Another Egg graduates, but what does that mean?

Yet another Hello!Project Egg has completed her Egg training. This time it’s Egg member Mori Saki. This will be the 3rd Hello!Project Egg to complete her Egg training. But it’s really anybody’s bet what this means for Saki.

When Minami and Yuu You completed their training I was starting to think it was because they were starting to be too old. Minami is 19 and You is 18, which isn’t really that old. But with Morning Musume’s cut off age being 17 I started to think H!P was cutting all of their old Eggs, and doing something with the old Eggs that have potential. In You’s case, she’s obviously going solo. Yes, nothing is completely set in stone yet, but it’s like 95% set that she will. But the whole older Egg theory was completely shot for 2 reasons. There are two Eggs older than Minami and You. Hirano Tomomi, 26 and Aoki Erina, 20. And let’s not forget the Eggs that are the same age. 18 year old Furukawa Konatsu and 19 year old Tanaka Anri. And obviously none of them completed their training. The other thing that throws my theory off is Mori Saki is only 17 years old.

With her being 17 years old, that adds the question, “why was she graduated?” It seems like the really well know Eggs are being graduated. Kikkawa You, which by the way I hate calling her You and not Yuu! XD Anyway, You was obviously really well know because of Milky Way. Sengoku Minami is well know because of Ongaku Gatas. And Mori Saki is well known because she does a lot of musicals/stage plays.

But even with that the future doesn’t look as bright for Minami and Saki. When You completely her training she was doing something immediately. Minami and Saki are a mystery and nothing is really said about their future activities. And to add more grim facts both Kikkawa You’s and Fukumura Mizuki’s Egg training completion were announced on both UP-Front FC and But Minami’s and Saki’s were announced only on the UP-Front FC site. Which is a clear indication why they aren’t immediately doing anything in H!P. It kind of seems like they aren’t going to stay in H!P. It seems to be they will be following in the footsteps of Noto Arisa and Sawada Yuri. They graduated H!P Eggs and joined Up-Front Eggs. But it all seemed to work out great for Noto Arisa because 3 months after graduating from H!P Eggs she released a mini album and mini photobook. She’s released 4 mini album to date and is a member of Happy!Style. Which is a real possibility for Minami and Saki.

But honestly to me it seems like Minami and Saki will join Nice Girl Project. We’re all aware that Nice Girl Project group THE Possible was created by using six H!P Eggs, who left H!P to join NGP. Now, that’s not as big a long shot as you would think. Tsunku is produced his second idols and wresting event. The participants were NGP groups THE Possible, Canary Club, and NGP Kenshuusei selection. (NGP Kenshuusei selection is a group of NGP trainees.) But those weren’t the only participants. Along with the NGP acts 3 Hello!Project Eggs were also there. Those Eggs were Sengoku Minami, Mori Saki, and Kitahara Sayaka. It is way too much of a coincidence that 2/3 of the H!P Eggs there are now completing their Egg training.

So what does that mean exactly? To me it seem like Tsunku is pulling another THE Possible. It seems like he’s taking H!P Eggs and adding them to a NGP group. There are some obvious signs that, that might be happening. So, don’t be too surprised in Kitahara Sayaka completes her Egg training next.