SDN48-Sarang wo Kudasai

The PV for SDN48’s 2nd single Ai Juseyo was just released.

When the PV preview for this song was released, I voiced my dislike of both the song and PV. But after watching the PV the song has grown on me, the PV not so much. I understand that SDN48’s whole them and appeal is that they are an adult idol group. And even though this PV is sexy, it’s not sexy in the right way. It seems like SDN48 is trying to hard to be sexy in this PV. What made the GAGAGA PV sexy and alluring was that they only had one sexy outfit and basically 1 sexy scene. Which was sort of a tease for the fans. Which in turn made the PV effortlessly sexy. In this PV they are going out of their way too be overly sexualized, and have as much sexy scenes as possible. Which is too much. It makes the PV be in bad taste and almost too much.
Am I the only one who sees that this is supposed to emulate some wota’s rape fantasy. I don’t really approve of that. XD
Of course Japanese men wouldn’t find it as appealing if there wasn’t a least one panty shot.
The English is almost perfect. If they just rid of the second you and the word enough, it would be perfect. I wonder if it’s just in English because they know of all the foreign fans they have?
It’s totally for the foreign fans. I spot Ai Juseyo written in Japanese, Korean, English, German, French, and i think Russian.
The dance is way too simple.
What’s with the horns all of a sudden?
All these “alluring” dance moves are pretty lame.
Of course they have to have nude scenes. Granted AKB48 did these same scenes in Heavy Rotation.
I actually really like the dresses. They are sexy without being obviously sexy.
Wow, these scenes are so unnecessary.

SDN48-Ai Juseyo PV preview

AKB48’s adult themed sister group, SDN48, announced they will be releasing a new single on March 23rd entitled Ai Juseyo. Technically since the title is written in kanji and katakana the propber romaji of it is Ai Chuseyo. But I refuse to call it that when I know it’s the Korean word Juseyo. Just like it’s Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game and not Onna to Otoko no RARABI GEEMU.

But anyway, recently SDN48 released a PV preview for their upcoming single.

Now, I’m not really into SND48. Mostly because I’m not into girls, so their whole sexy image doesn’t appeal to me. I prefer my idols bubbly and bouncing off the walls with energy. But I really did love their debut single GAGAGA. So, if that song won me over I just had to watch this PV preview to see what the song was like. The PV, so far, is kind of a disappointment. The only thing going on is SDN48 is dancing in skimpy red outfits, and more wholesome white dresses, against a boring nearly solid white background. Their is also a bubble bath scene. Which is a repeat of the two Matsuis bath scene in the Heavy Rotation PV. I’m not really all that impressed by the song either. I understand that they are an adult group. But if they are always going to sing in their sexy/sultry voices it’s going to get really boring really fast. You’d don’t always have to sing like that to be sexy. And also those high notes were pretty painful to listen to. XD

But don’t let my opinion stop you from loving the song. You can of course purchase it from CDJapan by clicking the links below.

SDN48 – Ai Juseyo [CD+DVD / Type A]

SDN48 – Ai Juseyo [CD+DVD / Type B]