NYC-Yume Tamago short version

With NYC’s upcoming single Yume Tamago’s release date just days away, 7 days to be exact, the short version of the PV has been released. I think it’s absolutely pointless to release a PV preview, short version, and then full version. I just don’t get the reason behind it at all. I suppose it would boost the sales a bit, but I think the full PV would boost them more. I remember Johnny’s used to release short version of all their singles, I haven’t seen them doing that lately. Or maybe than have, and just no one’s uploading them to youtube. XD

I really didn’t want to watch the short version of this PV either because it ruins not only the PV but also my review of the PV. But I posted this for fans who want to watch the short version. And I actually have not watched the short, and don’t intend to.
I’m sorry but I’m not going to comment on the short version of the PV, because I am saving that for my overall PV review post. Which is most likely going to be when the full PV gets released tomorrow or the next day.

So anyone who wants to watch the short version here it is. And sorry that my opinion about it won’t be for a few days. :/

S/mileage gets the short end of the stick

Sorry to all my readers for being MIA from blogging recently. It’s only been 4 days but I know that’s ages in blog years. But I always think it’s ironic, when I really feel like blogging it’s a slow news day and nothing happens. But when I’m not in the mood to blog a million things happen. The universe just obviously loves to kick me when I’m down. So, basically I haven’t been in the mood to blog because lately my personal life has pretty much been in shambles. The whole situation can be explained as boy trouble. But have no fear, I’ve been listening to female idol music that has been capturing the very girly emotions I’m feeling. I swear they make a song about every emotion a girl could possibly feel.

But enough about my boring personal life, and more about S/mileage. Over a week ago S/mileage released the full PV for their 4th single, Short Cut, on their official youtube channel. Since I have proclaimed my love for this song as soon as the preview was out, I was super excited to finally see the PV.

The PV is a extremely boring. Since the song is so upbeat and catchy I was expecting something a lot cuter and more playful. But when the song is called Short Cut I guess you should just expect a salon themed PV. But the PV is basically just dance shots and close ups. There is actually hardly any hair cutting going on. I think they should have made a PV that showed girl’s with Short Cuts were cuter, more playful, and more appealing then girls with long hair. Maybe that wouldn’t have made sense with the song. But does dancing on the moon actually have anything to do with the lyrics? I’m just really dissapointed because S/mileage’s PVs are always the cutest and some of the best in H!P. Even when they have a low budget they’re great. They just really dropped the ball on this one.
What I also think is really funny is after Yuuka and Ayaka were sporting short haircuts all the fans said it was because their new single was called Short Cut. I remember thinking how stupid that was and they wouldn’t change their hair for one single. But look how has egg on their face now. XD

  I actually got sad when I saw this, because it became obvious what the PV was going to be like.

  One of the last times me see Yuuka’s gorgeous locks. I’m sorry but I don’t like her with short hair. Just like I don’t like it on my beloved Kanon.

  She looks like a little boy now. :/

  Super adorable outfits though.

  Aww, how cute.

  Reminds me of the times before they debuted.

  Oh, nostalgia.

  Wow, Saki looks super gorgeous.

  Ayaka does too. Too bad those dresses are hideous.

  I don’th think anyone really realized how serious these scenes are. They literally only have one chance to film these parts.

  Why exactly are they dancing on the moon?

  What is this, The Manpower? Yes, I realized they are dancing on the Earth here and not the moon. But it’s basically the same thing.

  I don’t even mind that the dance is simple. I think it’s refreshing and fits the song perfectly.

  I’m going to assume this says, “Never cut my hair again!”

  And this undoubtingly says, “My short hair looks the best!”

  This probably says, “I only came along because I was promised free food!”

  And this most likely says, “Hey, let’s all go dance on the moon!”

  I heard this is the real footage from the moon landing.

  I just can’t stop focusing on Saki.

  I’m pretty sure you can’t play volleyball with moon rocks.