Because it’s Buono!

Buono’s official Youtube channel has just uploaded the PV for Buono’s upcoming 12th single, Natsu Dakara.

The PV isn’t all that different than the PV preview we saw a week ago.  There’s only like a handful of new scenes. And after seeing the PV preview I was expecting a whole lot more than what we had already seen. For most of the PV it’s just the girls standing in front of a door or sitting on a couch. With a few random activites thrown in so the PV doesn’t seem as simple as it is. But like I said before I am actually ok with such a simple PV. After thei last single had 2 expensive PVs with a lot going on, it’s actual a nice change to have this PV be a bit more simple. It actually fits really nicely with the tempo of the song. I love how the whole PV is nothing but a giant beauty shot because my girls look simply gorgeous. The only thing I am not really that happy with is how Airi centered the song and PV is. Since Buono only has 3 members they have always been extremely fair song and PV wise. But it seems since Buono switched to Zetima they’ve been throwing Airi a couple more lines than the other girls. Which I’m not really into.

Nice wedges. XD

They look super pretty in natural lighting.

They might be doing nothing but shoving Airi in your face, but with good reason. She looks really pretty and cute here.

The dresses are beautiful too. Very simple and elegant.

Miyabi is the real standout of this PV though. She’s look gorgeous.

Airi looks beyond adorable in this hat.

I think Momo’s a little overexcited. She’s making way too intense a face for saying the word sunshine.

Gorgeous, just gorgeous. She’s only looking a way, and she looks incredible.

Momoko looks really cute here.

And she’s back to looking creepy. This is why I love Momo. XD

Miyabi looks great here. She looks super friendly and approachable. And I love how her dress is 70’s inspired.

Airi’s pouty face is so cute.


I don’t get why they keep waving.

Miya’s innocent face is so adorable.

I love how Airi is making more of a sultry face.

But lolz that Momoko is just giving a blank stare.

Airi is always watching. Airi kind of looks scary here. XD


Airi is such a cutie.

Momoko is so cute and lovely.

There are so many scenes in these PV where the girls look amazing. Like, look how cute Miyabi looks.

Miyabi’s too into this.

Himitsu da yo~

The bubbles make me think of C-ute’s Momoiro Sparkling PV and Guardians4’s Party Time PV.


I just had a serious flashback to Buono’s Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! PV.

Buono-Natsu Dakara PV preview

The PV preview for Buono’s upcoming 12th single, Natsu Dakara, has just been released. Actually a full radio rip of the song has been released too, but I can’t find it on youtube. So, I’ve yet to hear the full song. Mostly because I don’t like donwloading things.

Coming after their last single, Zassou no Uta, which had some pretty rockish songs and awesome PVs this single is a little more tame. Both the song and the PV. Buono hasn’t released as song this clam since Take It Easy. Which was my least favorite Buono A-side to date. However, this song is a bit more upbeat than Take It Easy. Thank god. It actually has a more feel. Where the song wasn’t 100% rock, but it wasn’t too soft. Natsu Dakara has a much lighter and softer feel than though, but it’s similar to it in that sense. And also because of that I’m not that thrilled with the song. It’s not bad, but Buono has definitely done better.

While on the other side, I am completely in love with the PV. Because the PV is shot outside/by an open door, the girls are shot in this beautiful soft, natural lighting. Making them look absolutely gorgeous. And making the PV almost like one giant beauty shot. Other than the girls looking stunning, the PV itself is pretty simple. So far there doesn’t seem to be any dance shots. So the whole PV preivew is filled with the girls close-ups, standing in front of a door, and sitting on a couch. Which doesn’t really make for the most exciting PV ever. But my girls look amazing, and that’s really all I can ask for from an H!P, or pretty much any PV in general. If the PV was nothing but them fighting giant octopi, but they looked flawless doing it, I won’t really mind.

Buono to release 12th single

It was announced that Buono will be relasing their 12th single. The single is entitled Natsu Dakara and will be released on July 20th.

I’m really glad to see Buono releasing singles frequently again. Buono makes some of my favorite H!P songs, so I’m really excited to hear what kind of song this will be. Since it’s a summer themed song no doubt it’s going to extremely upbeat and energetic. It would also be absolutely amazing to have 2 PVs of tis single like they did with Zassou no Uta.

You can of courwse by this single from CDJapan by clicking the links below.

Buono – Natsu Dakara [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type A]

Buono – Natsu Dakara [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type B]

Buono – Natsu Dakara [Regular Edition]

Buono to release 12th single

It was announced that Buono will be releasing their 12th single. For now the single is untitled, but it will be released on July 20th. This is another single that was announced a few months ago but I am just mentioning now.

I am really excited to see Buono releasing another single. Not only this quickly after their last single, but really at all. Last year Buono only released one single, and there was even some rumors of them breaking up. But I’m glad to see Buono going strong and releasing more frequently than last year. Buono is one of those groups who basically does no wrong. Nearly every single is amazing, and even the one or two that aren’t the greatest are still pretty decent. There last single was pretty amazing, so hopefully this one will be too. Though this is Buono we’re talking about, it’s most likely going to.

You can of course buy this single from CDJapan by clicking the links below.

Buono – TBA [Type A, w/ DVD / Limited Edition]

Buono – TBA [Type B, w/ DVD/ Limited Edition]

Buono – TBA [Regular Edition]

Buono to release 12th single

Going along with what seems to be a release spree, Buono announced that they will be releasing their 12th single. The title is still unknown, but the single will be released on June 15th.

I’m not sure what’s going on but it seems like every idol group is releasing a single in the month of May or June. Did the earthquake really effect music that much? Well, whatever the case is I’m a super excited for another Buono single. They seem to be the most consistent H!P group. There’s hardly any song by them that I don’t like. As always, I’ll keep this blog updated with info as it comes.

Buono-Our Songs preview

The new Shugo Chara themes also bring us PV and song previews for Buono’s 10th single, Our Songs.

Buono does it again! I think it’s humanly impossible for them to make a bad song. Even my least favorite songs by them are still great. The overall music is pretty simple and a Buono standard. Just some soft guitars in the background, which is completely fine. I really love how the chorus is so drastically different from the verse. It makes it seem like it’s two different songs. I’m also in love when they’re voices blend together like in the bokutachi wa part. Easily the best part of the song.

The PV is a littler plainer than I was expecting. Especially after the awesomeness that was Bravo Bravo. The simplicity of it reminds me of Take It Easy, while the dancing in front of a building scenes remind me of Honto no Jibun. But sadly there’s not much else going on in it.

Their outfits are of course amazing. Buono are one of those groups who’s closet I’d like to raid. In more ways than one. 😉

My favorites pieces of clothing are definitely Miyabi’s marching band jacket.

And Airi’s plaid shorts.

Bravo Bravo preview

Just like Shugo Chara gives us the new Guradians 4 song and PV, we get the new Buono song and PV. It’s Buono’s 9th single, Bravo Bravo, being released

Coming back from my disappointment with Take it Easy, Bravo Bravo is amazing! It’s got the sweet and rockish beat we love about Buono. Airi completely kill her solo line. I would actually be happy if she was the only one to get solo lines. That would never happen, but she still sounds amazing. In the beginning and end of the preview they chant B-A-T-I. I can’t figure out what that’s even supposed to me.

I have one word for the PV and that’s YES! The PV shows both the sweet and rock sides of Buono, and even Buono cheerleaders. Buono looks amazing in it, the outfits are both really pretty. Especially the rock outfits. It also kind of reminds me of Tommy february6’s Strawberry Cream Soda Pop PV. Where it featured both of Tomoko Kawase’s alter egos. The video just looks like utter win to me. I want to watch the full PV right now!

Buono- Take It Easy preview

I completed overlooked this news. Apparently the preview for Buono’s 8th single, Take It Easy, was released a couple of days ago. But I’m just finding out about it now.

A really like the sound of this song. It’s got a soft rock instrumental track accompanied by the soft melody of the chorus. It’s completely different than their last single My Boy, and pretty much everything else they’ve already done. Leave it to Buono to come up with something fresh.
I’m in love with Momoko’s solo lines, they’re just awesome. It also sounds like Momoko is taking the higher melody during the chorus. But I think it’s just because I’m paying more attention to her voice.

Spy things up with Buono!

Buono’s 7th single, My Boy, is being released April, 29th. And as expected the PV was released today.

I’ve been pretty excited for this video to come out since the commercial was released a few days ago. The PV is different then the PVs we’re used to seeing from Buono. It has a set storyline, where as the others were essentially dancing and close up shots. The overall theme of the video is Buono as secret agents sent out to steal something. So there’s a lot of James Bond like scenes going on throughout the entire video. Which they must of spent too much time filming. That the only way to explain the less than impressive dance. The dance is really painfully simple. Some parts are a little reminiscent of the Honto no Jibun dance and the rest just reminds me of aerobics. The hands down best part of the PV is Buono’s overall styling and outfits. Which makes for absolutely gorgeous close ups. But I’m really not a fan of Momoko’s and Miyabi’s hair styles. Momoko has a weird bun thing going on, that does nothing for her. And Miyabi’s new shorter hair is a little disappointing.

Overall I think the PV is cute. It’s not the worst PV by Buono, but it’s not the best either.

Buono’s heart. My first thought was this was a box of

Heart box is serious business

The dance floor looks a lot like V-U-DEN’s. This also
looks like Pepper Keibu’s chandelier

For future references Momoko fits perfectly in a trunk.

Airi spying it up

This hairstyle makes Miyabi’s face long extra long and

Epic Momoko reaction #1. That’s the best face ever!

Ok, Miyabi looks good here

I think I miss the Bye Bye Bye dance moves

Once again Airi’s cuteness solves everything

Yet another awkward dance move

When your run out of ideas just throw your arms randomly
up in the air

That’s hot

Pop that chest Airi

I could seriously come up with better dance moves

Airi’s legs make me laugh

Only Airi could make stealing look adorable

Very sly Momo

This lighting makes Miyabi look gorgeous

Epic Momoko reaction #2. Who knew armor could be that


Momoko’s cute smile

Wait why does Airi only have one earring?

Epic Momoko reaction #3. How adorable

Secret Momoko wota

Secret Miyabi wota


Secret Airi wota

Honto no Jibun anyone?

Lighting working in Momoko’s favor

This reminds me of C/C

Epic Momoko reaction #4. Not really a reaction but cute
none the less

Everyone’s epic reaction

Seems like a lot of work for a cake

Epic Momoko reaction #5. She looks way to happy to be the
one cutting the cake

Buono pose!

Buono – My Boy short PV preview

Buono released a short 30 second commercial for their up and coming new single, My Boy. And so far I like what I see.

There’s a whole secret agent/secret mission theme going on in the PV. Which is just truly awesome. There’s also a few really gorgeous close ups of the girls in the preview. Airi looks especially great. I’m all really surprised by how pretty the outfits are. I thought the outfits were cute since the covers were out, but they are way prettier than I thought they would be. They’re really colorful and have a nice mixture of rock and cute. You also see a really small part of the dance in the preview. And what I can see of the dance looks really simple and at the same time a little sexy. I do hope there is more going on to the dance then what was shown. I’d hate to see another Bye Bye Bye dance let down.

Buono- My Boy preview

Shugo Chara’s theme changing also brings us a preview of Buono’s 7th single, My Boy.

I absolutely love this song! The music is just awesome. It’s got the rocker music we’re used to hearing in Buono songs. But this time it’s a little heavier than usual, and I love it for that. The chorus is really catchy and addictive. I end up liking this song 50 times more than the Guardians4 songs. Maybe it’s Buono bias or just the fact that this song rocks. This is one of their best songs to date. Easily better than Rotta Rotta.

Buono, next stop Sweden

It seems like H!P has been getting a few new stamps on their passport recently. With tour stops in Korea and Taiwan last year. But they seem to be setting their sights on the rest of the world. And the next group to go overseas is none other than Buono. They are performing at the Japan Expo in Stockholm, Sweden on May 24th. Much like Anime Expo being the biggest anime/manga convention in the US, Japan Expo is the largest Jpop/Culture event in Northern Europe. If you plan to go check out their official site for more info.

And now the European fans can stop complaining. It seems like H!P didn’t forget about the European fans after all. This really is great news, I’m glad to see H!P acts get more recognition all over the world. And it seems like Buono is taking a page out of Tegomass’s book. As some of you may know Tegomass debuted in 2006 in Sweden, with the English version of their song Miso Soup. The song did surprisingly well and charted at #12. So, it seems Sweden would be the perfect place to perform.

Now their is one thing I’m not happy about with all this, why did they pick Buono? I mean Buono is a really good group, with fun and catchy songs. But they haven’t really been around that long. I would really like to see Berryz Koubou go, since they are more established. I’d like to see their reasoning behind picking Buono, because I can’t think of any.

H!P has already been scheduled to perform in Asia, Europe, and North America. So the question that comes to mind is, which country is next? Mexico seems to have a lot of Jpop fans. I’ve even see videos of Mexican VK stores. So that seems like a likely choice. But it really seems to be anyone’s guess as to which lucky country is next.

I’m really liking the whole H!P world domination that’s going on. Let’s hope they keep this up.