ManoEri’s Seishun no Lullaby

I try to follow H!P as closely as possible. But there is one artist I always neglect, and the is Mano Erina. Most of the time it’s done unintentionally, because of my love hate relationship with ManoEri. But with her new single Seishun no Serenade, I kept putting off posting about it until here we are now. The PV has just been released and I have literally never heard the song before.

And even not even because her outfit looks like a more wholesome version of a race queen outfit, or I dislike the song. I actually do like the song. It’s not my favorite, but it is catchy. And it’s not even because I lack the interest in witting about her. I do a little, but I write about her anyway. But her video is so boring, uninteresting, and uneventful I have no idea what to write about it. I just reviews S/mileage’s boring Short Cut PV, but I did so for 2 reasons. 1. I love S/mileage and could always find things to say about them and 2. There was actually something to mention of why I disliked it. Like the random moon dance and hideous haircuts. But with Seishun no Serenade there’s basically 3 scenes repeated over and over.
Scene 1: dancing

And yet still the entire dance scene all I kept thinking was, “Oh, cool she got new backup dancers.”
Scene 2: Close up shot

Every PV has one.
Scene 3: Random walking

In which she just walks around. But check out the Love Machine poster behind her!
Scene 4: Close up shot part deux

Apparently everyone has 2. XD
Scene 5: The only exciting part

This is seriously the only cool part of her whole PV. It’s cute, it’s fun, and it looks awesome. Too bad it only lasts for 20 seconds.
And there you have it, that’s the whole PV. It seems like you watched the whole thing, right? I just saved you 4:40 minutes.
Now, I’m not making this post to diss ManoEri at all because it’s not her fault. And I’m not saying H!P releases such great PVs either. Because this is pretty much their wash, rinse, repeat PV formula. I just made this post out of frustration. I hate boring, simple, cheap, uneventful PVs. A PV is what you remember the song by, and if the PV sucks it takes the song down a notch. I also made this post to show why I don’t do a review of every single PV that gets released. A PV has to have a certain spark to make a review. Whether it’s a good or bad spark, doesn’t matter.