Kikkawa Yuu-Hapirapi ~Sunrise~ preview

After officially confirming that Hapirapi ~Sunrise~ is Kikka’s 2nd single a few dys ago, releasing on Spetmeber 21st, we now have a short preview of the song.

After hearing the short preview, I gotta say I’m not instantly in love with the song like I was with Kikkake wa You and it’s B-sides. The song is a lot calmer and laid back than Kikkake wa You. I was expecting another upbeat and cutesy single from Kikka. This song is pretty slow and on the bland side. I also don’t really like how Kikka is singing the song. So has an incredible voice and vocal range, but instead she seems to be forcing her self to sing in a cute voice. But it’s so unnatural that’s it’s coming off as too much and obviously fake. Kind of the same way that Koharu’s voice was forced in Papancake. Obviously not to the same screechy degree, but the way that they both were forcing themselves to sound cute is similar.

I don’t know, I’m not really feeling the song right now. Maybe it will eventually grow on me.

Kikkawa You-Kikkake wa YOU PV preview

A PV preview for H!P’s newest soloist Kikkawa You’s debut single, Kikkake wa YOU, has been released. The PV is 2 minutes long so it’s really more of a short version than a PV preview. But whatever. I really didn’t want to watch the PV because this long of a preview spoils the whole PV. But this is the first time us fans are the song (beyond the chorus), so I just had to watch it. XD

As a person who strongly hates the color yellow, I have to say I absolutely hate the color scheme for this PV. But beyond that I do enjoy what I see of the PV. Some aspects of the PV have this retro feel to it. Since this is only Kikka’s debut single the PV isn’t the most exciting thing too what. There’s only about 2 different scenes in the whole PV. But that’s to be expected. There are still figuring out what to do with Kikka and how to make her different from ManoEri.
There is another thing I love about this PV. I can’t be the only one who noticed this, but the whole time watching this PV I felt like I was watching and Matsuura Aya PV! Kikka does have an extremely similar style voice as Ayaya and her songs do have the same vibe as hers. I mean, this PV looks identical to something Aya released a few years back. You is even doing some of the hand moves Aya does when she songs! This has got to be what H!P is going for. In a way it kind of feels like the happy upbeat Aya never left. Even though the PV is very Aya like, Kikka still manages to do it in her own style, and with a type of song that I don’t thing Ayaya would sing.

I do really like the song. Even though it’s a little too slow for my taste, the song is still super upbeat and positive. And I like the unique sounds that they are giving You. Of course, the chorus is my favorite part of the song. Mostly because it’s the only time the music and PV picks up in anyway.

And of course you can buy the always lovely Kikkawa You’s debut single at CDJapan by clicking below.

Kikkawa You – Kikkake wa YOU! [Limited Edtion / Type A / Jacket A]

Kikkawa You – Kikkake wa YOU! [Limited Edition / Type B / Jacket B]

Kikkawa YOU! – Kikkake wa YOU! [Limited Edition / Type C / Jacket C]

Kikkawa You – Kikkake wa YOU! [Regular Edition / Jacket D]

Kikkawa You to debut in March!

Recently graduated Hello!Project Egg member, Kikkawa You, announced that she will be making her official solo debut on March 30th. The single is entitled Kikkake wa YOU. Their will also be 3 different B sides on different versions of the single. The songs will be Sayonara Namida, Candy Pop, and Fuyuzora Hanabi which she already performed in concert. So we’ve already gotten a chance to hear those songs. Fuyuzora Hanabo and Sayonara Namida are really amazing. I wasn’t really that into Candy Pop. However, we have yet to hear the A-side. But that will probably be released in a radio rip in about a month. Kikkake wa YOU is also being used as the theme song for a movie with the same name that Kikkawa You is starring in.

I’m sure this news doesn’t really come as a shock to anyone who’s been following Kikka’s news. closely. It was pretty much set in stone that she was going solo when she was the opening act for the Hello!Project 2011 Winter Concert. Even though it was obvious it doesn’t make me less excited for this news. I am absolutely thrilled that this is finally 100% confirmed. Kikka is an amazingly talented vocalist and I’m glad that she’s not being wasted as just an Egg member. I am also really thrilled for Hello!Project to finally have another soloist. It was getting pretty boring with ManoEri. And I kinda feel bad for ManoEri because it seems like Kikka is completely going to blow her out of the water. I mean Fuyuzora Hanabi is a lot better than Seishun Serenade and it’s only a B-side! Look at this, I’m Kikka biased already. XD

Here are her B-side concert rips for anyone who is interested in hearing them.

Sayonara Namida:

Fuyuzora Hanabi:

Candy Pop:

Kikkawa You performs original song and becomes a support project

Hot off of officially finishing her Egg training, Kikkawa Yuu, (or for some reason now Kikkawa You) has just performed as the opening act for the Hello!Project 2011 Winter Concert. She preformed a brand new song entitled Sayonara Namida. As of now, You is listed as being a support project. But it seems pretty likely, and nearly set in stone, that You will become a new H!P soloist. Because if she was joining a group she wouldn’t have performed an original song alone, and have her very own support site. By the way, you can visit her support site here.

And of course because wota are very dedicated there’s already a concert rip of her performance of Sayonara Namida. You’s voice has matured and developed into something truly amazing. She has this full richness to her voice. It is incredible and absolutely flawless. The song sounds like some of the slow songs Goto Maki used to release. I am extremely happy about the overall quality of the song. Kikka’s popularity already mixed with her incredible vocals, means she could become the most popular H!P solo artist in a while. I just really hope she mixes up the genre of her music. It seems like once a H!P solo artist starts making soft, sad, ballads they become less popular. I would hate that to happen to Kikka. I would also hate for ManEri to get all the happy, upbeat, and fun songs and give all the slow songs to You because she’d actually be able to sing them. It really seems like being passed up for the 8th generation of Morning Musume was the best thing that every happened to Kikka.

Anyway here’s the concert rip of Sayonara Namida. I’m actual surprised by how good the quality is. So listen to this and be prepared to be blown away.