KAT-TUN is just monochrome

The PV for KAT-TUN’s for new single White was released recently. And surprisingly not for that long. I expected it would be out for at least a week and a half already, but it hasn’t even been a week.

I can’t say that I was expecting much from this PV. After seeing the preview I knew exactly what the PV was going to look like. And it actually turned out exactly how I expected it to. Which makes me pretty disappointed. I was still holding out for this PV to have more going on then just walking around a college. However, that’s exactly what it consists of. The PV is just basically KAT-TUN walking around the halls of a school, with their close-ups even being in the hallway. They also wander around a library, but that part is extremely brief. I was also hoping for them to do a few scenes on the roof, because that is the only remotely interesting scene in the entire PV. But the are only on the roof at the very end of the PV. Which is completely stupid. And of course this PV reminds me a lot of C-ute’s Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~ PV. Mostly because the have nearly identical themes. They even share a scene. I was really expecting a lot more similarites between the two PVs, but thankfully there weren’t.

I wonder where this was filmed for there to be a random white guy playing soccer.

Kame’s a cutie.

Even more people who aren’t Japanese.

Lolz at Maru’s and Koki’s hideous dorky smiles. And I hate how horrible the quality of this PV is. x_x

I don’t understand why they are in such awe just because Kame walked by.

Just like in C-ute’s PV.

See, exactly the same.

Now Maru has to look over just because he sees Taguchi. I don’t get it.

You can’t imagine how I annoyed I am by the fact that they don’t let you read the whole quote.

I’m not sure what the whole intense turning around scenes are about.

Time to have cheerleaders randomly thrown in for absolutely no reason at all.

Koki looks pretty hot here.

How come every member of KAT-TUN looks hideous when they smile?

Every member.

No exception.


Finally the roof scene.


KAT-TUN-White PV preview

With less than 2 weeks until the release of KAT-TUN’s new single, White, JE continues to string us along only now releasing the PV preview. Less than 2 weeks until the release date and we haven’t even heard the full rip of the song. Us fans might hate waiting this long, but apparently this marketing works as KAT-TUN continues to sell great. Not as good as with Jin though. But they still usually outsell my beloved NEWS.

I’m excited to see that this PV has some sort of storyline. I would be so angry if we had another mess like Ultimate Wheels. But there’s really not much going on the PV. Of course the PV has the pretty much standard close-up scenes. You can’t really make a PV without them. But what’s with Ueda wearing a hat yet again? Does he miss Jin that much that he feels the need to take over Jin’s “member that wears a fedora” position? Other than that in the close-ups Koki and Kame are looking fine as usual.
The PV also shows them walking dramatically across what looks like a ship yard. Maybe it’s the awful quality or maybe I’m blind, but where they are walking, to me, totally looks exactly like the place where they shot their 2010-2011 calendar. I’ll have to wait for the full PV of course to be absolutely certain.
The PV also shows random out of place cheerleaders who serve no purpose in the PV. And they are dancing on a football field. A for a brief second I had flashbacks of horrible H!P PVs. Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~ and Seishun Collection, PVs better left forgotten.
The rest of the PV preview if full of them randomly hanging out on top of a roof, as people usually do. I don’t know any college that lets you sit on the roof, but apparently you can in Japan. And it also shows the members of KAT-TUN walking through the school. And I’m going to sit here and pretend that the entire White PV isn’t a complete and blatant rip off of C-ute’s Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~ PV. But it totally is. I am extremely disappointed by the obvious similarities of the two PVs.

KAT-TUN-White preview

A short radio rip for KAT-TUN’s upcoming single White has been released.

When I heard the short commercial previews of White and Perfect I was afraid that White would never be able to compare to Perfect. And than when I saw KAT-TUN’s performance of Perfect on Music Station, and how amazing the song was, I was completely worried about White. And after finally hearing more than 30 seconds of the song I can officially say all of my fears and worrys were 100% justifiable. White is a completely lack luster, mediocre, excuse for an A-side that is in every way, shape, and form far inferior to Perfect. Perfect is simple and laid back and yet at the same time has completely upbeat and dancable music. Not to mention Koki’s incredible rap section. I’ve never heard Koki rap that fast before. It was incredibly sexy. XD

At the end of White’s intro there are these soft chimes that would be much better suited for a Hey! Say! JUMP song. And that pretty much sets the tone for the entire song. The song reminds me a lot of Ultimate Wheels where the song is sung pretty much on the same level the entire song, even the chorus. The chorus in White tries to act like it’s actually picking up, but it’s not really. If you listen the chorus is sung exactly the same as the verse except in the chorus they are singing signifigantly louder. They try to trick you into thinking the song is picking up however it never does. And I don’t really want to settle for something like that. Yes, Perfect does basically do the same thing with their verse and chorus. However, there is a bridge thrown in there to make the song a little more interesting.
The only redeeming qualities about this song are the high notes at the end of the chorus and that it sounds like just after where the song cuts off it sounds like there’s a Koki rap solo. Which is always a nice addition to KAT-TUN songs.

Don’t let my harsh opinions keep you from loving the song. You can purchase this single from CDJapan by clicking the links below.

KAT-TUN – White [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]

KAT-TUN – White [Regular Edition (First Press) ]

KAT-TUN – White [Regular Edition]

KAT-TUN to release new single this May

Johnny’s group KAT-TUN announced they will be releasing a new single on May 18th. The single’s A-side will be entitled White and it’s B-side will be entitled Perfect. Both songs are currently being used as songs for commercials.

It’s been nearly a month since these songs were mysterious reveiled in commercials. Despite these songs being pretty much old news, I wanted to wait to make my post about them until something official was done with them. And here we go, here’s something official. XD
The previews for both songs a obnoxiously short, that there’s no reason to even make lengthy comments about them until longer previews are released. For now I’m just treating these snipets of songs as a short taste. Even though I’ve actually heard Perfect before. Mostly because Kame looks pretty perfect in the CM. Oh, bad pun alert. XD The only thing I will say about the songs is that I really wish they switched the A-side. After hearing just 15 seconds of each song, you can tell already that Perfect is a much more exciting and better sounding song. But what do I know? Obviously JE saw something better about White to make it the A-side. I’m just not sure what that could be.

Here’s the commercial featuring White:

And the commercial featuring Perfect: