped into Elder Club. I always found something silly with that.

Anyway, go M-Line! Try and be a little more popular than you were in H!P. And here’s the link to their site. http://www.mall-city.net/m-line/

One Drop short version

KAT-TUN, has released a short version for their new single One Drop. It’s only 1:40, which is not really long enough. I can’t wait for the full version! And since it’s only the short version I’m not going to even comment about the video or song until the full version is. Which means I can’t even comment on how gorgeous Jin looks in the video. ;]

In more KAT-TUN – One Drop news, they preformed their new song on the February 2nd episode of Heyx3. What’s even more amazing about this? Some lovely person from LJ subtitled it. And someone uploaded it to youtube, probably without the subbers permission. So watch it while you can. If it gets removed it’s not my fault.

They also disabled embeding it, so here’s the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNNuZbdE20s

The preformance is awesome and I love the lyrics. And pretty much everyone is looking pretty hot in the Heyx3 preformance.Also Kame sporting a slightly different hair style. Which looks pretty hot. So ugly hair no more! And I didn’t realize, until the other day when I rewatched Johnny’s new year’s countdown, that Kame was wearing the one drop hair. Jin looks so sexy in his black hat! And of course Ueda is looking pretty hot. And even more suprising Koki looks really hot with his hair like that. But sorry to Maru and Taguchi I never notice them.

Yorosen Ending?!

Yet another H!P show is ending. Of course this time it’s none other than Yorosen. Yorosen’s last episode will be sometime in the spring. It seems everything in H!P is ending and Yorosen is no exception. The producer for SSM posted it on his blog. Apparently SSM produced all of H!P shows. So of course there’s a rumor that the C-ute Hitler incident made Up-Front end the contract, but I don’t necessarily believe that. Since it wasn’t that big of a deal. There’s another rumor that they already hired another production crew. Which if is true, is awesome. Maybe this new production crew will give us a great show and not another Yorosen.

All I can really say about this is not again! Ok, so Yorosen wasn’t that great of a show it was even border line boring. But I liked watching it and was keeping up with the episodes. Yorosen made me realize that Chisato isn’t that bad. But she’s still my least favorite in C-ute.

But all I want right now is the announcement of another H!P show. Maybe even each groups own solo show, but that’s unlikely. We probably won’t know about the next show for a few more months. I really hope their is a next show. And not with a stupid theme like teaching.

Morning Musume 9th album announced

It’s finally announced officially! Morning Musume’s 9th album Platinum 9 Disc will be released March 18th. I thought the album was being called Platinum 9 Disco. But I’m not really impressed with the album title, even if it was disco. Though the majority of Momusu albums have stupid titles. Sexy 8 Beat and Rainbow 7 are the only ones I actually think are cool.

Most of the songs on the album aren’t necessarily new. A good chunk of the songs are either singles or were preformed at their Fall concert Resonant Live. But I’m still excited to hear what the 4 new songs sound like. And since I haven’t finished watching Resonant Live, which I’m working on to review later on, I’m excited to hear how the songs from Resonant Live sound. And to see how good the studio version is. And Ame no Furanai is on the album, which I’m happy about. I absolutely love the song.

What’s really exciting about this album is Aika, Sayumi, and Eri get solo songs! And shockingly there’s none for Ai or Reina. It’s about time there’s some Aika love in Momusu. I absolutely loved her duet, Haru Beautiful Everyday, with Eri from the Sexy 8 Beat album. So, I’m really excited for this. And an Eri solo song is really overdo. Her voice is just incredible. And Sayumi, I’m really excited for her solo too. She’s one of my fave members, and her Furusato performance was great. I think she can handle her solo song now. So she might not really get lines in actual singles, but Tsunku still listened and gave her a solo song.

Here’s the track list for the album.

1. Ame no Furanai

2. Songs
3. Resonant Blue
4. Take off is Now!
5. Mikan
6. Watashi no Miryoku ni Kiduka nu Donkan na Hito
7. Guru Guru Jump
8. Jounetsu no Kiss o Hitotsu
9. It’s You
10. Onna ni Sachi Are
11. Kataomoi no Owari ni
12. Kanashimi Twilight
13. Naichau Kamo

A tearful goodbye to Elder Club

On February 1st, H!P’s Elder Club graduated and preformed their last concert as members of H!P. It was the largest H!P ever with 72 members in total. The end of Elder Club also marked the end of the song Love Machine. They will be retiring the song from further concerts. It really is sad to see all the members leave, everyone who made H!P what it is today.

This concert showed the return of several things. Tanpopo, Pucchi Moni, Sakura Gumi, and Otome Gumi. But most importantly it marked the return of Tsuji Nozomi. After a year and nine months she is finally back on stage. Tsuji said how she was nervous about dancing again, but after the music started it all came back to her. 

Yuko hands over H!P to Ai. Makin Ai-chan the oldest member at 22. I wonder how long it will be before Ai is too old and graduated from H!P completely?

Anyway, here’s a few pics from the concert.

Berryz Koubou preview

Berryz Koubou preformed their upcoming single, Dakishimete Dakishimete, at the H!P Winter Concert. So, a very poor quality clip of the song has been posted online.

This song seems to be more mature song and a step away from the childish songs they’ve been doing lately. But I prefer Berryz more immature songs, so I’m still on the fence about this song. I’m really liking the music of the song, it’s really catchy. I can’t wait to hear a high quality recording. I’m also pretty upset that the line distribution went back to how it normally is. Which means there’s an overdose of Risako and hardly anyone else. So far Yurina only has one solo line. Which is not enough! I’d also like to hear less Miyabi and more Momoko.