Momusu to release one last album before Ai-chan leaves

It was recently announced that Morning Musume will be releasing a 12th album. The title is still unknown and it will be released on October 12th. Which is almost a month after Ai officially graduates. That seems like an odd date to me. Fantasy Juuichi was released 2 weeks before LinLin, JunJun, and Eri graduated. I don’t get why  this is getting released after the fact.

It makes sense to release one final album with Ai-chan. She’s the strongest vocalist in the current lineup and she’s a cash cow. It only makes sense to squeeze every last drop from heartbroken wota. Just like they did with their 11th album. But I really hope that this isn’t  a new thing Morning Musume is going to do. Release one final album before members graduate. Because you can say all the remaining girls (Minus Aika. :/ ) are popular enough to have their own last album. But I don’t really want that to happen. When you rush an album like this, the music suffers. Fantasy Juuichi did have it’s gems, but it was still, in my opinion, one of their weakest albums. And that’s because the album had to be rushed. Perhaps, this album will be a little better since Ai-chan’s graduation was announced months ago, maybe Tsunku has been writing songs for it ever since. But that seems like a long shot really.

You can order this album from CDJapan by clicking the links below.

Morning Musume – TBA [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]

Morning Musume – TBA [Regular Edition]