So Berryz Koubou released a remix of their song Dschinghis Khan. And the video is very interesting to say the least. If it wasn’t crazy enough mixing the original German song, the drug induced dancing sheep bring it to a whole new level of madness. I don’t think anything is more random then a 70’s German disco group singing with a group of Japanese teenage girls. I understand they wanted to do an homage to the ordinal but this is very weird. And yet at the same time strangely addicting. It’s insane and random but I love every minute of it. And I can honestly say I’ve never heard anything like this before. I do really love the techno music, I kinda wish they had just a Berryz version of the it. Maybe this will make Berryz poular in Germany, who knows.

1 2 Tan Tan Taan

I didn’t expect the video to be out so soon perhaps I should stop making entire posts for just previews.

I never realized how good the Eggs actually are. I usually just focus on Koharu, mostly because she dominated Anataboshi. But they sound really amazing in this song. Especially Yuu, she sounds incredible. After listening to the song like 6 times I actually really like it. Even though it’s slow paced it’s still a really cute song. And I find myself singing the “ichi ni tan tan taan san shi tan tan taan” parts.

The video is very cute and colorful. It matches their new outfits perfectly. The video itself is pretty simple but it’s so adorable. I love it. And it’s nice to see focus on all the members. The dance is lacking a bit for my taste. The Anataboshi dance was amazing and fit with the song so well. This dance just kind of lacks imagination.

I really love Milky Way, but I wonder just how much longer are they going to last. I’m sure Kirarin Revolution is going to last for a while and Koharu will have more singles. But as for Milky Way won’t it be time to hang up the tambourines soon? Kira☆Pika only lasted one single, so it’s surprising to see Milky Way have two. Eventually new characters will come on the show and new Kirarin Revolution groups will form. Hopefully this single will sell well and we’ll be able to have another single or two by Milky Way.

But anyway enjoy the video.

Tan Tan Taan preview

There was a preview for Milky Way’s 2nd single Tan Tan Taan in Kirarin this week’s Revolution episode.

The song is a little slower than Anataboshi. But everyone’s voices sound amazing. And it still sounds adorable. I will probably like the song more when the PV comes out and I hear it a few more times. Like I usually do.


Koda Kumi’s video for her 41st single Taboo is out. The actual single is set for release on October 8th.

I like Taboo a lot more than Moon Crying. I usually prefer Kumi’s faster and sluttier songs. She defiantly has a good voice for slower songs but I don’t really like ballads in general. The song blends together pop and techno beats, which makes it very danceable. And it’s very surprising that, That Aint Cool was only 2 singles ago. Her little English singing part sounded a lot better. Granted it was only two lines and That Aint Cool was a whole verse. But it sounds like a little improvement regardless. This is her best single in my opinion since But. Well Wonderland was good, but it was forgettable. I really like meaning of this song, it’s really good.

The video has a darker almost gothic theme. It’s a little reminiscent of Selfish in that respect. I think she looks absolutely gorgeous, even if she is dressed sluty. This video has a lesbian theme even more so than But did. The dance is pretty cool too, it’s kind of simple though.

The video is actually kinda hard to find. I swear Avex must hire people to do nothing but search for their artists’s music videos on the internet. Anyway here’s the video for anyone who couldn’t find it or didn’t want to take the 5 minutes to look for it.

New Shugo Chara group

The new Shugo Chara group was finally revealed! It consists of 4 Egg’s Saho Akari, Wada Ayaka, Maeda Yuuka, and Fukuda Kanon. All I can say is I am so excited for this! Buono!’s songs were good so this new group should be just as good. And Maeda Yuuka is in it! She has one of the cutest most adorable voices in all of H!P. The member’s all look so cute. Especially Kanon who is a mystery to me as I don’t know of the Egg’s, unless they are put into a group. But it looks like Fukuda Kanon might become my favorite member of this group. I can’t resist her cuteness all ready!

Their first single is going to be Minna no Tamago, which translates as eveyone’s egg. Is Shugo Chara about eggs or something? I mean Minna no Tamago and Kokoro no Tamago. And the outfits are amazing! They are a perfect 10! They are just so fun and adorable. Especially Kanon’s!This group seems more fitting for Shugo Chara then Buono! does. Just by listening to the preview for the song and seeing the outfits, you can tell it’s for the anime. Buono! songs you could never really tell it was for an anime. But at least Buono! gets to move away from Shugo Chara and become an offical group, which is exciting. I hope the quality of their next single doesn’t change because it’s no longer for anime anymore.


Sorry about the mass ammount of pics. 😛 Anyway, here’s the preview for anyone who wants to hear.

New Stars found

 The winners of H!P’s Taiwan Egg audition “New Star” winners were announced. I guess I should be excited about this but I’m not really. Mostly because I didn’t watch the auditions. I gave up on them after the second episode. The videos took way too long to load. And I can’t understand what’s being said which is why I never watch the Japanese auditions either.

I am also not impressed with the members picked. From a first glance view. Only half of the members are pretty. But I don’t really care either way. I don’t pay much attention to the eggs, which I really should.

I’m still happy for them though. I personally would sell my own leg to be a H!P member. But I don’t see an America audition happening ever.

Milky Way single number 2!

So this is old news due to my delayed reaction about it. I completely forgot to post this. But c’est la vie.

Anyway, Milky Way’s 2nd single Tan Tan Taan, will be released on October 29. So pictures of their new outfits have been released. Which I’m sure most of you have seen already. >_>

I actually like the outfits, from the waist down anyway. I think the skirts and shoes are absolutely adorable. But the tops don’t really even match the skirts at all. And the sleeves/armbands are too bulky. They really weight the top part town. And the bows like out of place. Like they just stuck them there cause they needed to put them somewhere.

I feel slightly bad about voicing my opinion on the outfits because they were designed by kids. But they are defiantly kid friendly and semi cute. I still like the Anataboshi costumes better but that’s ok.

I really LOVE Koharu’s hair. It looks about 50 times cuter just by adding the waves! But couldn’t they done something to Yuu and Sayaka’s hair. I understand Koha’s the star and has always had her hair like that in Kirarin Revolution videos. But come one, at least Sayka’s has a little bit of a style to it Yuu has nothing.

Is it strange I keep talking about hair in my blogs? I guess it’s because the hair is almost as important as the outfit itself.

Hiya blog, did ya miss me?

So I haven’t updated my blog in like a week, which isn’t really that long. But it feels longer than it has been. I guess I’ve become semi-addicted to blogging.

Anyway, the main reason I’m making this pointless post is pretty much to say that my next posts are going to be post spams. Which is obviously me making a lot of posts in either one day or a short ammount to time. I’ve realized there are things I either forgot to post or need to post. I have like 5 things I want to post but I’ll save the other two for tomorrow. But like I said in another post, I sometimes get too lazy to post news as soon as I find out about it. Which doesn’t really make me a good news blog. Which is ok, since by blog is leaning more towards a review blog anyway.

In exciting news about my blog I have 135 views! Which is amazing, because I didn’t think anyone was going to read my blog, or actually come back to it! So thanks to everyone who reads or has read my blog. Also don’t forget to comment my entries since I currenly have zero on any of my actual posts. I’m kinda sad about that. Haha.

BoA aims for the states

I’m kind of slow on my BoA news, so bare with me for that. Since I’m not really a huge BoA fan.

Popular Kpop and Jpop singer BoA tries her luck in entering the American market with the single entitled Eat You Up. With a release date for some time in October. She also has the slogan Best of Asia bring on America. She will also have a song with popular rapper Flo Rida.

I am super exciting for this. I really want her to make it big here, so maybe other artists will realize the US is defiantly a possibility. Because I honestly think Koda Kumi, Namie Amuro, or Maki Goto would be huge over her. And BoA has the sort of hip pop feel that is popular right now.

So let me have a mini debate with myself about the cons.

1. A big con is that she does have a noticeable accent singing. A lot of people in the US tend to make fun of anyone with an accent. An artist like Shakira who has an accent when singing is fine because there is a large population of Spanish speaking people in the US. And what about the recently popular German band Tokio Hotel? Since they only have an accent when talking and not singing that’s fine. Plus they already had a fanbase here.

2. In the US we don’t have that many Asian celebrities or people in the media. There are really only a handful of Asian stars such as: Margaret Cho, George Takei, Jackie Chan, Mike Shinoda, Masi Oka, etc. Asians in the United States haven’t really been that successful or had that much espouser. Granted there are Asians who have made a career in the US but not nearly as many as their should be.

3. Another con is many other artists have tried to break into the US market and failed. Utada Hikaru who was born in New York, speaks fluent English, and had a song featured on a movie soundtrack isn’t popular here. Puffy Ami Yumi had their on cartoon show and failed to break into the market. Even Dir en grey hasn’t been able to increase their fanbase enough and they had headlining tours here. Popular Korean artist rain is trying to break into the US, but I’m not sure how that’s going.

4. BoA can’t speak english. It would be kind of hard for her to be on TRL, or an tv show for that matter. I think some potential fans may be turned off by constant translators.

BoA has some things to overcome or maybe I’m just being paranoid and she’ll made an easy transition into the US. It certainly seems like Tokio Hotel did just that. So good luck to her. She has the looks and the talent to make it here.

Here’s the preview enjoy. 😀

Repeat of Resonant?

Pepper Keibu is out! At least the PV is anyway. Actually really quickly. I’m not sure how long it takes for PV’s to come after song previews are out. Because I have this weird habit of not listening to the preview because I think it will ruin the surprise when the PV comes out. Anyway, weird habits aside for now. I have been listening to this song like crazy. I honestly didn’t expect it to be as good as it is. The effects are really cool. And the vocal pairings of the song are brilliant. After watching the video I noticed Reina is the only one who got a solo line, I thought Sayumi did as well. I guess I was wrong. I’d like to see Risa or Eri in the front instead of Reina. But Reina has a great voice and she defiantly earned that spot.

As far as the PV goes I’m calling a repeat of Resonant Blue. And just because the dance routine and member screen is more fair. And they have a few more snappy camera angles doesn’t make it better than the Resonant Blue’s disappointment. It’s still a dance shot and not what I wanted to see. But more versions will probably be out for this just like Resonant. But here’s my big question on that. If they really do have other versions why not just make that the official PV? That doesn’t really make sense to me. Aside from it being a dance version I like the video. It is very discoy. Glittery backdrops and all.

I would have changed a few things about this though. For starters, I would definably an actually PV. None of this massive editing to make you forget you’re only watching a dance shot. I would also change the music and melody of the song. I love this cover to death don’t get me wrong. But I would love to see it sound more like Morning Musume. More of their take on the song rather than sticking to the original so closely.

But I really think we have a hit on our hands. Hopefully this song will get them to number one on oricon. And perhaps take them out of this slump they are in. They are too good to go downhill any further.

Otanjobi omedetou!

I couldn’t really contain my excitement when I found out NEWS’s new PV was out. The song is obnoxiously catchy. (obnoxious in a good way of course) The members sound so adorable when singing the words happy birthday.

The song as a whole is really good. I love the beat. And I love how it like rap singing. I think Ryo’s solo in the beginning was really good. But Shige’s solo lines blew me away. That’s exaggeration just a little, but I was really impressed. He has improved so much. I used to think of him as the worst singer in NEWS. But now he sounds less terrible and pretty good. I think it’s because Shige’s voice is more suited for certain songs. He shines in Change The World and Sayaendou but lacks vocally ability for songs like Weeeek or Bambina. That’s just my opinion of course.

The PV to me is kind of lackluster. They have had much better videos. I guess after Summer Time’s video I was just expecting more. I find it kind of stupid/annoying that just because birthday=presents everything they hold, and practically everything in the video is a box. I mean is that really necessary. But their are pluses to the video. I love the dance for the song in the middle of the video. I also love when Ryo throws the boxes in the air. Another good part of the video is I think I have finally gotten used to Shige as a blonde, he looks cute with it in the video. But I will miss Tegoshi as a blonde. And it will take a while to get used to Ryo’s and Yamapi’s hair. Hopefully they will change next PV.

Cover you in pepper

It was announced that Morning Musume’s 37th single will be a cover of the Pink Lady’s hit Pepper Keibu. The song is said to be more danceable then the original. The song will have a disco beat since the original was released in 1976. It was also Pink Lady’s first single. Another H!P Pink Lady cover makes me miss W even more. I wonder what a Nono and Aibon version would sound like.

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand when I first heard Ai and Risa’s version of it, for the drama Hit Maker: Yu Aku Monogatari, I thought it sounded really good. It was a pretty good version of it. I never imagined it as a Morning Musume single though. On the other hand this means no new Momusu songs for a while. Not only are they doing a cover single they are also doing and entire Yu Aku tribute album entitled Cover You.

I really wish they weren’t doing a tribute album. I was really looking forward to new material by them. Which means we’ll have to wait 5 or 6 more months for their next single. People have said this is a good thing, a cover song will bring in other fans who wouldn’t normally listen to Morning Musume. But is that entirely true? I wonder how many new fans W drew in for their covers of Southpaw and Koi no Vacance.

I am actually really impressed by the song. The song sounds exactly like the original song, except Pink Lady has deeper voices than Morning Musume. This time Reina has the lead vocals instead of Ai. Ai even doesn’t get a solo line in this song at all. Which means they are sifting the spotlight away from Ai so Reina can be the next leader. And Sayumi finally gets a solo line. Which hasn’t happened for 5 singles! I love her Pepper Keibu yon at the end of the song. It seems like someone at UFA listened to her plea at Music Fighter. I am just glad you can actually hear everyone in this single instead of just Ai, Reina, Koharu. With Eri and Risa for support.

The covers for this single were released also. There will be 3 different versions of it. Version A, Version B, and a regular version. I really like the covers. They look very chic. Their hair and outfits are amazing. But Aika’s hair looks really weird like that. They should have styled it differently. And I don’t like that Eri and Lin Lin kind of look like twins. So does Jun Jun and Reina. Of course I mean just by the hairstyle.

So here’s the preview for anyone who hasn’t heard it yet.

To you in glass

Diru’s new single Glass Skin is being released September 10th (tomorrow) I though An Cafe was bad with their 6 month gap in between singles, but Dir en grey was worse. With an 8 month gap since their last single Dozing Green. Eight months, why did it take so long. You’s think with all that time they would have something more impressive. I’m a big Diru fan and have nothing but love for them, but lately their music just hasn’t been as good. I’ve been listening to Dir en grey for over four years and can honestly say I like their old stuff better.

Not indie stuff old, but like 5 years or so. I like the Vulgar era. I think Withering to Death was their last album that sounded like old Diru. Withering to Death is amazing. I can sit and listen to that over and over. But after that was released it was just different. I got Marrow of a Bone around the time it came out and have yet to listen to it all the way through. I just wasn’t that into it. They sounded to much like an American band, and maybe that’s what they were trying to do. But their US fan base isn’t really that large. They said their new album is going back to their roots more. Hopefully they stuck to that.

Glass Skin is good I like it, but it’s not my favorite song by them. You can really hear Kyo’s voice and it sounds good. But I want to hear a scream or him singing above what seems to be a whisper. Something to remind me I’m actually listening to Dir en grey and not some random other band. Kodou is a slower song, but even that picks up and Kyo screams. The music is heavier too. I think if Glass Skin had that kind of feel I would like it more. I guess they thought this song worked more as a ballad or maybe they want this to be their new direction.

The video is plain. It’s a smokey/foggy white. And I don’t understand what’s up with them not being seen in their videos. I don’t count seeing half of Kyo in Glass Skin and dark lighting in Dozing Green as them being in the video. Do they think they are getting to old or something? Cause Kyo still looks hot for 32.

End of summer dive

An Cafe’s new single Summer Dive will be released on September 10th. Finally it’s been 6 months since their last release. I am really excited that An Cafe has a new song. They are one of my favorite Jrock bands and one of the few Jrock bands that I listen to just about every song by them. An Cafe has helped me be more focused on Oshare Kei. When all I ever used to listen to was Visual Kei. Granted it took me like 2 years after listening to An Cafe to be more focused on Oshare. But enough of the side note, on to my review.

The song as a whole I was a little caught off guard. His voice sounds even more Miku like, if that’s even possible. I’m sure an An Cafe fan knows what I mean. But someone listening to them for the first time might have the same impression of them that I had when I listened to the song for the first time. “Woah that sounds kinda terrible and slightly annoying.” Please note that, that was only at hearing it for the first time. But Miku does have a unique and distinct voice. And people might get turned off by songs like Super Rabbit or god forbid Duck no Magical Adventure is the first song they ever hear. In any case, I really like this song. It feels like something An Cafe would do, it feels believeable to me. It’s very upbeat and friendly, the main reason I’m a fan. With a name like Summer Dive they probably wanted it be a song of the summer. But the video being released at the end of August makes it more like Fall Dive. I wonder if this single got pushed back. It did take 6 months so probably.

The video looks a little cheap to me considering their last three singles had fairly high budgets, or so it seems. The video focuses mostly around the volcalist Miku, like most music videos. I’d like to see more bassist love. But Kanon looks adorable around 3 minutes in so I’m happy. I am not entirely sure why they are floating in the air trying to catch, what looks like, a heart shaped peach.
Anyway, what stands out with each member to me.
Takuya- is sporting yet another dye job. This time it’s a shade in the middle of the last to shades he had. I hope he stays with his hair, it’s cute.
Miku- has amazing boots.
Kanon- always has the best outfits next to Miku
Yuuki- His clothes are always a bit much
Teruki- He doesn’t really stand out he looks pretty much the same

Post Bou era of An Cafe is a little too commerical for the most part. In the earlier days of An Cafe it seemed like they were trying to lead towards VK or maybe be a mixture of VK and OK. But it changed to just Oshare really fast. It seems like Kanon is the only one who is still Visual, when you look at his clothes compaired to everyone elses. Style aside, post Bou era is different musicaly too. Kakusei Heroism, the first Bou-less single, was very anime like. No wonder it was the opening song for the anime Darker Than Black. And their songs since have been more commercial and anime like. Perhaps they are trying to break away from their indie lable Loop Ash to get signed to a major one. It’s certainly a possibility.

Which makes me think, is that the real reason Bou left? He said he couldn’t lie to himself or his fans anymore. Does he mean he pretened to want to go more commercial with the band when secretly he didn’t. There’s only one thing wrong with the senario. No one knows if these songs were written before or after Bou left. The two new members might have helped with the commerical feel. Takuya is only 18! And I never understood, at first, why Yuuki was in the band. Not until I saw videos with him in it did I even realize they used keyboards. XD

But I should stop before I write an entire page full. So until my next post, stay Nyappy!