Maybe Jin might not fail in the US after all

During an interview before his concert at the Budokan Akanishi Jin announced that his debut US single will be a collaboration with popular American singer Jason Derulo. In case you’re not familiar with Jason Derulo, last year he had the insanely popular songs Whatcha Say? and In My Head.

This is probably the most exciting Jin news I have come across in months. This means Jin might actually have a chance at becoming popular in the US. Just yesterday I was thinking for Jin to be popular in the US he has to not make music like Justin Timberlake. Because Jin totally wants to be the Japanese Justin Timberlake. Justin hasn’t made music in years, that music direction would be an absolute train wreck. To be popular in America Jin has to make music like Usher, Enrique Iglesias, Trey Songz, Taio Cruz, or Jason Derulo. And wouldn’t you know it, his debut single is going to be with Jason Derulo. And since the song itself was made by Jason Derulo that just adds to the chance of it becoming a hit. Even if the song isn’t that amazing just having Jason Derulo in it will automatically get the song some air play. I mean, because of this I’ll probably even get to see the music video on TV. Which is mucho exciting.
There have been a lot of Asian artists that failed in the US and I think a main problem with that is they are trying to do it on their own. They don’t realize to really get their name out there, they need to have their name attached to someone already popular in the US. Yes, BoA did collaborate with American artist Sean Garrett. But the problem with that was is Sean Garrett isn’t really popular at all. I mean, the first time I ever heard of him was in her song. Who ever is producing Jin or is handling his career in the US seriously knows what they are doing. I mean, I think Jin might actually be the first Asian artist to really make it here. I went from being extremely skeptical and had absolutely no faith in him, to actually being a little optimistic about his career now.

Let’s just hope the actual lyrics of the song are A LOT better than Yellow Gold. XD