Picking up the pieces

I have felt completely heartbroken by the unfolding events in Japan. It seems everyday when I wake up the news is worse. Nuclear reactors exploding, the death toll believed to be over 10,000. I even heard on the news last night that they are bumping up the earthquake from 8.9 to 9.0. Watching things like this makes me incredibly sad. Half because I love Japan and I empathise with them, and half because I can’t really help them at all. Having been interested in Japan and Japanese music for almost 7 years now, makes me more saddened by this news than the average American. Not to say Americans aren’t completely heartbroken over this, because they are, but as some one who has always kept an eye on Japan it hurts a lot more for me.

And the ironic thing is despite all of this I really want to start blogging again.Not for any selfish or malice reasons you might be thinking of. I want to blog because blogging gives me comfort. A few months back when my mom had a stroke blogging helped me feel just a tiny bit better. It gave me a sense of normality amide devistation. But how do you blog about the place that was effected for comfort? That seems like backwards logic to me. And because of that I haven’t been blogging. I had this blog give a moment of silence to Japan.

But then I wonder is it even ok to blog. With a devastating earthquake and tsunami obviously it doesn’t feel completely right to blog. When a tragedy of this caliber happens trivial things like idols hardly matter. But with that mind set, when is an ok time to blog? I don’t want to be seen as that insensitive person that starts blogging about unimportant things, when Japan is still grieving.

I don’t know, I feel completely torn. It’s just incredible to see what a huge difference a day makes. I remeber the day before the earthquake all I cared about was seeing the full PV for Maji Desu ka Ska. I was getting excited for the Super Moon and St. Patrick’s Day. I even wrote an entry about Passpo the day before the earthquake, that I was going to post the next day.

And now it doesn’t even seem right to care about these things. And if I care I’m a horrible person. Of course people have to move on eventually, and Japan isn’t even my native country. But it stll seems like it’s too soon. But I have no idea when it will no longer feel too soon. How do you measure something like that? A week, a month, a year? This whole post makes me seem selfish.

Japan hit by massive earthquake and tsunami

Today I was abruptly woken up by my mom who was talking loudly to my dad about a huge earthquake that hit Japan. At first I didn’t really care too much. Mostly, because I was woken up way too early. And since my mom isn’t the best at pronouncing Japanese I wasn’t really too aware of where it was. First she said it was Chiba. (But now I realize she was talking about the nuclear plant in fukushima) But after watching the news and seeing that it hit Sendai is a huge city and also Sendai is really close to Tokyo I was really scared. Not only for the famous people that live in and around Tokyo, but because Tokyo is Japan’s largest city and lots of people could be injured. Apparently this was the largest earthquake to hit Japan in several years. And of course the news over hear was reporting about how the tsunami waves were going to hit Hawaii and California which is also pretty scary.

The large 8.9 earthquake triggered a huge tsunami with waves that were 23 feet high. Police said 200 to 300 bodies were found in the northeastern coastal city of Sendai, the city in Miyagi prefecture, or state, closest to the epicenter. Another 151 were confirmed killed, with 547 missing. Police also said 798 people were injured. The government ordered about 3,000 residents near a nuclear power plant in the city of Onahama to move back at least two miles from the plant. The reactor was not leaking radiation but its core remained hot even after a shutdown. The plant is 170 miles northeast of Tokyo. The news has also reported that there have been around 50 aftershocks. As I’m writing this article CNN is reporting a 6.2 aftershock in Nagano!
On the idol front of things, it has been confired that all H!P members, NGP members and H!P Eggs are safe. All AKB48, SKE48, and SDN48 members are safe. Which is extremely good news. However, the safety of all JE members has not been confirmed. Here is what Johnny’s confirms:
NEWS; Yamapi, Tegoshi and Ryo are safe. (the others seems safe also, not 100% confirmed though..)

Kusano and Uchi are both also safe
Arashi; everyone are safe (though Aiba’s house have caught fire)
Kanjani8, everyone are safe
KAT-TUN; everyone are safe (not 100%) (but Ueda’s house is damaged..)
All of HSJ member safe, but Yuto is in hospital for minor injury
V6 and SMAP are all safe
NYC, M.A.D, Uesato Ryota, Fujie Kazuyori – reported safe
Ikuta Toma is safe
Kis-my-ft2 are all safe
Kinki Kids are safe
TOKIO; injuries but safe

Also, it seems Yaotome Hikaru’s house in Sendai is ruined.
And I have also heard that Inoo Kei is still unconfirmed.

Here’s some video about the quake. I had to get it from RussiaToday because they seem to be the only news that has an official youtube channel. XD This video is several hours old, so if you want updates on this I suggest you watch your local news or CNN.