Berryz Koubou announces 26th single

After making my post about Momusu’s new single I completely forget, that I haven’t mentioned Berryz’s new single yet. Berryz Koubou announced a few days ago that they will be releasing a new single. The song is currently untitled and will be released on May 4th. Which is only 1 month and 2 days after their last single, and only 5 days after their 7th album.

Berryz Koubou fans are getting A LOT of releasing all at one. 2 new singles, an album, and a photobook. This is either an extremely good thing or and extremely terrible thing. Well, only terrible because Berryz fans will need to sell a kidney just to buy all their releases. XD

Of course you can buy this single at CDJapan by clicking the links below.

Berryz Koubou – UNTITLED [w/ DVD + Serial Number Card, Limited Edition / Type A]

Berryz Koubou – UNTITLED [w/DVD + Serial Number Card, Limited Edition / Type B]

Berryz Koubou – UNTITLED [w/ Serial Number Card, Limited Edition / Type C]

Berryz Koubou – UNTILED [Regular Edition]

Berryz Koubou-Lady Gaga ni Narou ka?

The PV for Berryz Koubou’s upcoming single, Heroine ni Narou ka, has just been uploaded to their official youtube channel.

This PV is actually really awesome. It’s a lot more visually creative then your average Berryz PV. Despite this PV being basically the H!P standard dance shot and close up formula, but they’ve still managed to make this PV really interesting to watch. Maybe it’s the Lady Gaga wigs or maybe it’s the facts that there’s a least an effort made to have some sort of storyline. Nah, it’s probably the Lady Gaga wigs. XD But I bet Ai-chan is probably really upset though. She’d probably kill to rip off Lady Gaga’s style in a PV. I actually don’t really mind them getting inspiration from Lady Gaga. American and Korean artists have been copying her style for a while now. But I don’t know, for that reason the PV comes off as being artsy, high quality, and cutting edge. The only complaint I really has is, I wish they focused less on the Lady Gaga outfits and more on the regular ones. The regular ones are really amazing and all the girls look super incredible in them. Especially Chinami and Yurina.

I was actually really impressed by this. It’s an awesome effect.


Despite it being similar to effects Perfume uses.

I doubt the Lady Gagaish style was done by accident.

I mean a lighting bolt on the face, where have I seen that before?

Oh yeah that’s right, Lady Gaga started that.

Lady Gaga never actually wore this makeup, but it does remind me of Poker Face. And by the way look how fierce Miaybi looks. *O*

Wow, Chinami’s makeup is incredible.

Risako’s makeup is way too big and too close to her eye, that it just comes off as awkward.

I really like the dance for this song. There are a lot of intense and exciting moves.


Awesome effect!

Ok, this move sucks. XD

Look at Risako looking all sultry and hot. I just wish the video quality was better. :/

I love this part of the dance. It reminds me of Kimagure Princess.

Momoko’s the only member who looks adorable in her makeup instead of high fashion. XD

Woah, look at Saki bringing it.

And now everyone is sad for some reason.

Even acting sad Chinami looks gorgeous.

This dance moves always impresses me. I think Berryz has done this before, but I can’t remember. I know NEWS has. XD

Berryz Koubou to perform at Sakura Con

At Berryz Koubou’s last concert Shimizu Saki announced that Berryz Koubou would be performing at Seattle, Washington’s Sakura Con. Marking their first performance outside of Asia and their first every performance in the United States. (Well, first ever if you don’t count their fanclub tour in Hawaii, which I personally don’t.) Sakura Con runs from April 22-24. You can register as a guest on their website here.

Why do idol groups always have to perform across the country so I can’t go? AKB48 performed in New York, but I didn’t really care at the time. But as fate would have it, I’d kill to go now.

Even though I personally can’t go, I am completely excited about this. It’s always extremely exciting when idol groups perform in the United States. Something like this will definitely bump up their popularity with foreign fans, even if it’s just a little bit.

So I guess I’ll just have to wait for legions of fan reports, pictures, and videos. To those of you going, you don’t know how incredibly lucky you are. And how completely jealous I am. Berryz Koubou is my 2nd favorite H!P group. Actually 2nd is a tie between Berryz and Buono.

Berryz Koubou-Shining Power preview

The new opening and ending themes for the anime Inazuma Eleven are out. Which means we now have a preview of Berryz Koubou’s 24th single Shining Power.

After first hearing the song I automatically though it sounds like Ryuusei Boy mixed with Dance de Bakoon. And I still think that. I also think the song is pretty tame and forgettable. I’m actually really disappointed. Maji Bomber was one of my favorite Berryz singles, and it was obviously a hard song to follow. But after Maji Bomber being so amazing I was expecting this song to be equally amazing. The song for me is sitting right in the middle. It’s not great but it’s not terrible.

As for line distribution it seems to be back to how it always is. Risako, Miyabi, Momoko, and Yurina lead. (I know Yurina doesn’t always lead but she has been for the last 6 singles.) And it’s pretty sad because I don’t hear the other members at all. And it took me of guard because Berryz Koubou has been pretty fair lately. Maybe we’ll hear the other girls in the second half.

Yurina’s semi-sweet solo commercial

Exciting news for Yurina fans like myself, Berryz Koubou member Kumai Yurina was in her first solo commercial. It was a CM for BaseBallBear’s new album, or new single, (What is the) Love & Pop? The title distracts me a little bit. Mostly because isn’t not even a horribly failed English attempt they just need to get rid of one word. I don’t know it just urkes me.

Anyway back on subject. I think Yurina looks gorgeous in this CM. She’s wearing a school girls uniform, which is just instant win for me. Her hair is softly blowing, she just looks awesome.

Though I do kind of hate how she looks in the beginning.

She looks like a deer caught in headlights. I know she’s supposed to

because of the theme of the commercial, but it just looks awkward.

Though she makes up for it with this look.

It’s half creepy and half alluring. I’ll take that.

I wasn’t really expecting blood to shoot out of her lemon, it caught me off guard.

It reminded me of Koishite Akuma XD. I had to laugh a little at it
though, just because it’s not believable looking. Japanese blood
never looks real. Just like in the Suicide Club. Love the movie
hate the blood’s appearance.

This picture makes me think Yurina would be perfect for a horror movie.

Where her movie about fighting zombie ghost things?

Berryz Koubou’s Thrilling Kingdom :UPDATE:

I perviosuly stated on this post that Berryz Koubou would be getting their own shown called Thrilling! Berryz Kingdom, but it turns out it’s not a TV show at all. Rather it’s a radio show on SKY PerfecTV. I guess I just assumed it was a TV show because the station is called SKY PerfecTV. You know what they say about assuming, and having misleading radio station names.

I’m sorry to any Berryz fans who got their hopes up over this post. I’m just as dissapointed as you.