Get your tickets for Koharu Land!

Finally a H!P blog I actually care about has opened. Well I care about Kanon and Aika’s. But I don’t care at all about Sayumi’s or Erika’s. Or the OG’s blogs. But none of their blogs matter. One of the greatest idols to ever grace Morning Musume has opened a blog. That idol is none other than Kusumi Koharu!

Yes, now there will finally be a blog dedicated to every detail of Koharu’s life! And it will be sure to answer all the burning questions you have about her. Such as the last meal she ate, what outfit she’s wearing that day, and the ever important what movies has she been to lately.

But in all seriousness, I am extremely excited for this. This will probably be the first blog I actually check often. Well assuming someone translates it. I usually skip Kanon’s blog because I don’t speak Japanese. After a while just staring at pictures you don’t know the reason for is kind of boring. But since it’s Koharu I’ll still probably check it more often than Kanon’s. I mean it’s Koharu. Probably my favorite idol ever. Which is a pretty big statement.

Koharu’s blog is apparently called Koharu Land: Free admissions. Which is an extremely cute and fitting name for Koharu. Take that Erika’s Sweet Diary and Non Peace! The blog itself is also extremely cute and sparkly. It almost looks like a blog and Egg Magazine model would have, but that’s ok. The banner also has some new pictures of Koharu. Which gives us an idea of what she’s been doing for the past 4 months. (Besides some TV appearances.) I’m also excited that she lists herself as a singer, actress, and model. Which means we’ll possibly here some new songs from Koha. Which I’m definitely looking forward to. Though I wonder if she means actress, actress or seiyuu.

But whatever the case is be sure to check Koha’s blog often. You can click here for her blog.

I have a new blog!

So everyone I have a new blog that I’m launching today. It has absolutely nothing to do with Jmusic however. It’s just my personal blog. I’ve pretty much wanted to make a personal blog every since I started blogging, but I was just too lazy to make one until now. So if anyone cares about my personal life or opinions on things other than Jpop check it out. Here’s my site, Daily Dose of Amy. And thanks for reading my shameless plug. 😛