Kisumai to debut in May!

It was revealed at today’s Kis-My-Kt2 concert that the Johnny’s Junior group will be making their long overdue debut this May. Instead of being signed to Johnny’s related labels such as Johnny’s Entertainment or J Storm, Kisumai will be taking a page out of Tackey and Tsubasa’s book and signing with Avex. Also, I’m not sure what kind of release this will be. I read somewhere that said as of right now it’s unsure whether this is going to be and album or a single. And then I read another place that said this is totally going to be a single. But you can be sure the moment their album or single is announced I’ll write about it here.

I can’t say that this news is shocking. When I read this news I didn’t even bat an eye. Mostly because them debuting soon became so obvious I’ve been expecting it everyday. I even said in two posts how they should just debut already and it’s going to be any day now. But dedicated Kisumai fans have been saying that for YEARS. Literally years. I remember when I first became a Johnny’s fan in 2008 there were a bunch of annoying fans crying over Kis-My-Ft2. I’d imagine the same thing happened with KAT-TUN fans, since both groups were in nearly identical pre-debut situations.

I never really got the appeal of Kisumai before. Well, I don’t really get it now. But after actually listening to FIRE BEAT and hearing how incredible the song was, I understand the fuss that was made over them. Do I get why they have to wear ridiculous roller skates when they perform? No, and I never will. That’s actually probably a main part of why I didn’t care about them. Half because I don’t care about Juniors until they debut. And half because whenever I saw Kis-My-Ft2 perform on Shounen Club in roller skates I’d laugh and then skip their performances. I wonder if there’s any chance of them dropping that now that they’re officially debuting? Probably not because by now that’s their schtick. Which is completely lame.

I’m not a fan of Kisumai as you can tell. But I am 100% excited for them to debut. This will mark the first Johnny’s debut since becoming a fan. Well, first if you don’t count NYC. Which I don’t. They’re only a sub-group, and weren’t even supposed to last past the Nakayama Yuma w/ BI SHADOW / NYC Boys single. And this is really a momentous event for me fandom wise. JE isn’t like female idol agencies, where they make one-shot groups and sub-groups all the time. No, it takes Johnny’s years to form new groups. And to actually be a fan when it’s all happening is incredibly exciting. And maybe that’s makes me a loser, but I get really into my idol music fandom. I mean, I can’t wait until 6 years from now when S/mileage is insanely popular and taking over Japan, that I can proudly say, “You see them, in a small way I helped  with their debut.” Just like with Kisumai I can say, “Yeah, I’ll never forget they day they formed. All of their fans finally shut up for 5 minutes.” Whether I look back fondly on the memory or curse the day it happened is really up to the group themselves. Let’s hope their music actually ends up being good. Or at least end up like KAT-TUN. Where I only listen to their singles because their album songs just aren’t as good. Let’s hope they end up having some real personality and have entertaining shows. I can’t wait to see who is the Kei-chan, Shige, MatsuJun, Koki, Taguchi, or Hikaru of the group. Since I don’t really think Kisumai are all that much to look at, let’s hope they make up for it with personality. Well, Fujigaya Taisuke is a little cute. Cute in that I have an interesting face sort of way.
Well, I’m off now to learn Kisumai’s member’s names and a little bit about each member.

Avex Idol group SUPER GIRLS to make debut

Avex’s new idol group, SUPER GIRLS, announced at a recent concert that they will be making their CD debut on December 22nd. They will be releasing a full album entitled Chouzetsu Shoujo.

I have to admit I haven’t really been keeping up with this group. Mostly because there hasn’t really been anything to keep up with. Aside from their formation, auditions, and live performances, they haven’t really been doing much of anything. But since they are finally making their debut I am pretty interested. And the group is singed to Avex, so it will most likely be really popular. So I decided to check them out.

First things first, the girls.

For the most part the girls look really cute. Especially the girl dead center with the pigtails. My god she looks like a mix between Watanabe Mayu and Michishige Sayumi. I’m pretty sure it’s 12 year old Ami Takuya. I also really like their overall look. Though it’s pretty standard for idols.

And next the music. Since they haven’t released a single or PV, I have to go by live performances. Which by the way, are pretty hard to find. But luckily I found their performance at the 2010 Tokyo Idol Festival.

The songs are really cute. But there’s not really anything that stands out about them. They pretty much sounds like every other idol group out there. Actually their music sounds a lot like Idoling!!! But I ended up liking each song more than the last.

The solos are also a little bit rough. And no one in the group is an overly amazing singer. But they are idols after all. Bad singing is basically in their job description.

I will most likely be keeping an eye on them from now on. Let’s see if their debut album and possible PV are any good.

SUPER GIRLS at Tokyo Idol Festival part 1:

SUPER GIRLS at Tokyo Idol Festival part 2: