Hey! Say! JUMP perform new song on Shounen Club

On today’s episode of Shounen Club Hey! Say JUMP performed their new song Ai ING ~Aishiteru. I was completely thrilled to finally hear a clear version of the song. The choppy concert rip made the song sound completely different. I am also unsure what this new song is going to be used for. Lots of people are saying it’s going to be a new single, but that’s highly unlikely since nothing was officially announced and they just performed it and didn’t say it was their new single. This song is most likely going to be used in an upcoming single or album. However, Hey! Say! 7 and Hey! Say! BEST also have new songs that they’ve been performing at concerts. So, these songs might actually be filed away as unreleased songs like the 10 or so odd songs that HSJ haven’t officially released yet.

I gotta say, when I first heard this song I wasn’t really into it. Mostly because it’s a completely different sound than anything Hey! Say! JUMP has done before. They song is completely laid back, and the music is so soft at some points you don’t even notice there actually is background music. HSJ usually has really loud over the top energetic music. There are only a handful of songs that actually have soft music. But even those songs pick up eventually or have much more intense music to begin with. So, of course it was a bit of a shock to be thrown something different. But after listening to the song a couple of times I actually do like the overall sound. Even though it’s more subdued then us JUMP fans are used to, I think it does sound pretty good. It’s not my absolutely favorite song by them music wise, but it is pretty cute.

The lyrics themselves are pretty much HSJ and JE standard. They are a kind of all over the place though. Sometimes it’s about being destined to be together, sometimes it’s about longing for the other person, and sometimes it’s about wanting to stay together forever. I guess overall it’s just supposed to be a song about loving someone so much. But trying too hard to have a story in the lyrics makes the lyrics have 3 at once. XD

I’m glad that Hey! Say! JUMP is trying to make the line distribution fair. When, I say fair I mean, they could pull another Hitomi no Sceen for future singles and songs, but thankfully haven’t. However, they aren’t really doing a good job of that. Pretty much since HSJ was formed the same people have been singing every song. And they are Ryosuke, Daiki, Chinen, Yuto, Takaki, Yabu, and Hikaru. Sometimes the distribution changes slightly. Where it’s just Ryosuke singing. Or in their first album where it was basically Chinen, Ryosuke, Yabu, and Hikarus’ album featuring Takaki, Daiki, and Yuto. And Ryutaro, Inoo, and Keito just didn’t exist. I think they got like 6 lines between them. While I do consider the members who always sing to be the best singers. (Minus Chinen and Yuto. I’m Yuto biased but I’m not going to pretend he’s a better singer than he is.) I would love to hear the other members once in a while. Especially Ryutaro. His voice is the best of the forgotten members. I can understand not featuring Keito and Inoo much because they both sound like frogs when they sing. But Ryutaro makes no sense, he can actually sing. I guess it’s because those members are shoved down your throats. Hopefully, HSJ being rotating hosts of Shounen Club and being rotating members featured on Yan Yan JUMP will help the other members get more lines. However, I doubt it.

Here’s their new song on Shounen Club. I suggest you watch it ASAP. This will probably be taken down in a few hours.
Of course the embedding is disabled so click here to watch.