Former H!P Egg Kitahara Sayaka to debut as a singer

Hot off the heals of completeing her Egg training it was announced that Kitahara Sayaka will be making her debut as a seiyuu as well as making her official solo CD debut. Her debut single will be titled Yappa Seishun and will be released on June 22nd. Sayaka will be voicing Sorano Aoi, a character in the anime Inazuma Eleven, which her solo single will be used as the ending theme. This means Sayaka will be picking up where Berryz Koubou left off when it comes to ending themes for the Inazuma Eleven anime. Sayaka will be releasing this single under the name Sarano Aoi. Much like Kusumi Koharu did for her Kirarin Revolution single tie-ins.

I wish I could say I’m happy to see Sayaka doing this. I am happy for her in the sense that she hasn’t really done anything since Milky Way, and good for her. But to have her debut as a solo singer while a lot of more talented Eggs have either left, been shoved into a dancing group, or are just sitting there makes me extremely sad. In my opinion Sayaka is one of the absolute worst singers in Hello!Project rigth now. Granted I haven’t actually heard her sing since Milky Way, but I doubt she’s improved that much.
I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what her song sounds like. We might get lucky and it might not turn out to be a train wreck after all.

As always you can buy this single from CDJapan by clicking the links below.

Kitahara Sayaka – Yappa Seishun [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]

Kitahara Sayaka – Yappa Seishun [Regular Edition]