MomoClo takes a page out of Passpo’s book

During an event held to celebrate the release of the 1st album Momoiro Clover Z member said that if their album doesn’t reach number 1 she will cute her hair. Which is following suit to Passpo’s recent announcement that Yukimi will go bald if their single doesn’t get to number 1.

What is it with idol groups lately putting their hair on the line? Not only that, what’s it with them putting their hair on the line when they are obviously going to lose? There’s no way in the world ViVi Natsu will beat AKB48’s Flying Get. And there’s no way Battle and Romance will beat Bz’s album C’mon.
At least Momoiro Clover Z’s punishment is less severe and a lot more mundane. Obviously when they lose it won’t be a big deal that Shiori cuts her hair. She’ll most likely look  cute with a shortcut anyway.
I understand that idol groups do this to get attention and to inspire a few more sales. But if idol groups do this all the time, it will lose all it’s meaning. They won’t be unique anymore. And it will become one of those rituals new idol groups do when they form or just to survive in the AKB48 dominated idol world.