NYC hatch their dreams

After JE has successfully teased us with this song, having it performed live 4 times and given us 2 previews of the PV, the full PV for NYC’s Yume Tamago was released yesterday. With only 4 days until the release date I might add. Which is cutting it extremely close. Also, the PV and caps are pretty low quality, but I did not want to wait to make this post in hopes that a few days from now someone will upload a high quality version to youtube.

The PV pretty much is pretty much what we’ve already seen in the Zoom In preview. There’s only 1 extra scene that we’ve haven’t seen. The very childish dollhouse in the beginning. But the dollhouse and the various outfits fit with the lyrics of the song. Following your dreams and being whatever you want to become. So, the whole aspect of them as dolls as their dreaming of what to become makes perfect sense. A childish interpretation of the lyrics, for a childish song. But I actually don’t mind that the song and PV is for children. They are both absolutely adorable. And even though I did like Yoku Asobi Yoku Manabe more because it was the most mature sounding NYC single, this single is my second favorite. And of course my favorite part of the PV is when the dress up as different occupations. Because it’s just down right adorable.

The dollhouse actually makes me feel oddly nostalgic. XD

Ryosuke is so adorable.

I love Chinen’s outfit. And the thing behind him totally looks like the pringles guy!

I though this background was supposed to represent childrens’ drawings. But that castle was outside the window of the dollhouse, so idk. XD

Look at Chinen’s girl hair. Lol.

It’s cute that they are little teapots teacups.

Right here the CG looks terrible. :/

Is Ryosuke ever not adorable?

The answer is obviously no.

How cute.

The dream cloud, it must time to dress up. XD

Cunductor of the philharmonic ochestra, good luck with that one maestro. XD

Somehow, this just fits Chinen.

It’s annoying how NYC has to make everything about New York City in their PVs. I mean, that is obviously supposed to be the New York Yankee’s pin stripes. Yuma’s name is even written in red, white, and blue. :/


Chinen actually looks pretty cute as a pilot.

Ok, the egg is bursting with dreams. But I don’t undersatnd, why an egg? Is an egg supposed to represent a heart or something? In  Buono’s song the Egg was supposed to be in your heart, that marked you as good or bad, or something. And in Shugo Chara Egg’s song the egg in your heart was supposed to define you. But that never made sense to me either. Maybe it’s just like a saying in Japanese? I honestly have no idea though.

I don’t understand why Ryosuke always makes this intense face when he is singing or lip synching. XD

NYC-Yume Tamago short version

With NYC’s upcoming single Yume Tamago’s release date just days away, 7 days to be exact, the short version of the PV has been released. I think it’s absolutely pointless to release a PV preview, short version, and then full version. I just don’t get the reason behind it at all. I suppose it would boost the sales a bit, but I think the full PV would boost them more. I remember Johnny’s used to release short version of all their singles, I haven’t seen them doing that lately. Or maybe than have, and just no one’s uploading them to youtube. XD

I really didn’t want to watch the short version of this PV either because it ruins not only the PV but also my review of the PV. But I posted this for fans who want to watch the short version. And I actually have not watched the short, and don’t intend to.
I’m sorry but I’m not going to comment on the short version of the PV, because I am saving that for my overall PV review post. Which is most likely going to be when the full PV gets released tomorrow or the next day.

So anyone who wants to watch the short version here it is. And sorry that my opinion about it won’t be for a few days. :/

NYC-Yume Tamago PV preview

A PV preview of NYC’s upcoming 3rd single, Yume Tamago, was released during morning news show Zoom In.

Since this song is being used for an anime movie for kids the PV is extremely cutesy and childish. But NYC always releases PVs where I feel slightly embarrassed watching it. But NYC does look incredibly adorable in the PV. Even Chinen how I’m usually too annoyed by to even notice. That fact is really enough to make the PV watchable.

In the close ups NYC seems to be standing in front of a backdrop that looks like children’s drawings. Of course to add to the kid theme of the PV. But most of the PV is miniaturized NYC running around kitchen counters. Which is extremely cute, but it reminds me too much of the video Morning Musume made of Koi no Dance Site on their Odore Morning Curry tour DVD. And also randomly NYC is dressed up as a baseball player, soccer player, pilot, and conductor. Which it’s cute since it’s for the dream aspect of the song and PV.

After hearing the song and knowing it’s for children this is pretty much what I was expecting the PV to be like. If you just accept that the PV has to be childish, it’s actually a really cute PV. And there’s a lot of different scenes and a lot going on in the PV. And quite honestly, I’d rather sit through a childish PV than a boring one.