KAT-TUN-Run For You 2nd PV preview

There is yet another 15 second commerical for KAT-TUN’s upcoming single, Run For You. I actually think this commercial came out the same day as the dwango one, but I think I just completely missed it. XD

Since this PV preview is only 15 seconds long we hardly get to see anything. But unlike the other PV preview that was nothing but dancing, this PV preview shows the close-ups. And everyone can take a sigh of relief that this PV will not become another Ultimate Wheels. The close-ups are a little confusing. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on in them. We see Ueda in a solid white room with tons of electrical equipment, and speakers. And also there’s a hospital looking bed in the background. In Maru’s close-up there’s only a hospital looking bed. And in the very beginning of the PV there’s this door that’s bolted shut.
Which leaves only one conclusion, that KAT-TUN is either in a hospital or a mental institution. Which on the surface is a pretty cool idea. However, that storyline lost all it’s appeal when I remembered one thing: wouldn’t that theme be too much like N*SYNC’s I Dive Myself Crazy music video? And you know what, it competely would! I feel slightly embarrassed just thinking the 2 could have similar videos. XD

KAT-TUN-Run For You PV preview

A commerical for KAT-TUN’s Run For You single was just released. Giving us fans a sneak peek at the PV.

The PV preview is extremely short, it’s roughly 10 seconds long. Pretty much all we get to see is them dancing to the chorus. They are dancing in all black in a plain white room. Can you say Real Face or Ultimate Wheels anyone? Since the PV preview is so short it’s impossible to get a feel of what the PV is going to be like. For all we know this is just the dance scene and there’s some other eleborate scenes going on in the rest of the PV. Most likely them dramatically running, like in their recent Suzuki Solio commercial.
However, since all we see is dancing there’s also the chance that this is all the PV is going to be. If you remember the entire Ultimate Wheels PV was filmed in a white room. The set of Run For You seems to have more elements than the horrible nothing but white room in Ultimate Wheels. But you still never know.

Here’s the PV preview

Also, here’s the solio CM if you haven’t seen it yet.

KAT-TUN-Run For You preview

The radio rip for KAT-TUN’s upcoming single, Run For You, has just been released. Apparently we first heard this song back in May in a Suzuki commercial. But I do not remember that at all. XD

I was completely not expecting this type of song at all. The song has an extremely heavy electronic/techno beat. It’s like Going and The D-Motion times a thousand. I actually really love the overall sound of the song. I love elctronic/club music. And I love auto tuning. However, I don’t think KAT-TUN should ever use auto tune. There’s just something about the tones of their voices that they sound absolutely horrible when auto tuned. Kame and Koki sound the worst. Kame’s voice gets screechy and Koki ends up sounding like a frog. But no one sounds more like a frog than Inoo Kei. XD And actually Taguchi sounds pretty horrible too. His nasally voice becomes more prominent. But whoever did the auto tuning this time fixed Koki’s lines. And your really only hear his frog voice once at 2:42. Bur luckly less then half of the song is auto tuned. Anymore and I think the song might have been completely ruined for me.
But there are some good elements to the song. First off, the bridge is amazing. I think it might might actually be catchier than the chorus, which doesn’t really happen to often with songs. The chorus is pretty catchy too. Even though it sounds more like Lan Lan Lan For You, then Run. Which is pretty hilarious. Also randomly throughout the song some random person with a deep voice says Run Run Run. Which is pretty weird, and throws the song off a bit. I laughed pretty loud the first time I heard that.
Another thing I love about this song is how it’s not just completely Kame. It sounds like Kame only has 1 solo line. But it may actually be more, because it’s hard to tell 100% who is singing when their auto tuned. Ueda’s and Kame’s voice end up sounding very similar. But for most of the song it seems to be Maru and Koki. The only time you really hear Kame is during harmony lines, or group lines where he takes the higher melody. Which I’m not really complaining about. Any song that features Koki a lot is good in my book.

KAT-TUN announces new single

KAT-TUN announced that they will be releasing their 16th single. The single is titled Run For You and will be released on August 3rd.

I’m trying to be excited for this single, and I am in a sense. I was just pretty dissapointed with their last single. White was a good song and all, but nothing will ever convince me that White worked better as an A-side than Perfect would have. I just think management made a terrible mistake with that.
I’m also hoping that this single will be more intense than White was. I mean Change UR World and Ultimate Wheels had pretty heavy and intense music. They completely had that original KAT-TUN feel that we hadn’t seen in a while. And honestly that’s what I would love KAT-TUN to sound like from now on. To me that type of music marked the new Jinless KAT-TUN. However, with Kisumai debuting they’ll probably take over that sound since they already have been making songs like that.

If you want to buy this single you can do so from CDJapan by clicking the links below.

KAT-TUN – Run For You [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]

KAT-TUN – Run For You [Regular Edition (First Press)]

KAT-TUN – Run For You [Regular Edition]

KAT-TUN is just monochrome

The PV for KAT-TUN’s for new single White was released recently. And surprisingly not for that long. I expected it would be out for at least a week and a half already, but it hasn’t even been a week.

I can’t say that I was expecting much from this PV. After seeing the preview I knew exactly what the PV was going to look like. And it actually turned out exactly how I expected it to. Which makes me pretty disappointed. I was still holding out for this PV to have more going on then just walking around a college. However, that’s exactly what it consists of. The PV is just basically KAT-TUN walking around the halls of a school, with their close-ups even being in the hallway. They also wander around a library, but that part is extremely brief. I was also hoping for them to do a few scenes on the roof, because that is the only remotely interesting scene in the entire PV. But the are only on the roof at the very end of the PV. Which is completely stupid. And of course this PV reminds me a lot of C-ute’s Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~ PV. Mostly because the have nearly identical themes. They even share a scene. I was really expecting a lot more similarites between the two PVs, but thankfully there weren’t.

I wonder where this was filmed for there to be a random white guy playing soccer.

Kame’s a cutie.

Even more people who aren’t Japanese.

Lolz at Maru’s and Koki’s hideous dorky smiles. And I hate how horrible the quality of this PV is. x_x

I don’t understand why they are in such awe just because Kame walked by.

Just like in C-ute’s PV.

See, exactly the same.

Now Maru has to look over just because he sees Taguchi. I don’t get it.

You can’t imagine how I annoyed I am by the fact that they don’t let you read the whole quote.

I’m not sure what the whole intense turning around scenes are about.

Time to have cheerleaders randomly thrown in for absolutely no reason at all.

Koki looks pretty hot here.

How come every member of KAT-TUN looks hideous when they smile?

Every member.

No exception.


Finally the roof scene.


KAT-TUN-White PV preview

With less than 2 weeks until the release of KAT-TUN’s new single, White, JE continues to string us along only now releasing the PV preview. Less than 2 weeks until the release date and we haven’t even heard the full rip of the song. Us fans might hate waiting this long, but apparently this marketing works as KAT-TUN continues to sell great. Not as good as with Jin though. But they still usually outsell my beloved NEWS.

I’m excited to see that this PV has some sort of storyline. I would be so angry if we had another mess like Ultimate Wheels. But there’s really not much going on the PV. Of course the PV has the pretty much standard close-up scenes. You can’t really make a PV without them. But what’s with Ueda wearing a hat yet again? Does he miss Jin that much that he feels the need to take over Jin’s “member that wears a fedora” position? Other than that in the close-ups Koki and Kame are looking fine as usual.
The PV also shows them walking dramatically across what looks like a ship yard. Maybe it’s the awful quality or maybe I’m blind, but where they are walking, to me, totally looks exactly like the place where they shot their 2010-2011 calendar. I’ll have to wait for the full PV of course to be absolutely certain.
The PV also shows random out of place cheerleaders who serve no purpose in the PV. And they are dancing on a football field. A for a brief second I had flashbacks of horrible H!P PVs. Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~ and Seishun Collection, PVs better left forgotten.
The rest of the PV preview if full of them randomly hanging out on top of a roof, as people usually do. I don’t know any college that lets you sit on the roof, but apparently you can in Japan. And it also shows the members of KAT-TUN walking through the school. And I’m going to sit here and pretend that the entire White PV isn’t a complete and blatant rip off of C-ute’s Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~ PV. But it totally is. I am extremely disappointed by the obvious similarities of the two PVs.

KAT-TUN-White preview

A short radio rip for KAT-TUN’s upcoming single White has been released.

When I heard the short commercial previews of White and Perfect I was afraid that White would never be able to compare to Perfect. And than when I saw KAT-TUN’s performance of Perfect on Music Station, and how amazing the song was, I was completely worried about White. And after finally hearing more than 30 seconds of the song I can officially say all of my fears and worrys were 100% justifiable. White is a completely lack luster, mediocre, excuse for an A-side that is in every way, shape, and form far inferior to Perfect. Perfect is simple and laid back and yet at the same time has completely upbeat and dancable music. Not to mention Koki’s incredible rap section. I’ve never heard Koki rap that fast before. It was incredibly sexy. XD

At the end of White’s intro there are these soft chimes that would be much better suited for a Hey! Say! JUMP song. And that pretty much sets the tone for the entire song. The song reminds me a lot of Ultimate Wheels where the song is sung pretty much on the same level the entire song, even the chorus. The chorus in White tries to act like it’s actually picking up, but it’s not really. If you listen the chorus is sung exactly the same as the verse except in the chorus they are singing signifigantly louder. They try to trick you into thinking the song is picking up however it never does. And I don’t really want to settle for something like that. Yes, Perfect does basically do the same thing with their verse and chorus. However, there is a bridge thrown in there to make the song a little more interesting.
The only redeeming qualities about this song are the high notes at the end of the chorus and that it sounds like just after where the song cuts off it sounds like there’s a Koki rap solo. Which is always a nice addition to KAT-TUN songs.

Don’t let my harsh opinions keep you from loving the song. You can purchase this single from CDJapan by clicking the links below.

KAT-TUN – White [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]

KAT-TUN – White [Regular Edition (First Press) ]

KAT-TUN – White [Regular Edition]

KAT-TUN to release new single this May

Johnny’s group KAT-TUN announced they will be releasing a new single on May 18th. The single’s A-side will be entitled White and it’s B-side will be entitled Perfect. Both songs are currently being used as songs for commercials.

It’s been nearly a month since these songs were mysterious reveiled in commercials. Despite these songs being pretty much old news, I wanted to wait to make my post about them until something official was done with them. And here we go, here’s something official. XD
The previews for both songs a obnoxiously short, that there’s no reason to even make lengthy comments about them until longer previews are released. For now I’m just treating these snipets of songs as a short taste. Even though I’ve actually heard Perfect before. Mostly because Kame looks pretty perfect in the CM. Oh, bad pun alert. XD The only thing I will say about the songs is that I really wish they switched the A-side. After hearing just 15 seconds of each song, you can tell already that Perfect is a much more exciting and better sounding song. But what do I know? Obviously JE saw something better about White to make it the A-side. I’m just not sure what that could be.

Here’s the commercial featuring White:

And the commercial featuring Perfect:

Tanaka Koki has a new hairstyle

KAT-TUN made an appearance on yesterday’s Heyx3 episode. But what made the episode really interesting was that my beloved Tanaka Koki was sporting a new hairstyle. (Yes, this is a rather shallow and pointless post. But I love Koki so I don’t really need an excuse to make a post about him.)

When I first saw Koki’s hair I thought it was a little dorky looking. But after I looked about it for about 30 seconds or so, I actually do like it. The hair itself is a tiny bit weird, but there’s something so appealing to me about Tanaka Koki, that I don’t really care what his hair looks like. I bet if he had his hideous shaved head from Real Face, I’d probably be into it anyway. I am always afraid that my favorite idol is going to change their hair and get something completely hideous. Especially Koki because to me Koki only looks super incredible with black hair. Every other hair style is only mediocre to me. But since he has a new hairstyle and I do like it. (It’s just going to take a while for it to grow on me. I didn’t even like his Change UR World hair when I first saw it. And I now think that was the best hairstyle he ever had. XD) This calls for a “Koki has a new hairstyle picspam!”

Even though I don’t speak Japanese I though this episode of Heyx3 was really enjoyable. Of course mostly because it focused almost the whole time on Koki. And Koki is always really entertaining. I can’t wait until someone subs this episode. It looks like he’s visiting some sort of weird ghost shrine or something odd like that. Koki seems to really be into that type of stuff. I remember on a show a couple of months ago he went and got a license for hunting some mythical creature. I can’t remember what it was exactly. I think it was a Kappa license. But I’m 100% on that. I’m pretty sure it was a goblin of some sort. And water goblin seems really familiar. As I said I watched that show a couple of months back. I guess that makes me a bad Koki fangirl. I should probably remember every single detail of his life from memory. But that’s way too difficult. I have way too much idol stuff to remember to know absolutely everything about everyone.

The Ultimate Wheels performance was pretty good too. But I’ve seen that song performed so many times live that all the performances just sort of blend and blur together. Since all the Ultimate Wheels performances sound the same to me, except that one where Kame flubbed the high note, the only thing that really stands out about this one is Kame looks gorgeous and Koki winked yet again. Which made the performance significantly better.

Here’s the video for anyone out there that wants to bask in the hottness that is Tanaka Koki. Or if you just want to watch the episode. XD But you should watch it quick, because no doubt it will be gone in a few days if not hours. :/

Ultimate Wheels PV preview

There are 2 new commercials out to promote KAT-TUN’s new single Ultimate Wheels. The commercials are both 16 seconds, and nearly identical, but it’s enough time to give us a small preview of the PV.

And I am completely disappointed by the PV. If you can actually call it a PV. The PV itself is nothing but KAT-TUN in a room with lavender colored walls and floor. And basically the only thing they do is either dance or do flips/break dance moves. And of course the random close up scenes with them just standing there. But I have to admit Kame and Koki are looking pretty fine. (Someone seriously needs to make a gif of Kame biting his lip!) Ueda almost looks hot, but he still looks too pretty to be considered hot.
For me when there’s hot Japanese boys in the video there doesn’t have to be too many other elements going on for me to like the PV. But there has to be something to the PV. But there’s absolutely nothing going on in the PV! I mean to me this looks like they are showing the dance shot version. Except JE doesn’t make dance shot versions. I’m just really sad because the song was so amazing and meaningful, that I was expecting the PV to be amazing. JE really dropped the ball on this one.

Here are the PVs. Please note that these aren’t the best quality. It looks like the person literally filmed it off their TV. But I was not waiting hours for HD quality CMs to be uploaded. These are good enough quality to see what’s going on in the PV.

CM 1:

CM 2:

KAT-TUN-Ultimate Wheels preview

The radio rip for KAT-TUN’s upcoming single, Ultimate Wheels, has just been released.

And after hearing the full song I completely take back what I said. I said I was extremely under whelmed by the song and it sounds like a B-side. Hearing the full song doesn’t makes a huge difference. Or I should say listening to it more than once makes a difference. After listening to the song on loop for a while now, I am starting to really love the chorus.
The beginning of this song has a lot of violins which reminds me of Untouched by The Veronicas. But the only difference is The Veronicas went all out on their song, but KAT-TUN didn’t. The song would be so much better if they had the violins louder and more aggressive sounding. I really wish they did. :/
I am still not absolutely in love with the song yet. But I do like it. Which means a couple months from now I’ll probably absolutely love the song. But what can I say? I mean it was Fall Out Boy that said, “But the songs you grow to like never stick at first.” So i’m writing you a chorus and here is your verse. XD And that’s 100% true. I really like the song because the singing is really agressive. It nice to see them release another heavy sounding song.

New KAT-TUN CM and Ultimate Wheels preview

KAT-TUN was recently in a commercial for Suzukis 2011 box on wheels. Oh excuse me, 2011 Solio. And during the duration of the commercial we get a nice 1:15 preview of KAT-TUN’s new single, Ultimate Wheels. Which will be released on February 2nd.
I’m a little under whelmed by the song itself. Because honestly Change UR World is an extremely hard act to follow. It’s not that the song is bad, it’s just mediocre. The music is so soft and the singing is so bland that it’s practically forgettable. I mean, the singing hardly picks up when the chorus hits. I could see this being a good B-side but it should never have become an A-side. It doesn’t even sound like there’s openings for solo lines and rapping. Though I guess I do have to take into consideration that this is only the bridge and chorus, and we’ve yet to hear the verse.

The commercial isn’t really anything to write hoe about either. It’s basically just a pretty average car commercial. Where they show the interior and general functions of the car. Pretty much the best part of the commercial is that Koki is in it.

His wink practically killed me.

NTV Best Artist 2010 performances!

NTV aired their Best Artist of 2010 special yesterday. The idol line up included: Arashi, AKB48, KAT-TUN, NEWS, Perfume, Hey! Say! JUMP, and Tackey and Tsubasa.

The lineup was pretty much expected. Lots of Johnny’s and AKB48. I really wish more female idols were the best artist’s of 2010. Don’t get me wrong, I love JE, but I’d love to see some variety in these shows.

Here are the clips of the performances from the show.

Hey! Say! JUMP + Tackey and Tsubasa:

Hey! Say! JUMP’s performance is supposed to be a medley but it’s not really. They sing Ultra Music Power and “Arigatou” ~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo~. Tackey and Tsubasa sing Venus and Ai wa Takaramono. I was actually pretty excited they performed Venus, because I love that song.


This is their performance of Iiwake Maybe. I was pretty sure they did a medley, if they did I can’t find of video of it. Sorry. :/


Arashi performed 3 songs. Their 3 songs were Believe, Happiness and Monster. Monster is my personal favorite. But 3/5 of their pants were wayyy too tight. And MatsuJun has jacked up hair. XD The fangirl screams when they walked near them were pretty loud and intense.


NEWS performed Kibou ~Yell~ and Fighting Man.


KAT-TUN performing Real Face and Going. I don’t understand why they aren’t singing Change UR World.

Idols win on the Chart Awards for the Billboard Japan Music Awards

Billboard has just announced the winners of Chart Awards for the Billboard Japan Music Awards. The actual Artist Awards won’t be announced until the Billboard Japan Music Awards are held on February 6th. And since this is an idol blog, I will only be sharing the categories where idol groups have won an award.

Billboard JAPAN Hot 100 of the Year 2010:

1. Troublemaker – Arashi
2. Monster – Arashi
3. Heavy Rotation – AKB48
4. Love Rainbow – Arashi
5. Dear Snow – Arashi
6. Hatenai Sora – Arashi
8. This is love – SMAP
9. To be free – Arashi
10. Hontou wa Kowai Ai to Romance – Kuwata Keisuke

Billboard Japan Album of the Year 2010:

1. Ai Subeki Mirai e – EXILE
2. Boku no Miteiru Fukei – Arashi
3. to LOVE – Nishino Kana
4. Ikimonobakari~Members’ BEST Selection~ – Ikimonogakari
6. Hajimari no Uta – Ikimonogakari
7. PAST FUTURE – Amuro Namie
8. Imamade no A-men, B-men desuto!? – GReeeeN
9. 5years – Kimura Kaela
10. MAGIC – B’z

Billboard JAPAN Hot 100 Singles Sales of the Year 2010:

1. Troublemaker – Arashi
2. Monster – Arashi
3. Love Rainbow – Arashi
4. Hatenai Sora – Arashi
5. Dear Snow – Arashi
6. To be free – Arashi
7. Heavy Rotation – AKB48
9. Love yourself~Kimiga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki~ – KAT-TUN
10. Beginner – AKB48

Arashi seems to dominate all the singles charts, as expected. Arashi is up there 13 times. Despite how well Begiiner, Heavy Rotation, and Ponytail to Shushu did AKB48 is only up there 3 times. Which honestly doesn’t make sense to me. AKB48’s Beginner outsold Troublemaker by almost 300k. I don’t understand what Billboard is basing the sales off of.
I also can’t believe Arashi didn’t get to number 1 on the album charts.

KAT-TUN Changed MY World

The PV for KAT-TUN’s new single, Change UR World, was just released. Oh, I’m sorry it wasn’t just released. The PV was actually released a couple of days ago, but for some reason KAT-TUN fans would not let the PV be uploaded in HQ. Hell, they didn’t even want it posted in LQ. I couldn’t even download the PV! Every video that was posted on youtube had pages of Japanese, and international, KAT-TUN fans crying over the video being posted. Saying things like the “Please delete the video, it’s being released on November 17th wait until then,” or “If you share this stuff Johnny won’t release it early in the future.”

I would just like to know, what in the world is wrong with KAT-TUN fans? Why are they so anti uploading. When Arashi’s and NEWS’s new PVs were released they were upload in HD quality the date the videos aired in Japan. So, are they horrible fans? Are they breaking some sort of unofficial Johnny’s rule? Absolutely not. And I did I hear once any fan saying to take down a video or delete a link, until the single was released? Of, course not! So, why are KAT-TUN fans doing this? Don’t they realize that the only people that are getting jipped are the foreign fans? PVs air in Japan days before the release date. And all the Japanese KAT-TUN fan can simply turn on their TVs and watch the new PV when it airs. I don’t see them covering their eyes and ears until the release date. And why’s that? Because it would be absolutely stupid to do so. That would defeat the entire purpose of a PV. They are PVs, promotional videos! What promotion are they getting if you’re not allowed to watch them until the release date?
Anyway, that’s about enough angry fangirl ranting. Time to talk about the actual PV.

I actually think the PV is pretty cool, there’s a lot going on. There are 3 different dance scenes, close-ups, breaking through the wall, and whatever is up with that random kid watching them throughout the PV. Even though I do think the PV is pretty cool, I was expecting something a little more. It’s a little reminiscent of No More Pain and Rescue. Just because the entire PV is very dark. Sometime it’s so dark, it’s annoying though.

I don’t get what random kid, or his magical box have to do with KAT-TUN.

Magic explosion?

Apparently it was Pandora’s Box because he was magically transported to where KAT-TUN is.

However, Kame is much better looking than Pinhead.


God, Kame looks good.

WTF is up with Taguchi’s hair?

I love Koki. Even if he’s making stupid face here.

Kame breaking through anything is hilarious. He’s too much of a pretty boy.

Um…liquid embryo?

They’re the kings of the world! XD

I know it’s all CG, but that’s beautiful.

I’m sorry but Taguchi looks stupid. He was probably going for old school 1950’s hair, but it’s juts bad.

Koki looks great.

KAT-TUN envy.

I always knew Maru was Bruce Wayne.


No, just no.

I know he most likely said you can test (trust?) your world, but to me it sounded like you can dust your world.


So why exactly is Koki chained up? Not that I mind. XD




The coveted title

That’s right 4 idol groups were releasing on the same day: AAA, Morning Musume, KAT-TUN, and SKE48. It was inevitable that one would triumph over the rest. But the coveted title went to, of course, KAT-TUN.

From the very first day SKE48 fans and Morning Musume fans only worried about beating each other. A lot of fans seemingly forgot that KAT-TUN was releasing on the 17th as well. And of course after it was announced that KAT-TUN was releasing on the same day, there was no way either idol group stood a chance.
The Oricon Daily Chart goes as follows:

1. KAT-TUN – Change UR World
2. SKE48 – 1! 2! 3! 4! Yoroshiku!
3. Kobukuro – Ryuusei
4. AAA – PARADISE/Endless Fighters
5. Morning Musume – Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game

Yes, SKE8 did beat Morning Musume by 3 spots. So I guess in a sense they did win. But none of that even remotely matters. They both lost to KAT-TUN, so basically it’s as if they both ranked at 24. Even if SKE48 did beat KAT-TUN, it wouldn’t really matter anyway. It would only matter to the anti H!P 48 groups fans, who would use this as a way of saying their idol agency is better. Which is petty and meaningless. I just think it’s funny that all this ruckus was made that SKE8 would beat Morning Musume, but they both lost.

KAT-TUN performs on Hey! Hey! Hey!

Since I am unable to make my review post about KAT-TUN’s new PV for Change UR World, I thought I’d make a post about their Heyx3 performance. Since, you’re probably dying to know why I can’t make my review post, I’ll tell you why. Let’s just say KAT-TUN fans are a little intense. I’ll just leave it at that. Because when I can make my review post, I have to make a mini rant about it. :]
The performance was pretty much like every other performance. They came, they sang, and they were hot. I actually thought this performance was better than the Shounen Club one. They just sound better. And everyone looks better. But I liked Koki’s outfit from Shounen Club better. :/ I think I’m making too many posts about Change UR World, but I can’t help it. I love this song!

  I love Ueda’s jacket.

  This looks just like the dance move from Arashi’s Monster.

Of course Kame looks hot.

  I love how during everyone’s solo lines I’m only looking at Koki.


  Look, Koki has a random patch of blonde hair. XD

  I love how Koki is smiling through hi whole rap part. Probably because his solo is pretty long, and it doesn’t get cut off midway because they only have 2:30 minutes.

  Kame always nails this part.

Here’s the video. You should watch it quickly. It will most likely be gone by tomorrow.

This is why I’m a Koki fangirl

KAT-TUN preformed Change UR World on today’s episode of Shounen Club. (Well it’s technically yesterday for the rest of the world. But not here. XD) And the only thing I can say about the performance is OMG Koki looks amazing. I was a little hesitant of Koki’s new hair because it makes him look like a mix between Penn Badgley and Oliver Twist. But I’m so over that. And I am officially in love with it now, and I hope he never changes it. XD Koki just keeps getting hotter and hotter. ;]

By the way, this clip/these caps are in low quality. I wanted to wait until a high quality was available to make this post, but I bet by the time one is available with my luck the PV will be out. And then this post will be pointless. So yeah I took my caps straight from the tudou video because there was no way I was going to actually download a LQ video. XD

Whenever I watch Japanese songs live I’m always surprised with the amount of English I never notice they are singing.

I love how all the fangirls screamed for Koki.

I bet this whole random hair flipping part would be sexy in HQ.

I had absolutely no idea this is what he was saying.

To the person I was talking to through comments about the song, it was Kame singing the Change UR World part at the end. So glad to finally know 100%. XD

Look at that sex hot outfit Koki is wearing.


How can anyone not love his new hair. I’m also really happy that Koki talked the most, since he’s the most entertaining member.

KAT-TUN-Change UR World PV preview

KAT-TUN has released a PV preview for their upcoming new single, Change UR World. Change UR World is being released on November 17th. Seriously, November 17th? Well, I guess Morning Musume can kiss goodbye any chance of having Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game reach number one. It’s being released on the same day as Change UR World, KAT-TUN is going to blow them out of the water.

The PV does actually look really amazing. It looks very expensive, but that’s not a big surprise. KAT-TUN hardly ever makes cheap PVs. It’s another completely green screened PV, but that doesn’t bother me too much. I mean the falling off a building scenes alone are cool enough.
And I have to absolutely laugh at Kame’s outfit. I mean leopard pants and a feather boa. He must be trying to beat Ueda to be the girliest (for some reason this isn’t a word XD) member of KAT-TUN. I think he’s winning in this PV.
And WTF is going on with my beloved Koki’s hair? It makes him look like Penn Badgley. I haven’t decided if I like it yet or not. I don’t know, at some angles I’m kinda feeling it.

KAT-TUN-Change UR World preview

KAT-TUN will be releasing their first single in their new Jinless era on November 17th. The song is entitled Change UR World and is being used as the theme for Kame’s news show Going! Sports and News. In my opinion this release seems pretty rushed. The single was announced only one month before the release. Usually JE releases are announced at least 2 months in advance. But 1 month, 2 months, I guess it’s not really that big of a deal. It’s less time we have to wait for a PV.

I find it completely hilarious and ironic that their very first official Jinless release sounds completely like the songs Jin shines in. Jin always sings in this breathy sort of sexy manner. And that’s exactly how this song sounds. I actually mistook Kame and Maru for Jin. And tell me Kame’s Change UR World screaming at the end doesn’t remind you of Jin’s backup/screams from Real Face. Literally after hearing the first 30 seconds my actual reaction was, “wow Jin sounds great in this.” Then I of course immediately realized that Jin isn’t even in KAT-TUN anymore.

But beyond the whole Jin-ness of the song, I think the song is absolutely amazing. This song blows Going and No More Pain out of the water. There isn’t even a competition this song just automatically wins. The music is pretty intense for most of the song but when the chorus ends the music is absolutely incredible. It’s like Keep The Faith mixed with Real Face but times a thousand. I’m sorry V6 and NEWS, but I think KAT-TUN has just made the best song about changing a world.
The line distribution seems pretty fair. It seems like every member gets a solo. And Koki’s is absolutely hot. But Koki’s rap is actually pretty weird sounding and it kinda throws the song off track for a bit. Which I’m sad about because Koki’s raps are usually the best part of KAT-TUN songs. And not even because I’m a biased Koki fan. Koki’s raps are usually just full of win. But in this song it sounds like Koki has the hiccups while rapping. It’s kinda funny.

Akanish Jin leaves KAT-TUN!

During KAT-TUN’s concert at the Tokyo Dome on Friday night, Johnny’s Entertainment president Johnny Kitagawa, attended the concert and spoke about Jin. Jin will perform in the US as a solo artist next year, so there is no plan for him to return to KAT-TUN for now. Kitagawa explained that right now, the focus is only on Jin becoming successful in the U.S. He said that it would be too soft on Jin to let him return to KAT-TUN as a fallback if he doesn’t succeed. Johnny said that the final decision will be made after Jin’s U.S. tour this fall, but at this point it appears to already be guaranteed. And fear not, KAT-TUN will remain a group. There’s no chance of them breaking up as Johnny also said that KAT-TUN doesn’t need to be a 6 member group. In the same way that NEWS doesn’t need to be an 8 member group.

That’s right Akanishi Jin will officially be leaving KAT-TUN. Or should I say KT-TUN now? Because Kame having the KA is just lame in my opinion. Yeah, he’s leaving and you heard it here first! Well kinda, but not really. XD But all I can say now really is: I knew it! I completely called this! I knew as soon as he had no plans with KAT-TUN after his US concerts in October, that he wouldn’t come back. Right now I’m in such a euphoric state because of the slight adrenaline rush of calling this right off the bat. I’m so weird/creepy. XD
As I said in pervious posts when this news first broke Jin’s US cocnerts didn’t set right with me. Though I did look at it from a completely skeptical side, I knew his potential for the US market was to good to pass up.

It’s obvious that Jin has an extremely large American feel to his music. But when you have a near carbon copy of Justine Timberlake’s music, why wouldn’t you? There no way all you biased Jin fans out there don’t hear that LoveJuice sounds like an amped up version of Justin Timberlake’s My Love. It’s so obvious! On an episode of Cartoon KAT-TUN he even proposed to Leah Dizon, in English, using the lyrics to My Love. So he’s obviously heard the song at least once. But that’s a whole different situation entirely.

Now that it’s official that Jin is trying to make it in the US, I am completely excited! For the past year all I’ve been hearing is Korean singers/actors trying to make it in the US. And I’m just completely sick of hearing about them. I do like Kpop, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I love Jpop about 2 thousand times more. And all this Korean guys you tried to make it here weren’t half as good looking as Jin. Bring CN BLUE over here! XD The chance to see Jin on TV in the US is just mind blowing. I nearly had a heart attack 4 years ago when I saw Dir en grey on US TV for the first time. And I literally fell off my couch when I saw Tokio Hotel on MTV. I sincerely hope that Jin doesn’t crash and burn. That American doesn’t eat him up and spit him out. Cause you know once you make it here you can make it anywhere.

And if Jin wants to be successful in the US he has to improve his English MASSIVLY. America is extremely racist when it comes to Asian voices, if they hear his less than perfect English they will immediately be turned off, no matter how good the song is. Dir en grey and Tokio Hotel became semi famous here because they already had a following in the US. But Tokio Hotel was way more commercially popular in the US then Diru. Mostly because of the fangirls. Of course I’m a total Bill fangirl. XD And the fact that Diru didn’t sing in English. And probably a little because they were German and not Japanese.

So KAT-TUN fans rejoice or cry, either way the decision is (mostly) done. So I guess this means Akme is officially dead. And it also means KAT-TUN fans will never stop crying over KAT-TUN being 6 forever, and bring Jin back. Much like NEWS fans cry over NEWS being 8. But I’m guilty of that myself. Well I’d be fine with NEWS being 7. 😀

And I’m sure Jin is beyond happy about this because he wishes he was American so bad. It’s a little sad. I don’t wish I was Japanese. I don’t even wish I lived in Japan. Of course there are times I do so it’s easier to get merch or see a concert. But I’m quite content with where I’m from.

KAT-TUN trades pain for war

KAT-TUN released a new album called No More Pain, and unexpectedly released a PV for the title track. They obviously made a new album so they’d have new songs to sing at their tour in Asia. But they most likely made a PV for it so Jin fans aren’t too upset that he’s absent from yet another KAT-TUN album. Which seems like the only reason because it’s pretty rare to release a PV to promote an album. Johnny’s artists, and Japanese artists in general, don’t seem to do it too often. Though I kind of wish Hey! Say! JUMP was doing the same thing. It’s their first album, they need all the promotion they can get.

Since I’m too lazy, I’m going to just make comments on the PV as I watch it. Instead of what I usually do. Which is give my opinion of the PV and then posting my favorite screen caps. It’s much easier on me this way, and is probably more interesting for the reader. But yes, on to the PV.

The PV itself is a little weird. The war centered PV has thousands of Nazi-esque soldiers marching behind the KAT-TUN members who appear to be Captains.

They also wear weird army helmets that collapse in on themselves. Which is very reminiscent to Star Gate if you ask me.

Come to think of in the beginning they focus on them being near(and later on top of) what is obviously a Mayan pyramid. Which is also strange, it’s not even 2012.

What’s up with the butterfly on Ueda’s cheek? It’s stuff like this that make me not want to admit I think he’s hot. ._.

I love Kame and all but the dude’s wearing too much makeup. It makes him look massively girly. And this is coming from someone who loves VK guys. From someone who thinks the hottest Kame has ever looked is in the Lips PV. But it’s just too much for me, I’m not into it.

I gotta say, I absolutely love the dark tones of the video. It’s like Rescue 2.0. Which is fitting because Going was Signal 2.0.

Glad to see Koki back to his black hair, and back to looking incredibly sexy.

And yet from this angle Kame looks hot. ._.

Ueda’s looking girlier than ever in this video.

Had to post this for lolz. I randomly paused it and Kame looks like a zombie! XD

I absolutely LOVE the dance. The first time I watched the PV I had to of rewound the dance sequence at least 6 times.

Yet a majority of the time I was focusing on Kame’s arms. XD

And of course Koki.

You also gotta love the “oh no” dance move
biased. :] I love all the air time Koki gets both in the song and pv.
By the way, this is an amazing effect.
Girl! :/
Lolz at Kame’s spirit fingers.
Koki looks so adorable!

Attack of the water droplet soldiers!

Kame’s is way too intense. It looks like he’s transforming into a werewolf.

Wow, I just noticed I took zero screencaps of Maru. Eh, C’est la vie.

KAT-TUN-Going! preview

KAT-TUN’s 12th single, Going, song preview is out. This 2nd Jinless single will be released May 12th.

The first 5 seconds of this son make me laugh a lot. I mean Koki screaming going in the beginning is just awkward and hilarious. And totally doesn’t match with the song at all. And for some reason this song has more auto tuning. I love auto tuning and all, but I can barely tell who is who with the auto tune effect. Sometimes it sounds like Koki, but then it kinda sounds like Kame at the same time. I have no idea who sings directly after Maru in the beginning. It literally sounds like they added a new member to KAT-TUN to replace Jin. I’m like 75% it’s Ueda though. The only member who’s voice is distinct during auto tuning is Taguchi’s because of his obvious nasal voice. And when Kame has extended notes it’s also obvious.
The song itself is a little on the bland side. It sounds like a B-side, or one of their many album tracks I’d just skip over. It’s completely not strong enough to be an A-side. I guess since Jin’s not there they just threw something together. I kind of miss Jin’s “I wish I was American” English thrown in there.
Unless this song has some sort of amazing lyrics, I don’t see the appeal of this song. Though since it’s KAT-TUN stupid fangirls will still make it shoot to number one. I wouldn’t be surprised if it only sold like 150,000 copies in the first week.

KAT-TUN’s new single Going on without Jin

KAT-TUN will be releasing a new single entitled Going! on May 12th. Now I usually don’t make entire posts for the announcement of new singles. But what makes this new single so significant is Jin will not be part of this single. Which isn’t really anything new since he wasn’t in the Bokura no Machi de single last time he was in LA. And on top of that supposedly Jin doesn’t have any work scheduled after October. Though I’m not sure how it’s possible for anyone outside of Johnny’s to actually know that.

So of course it’s easy for any fan to start to wonder if this means Jin will permanently leaving KAT-TUN to focus on the US. And of course that will likely never happen. Hey a fan can still dream. I guess I’m just overly eager to see Jin try to break into the US market. Even though he would fail miserably. But I don’t even care if it’s Jin so much. It could be any Japanese artist. I’m just tired of constantly hearing about Korean singers trying to make it here. I like Kpop and all, but I like Jpop about 500 times more.
And I would still like to know why Jin is staying in the US for 3 extra months. It still doesn’t make sense to be to add 3 extra months to your visa for extra concerts that aren’t set in stone. Because honestly if he doesn’t add more concerts, what is he going to do in the US for 3 extra months? It’s not really fair that the rest of KAT-TUN has to do concerts, while he gets a 3 month break just because he was asked to do concerts in the US.
I don’t know this whole situation doesn’t sit right with me. But I guess we’ll have to wait until October. Since this Jin breaking out in the US rumor is a little farfetched, I’m sure come October everyone will look back and laugh about it as much as the Kusano joining KAT-TUN rumor.

Don’t you wanna see it when KAT-TUN makes it worldwide?

KAT-TUN is going worldwide! Well kinda, but not really. KAT-TUN will start their Jinless worldwide tour in May. The tour will run from May-August with stops in Japan, Bangkok, Seoul, and Taipei. Which would technically make is an Asia wide tour rather than worldwide tour. But I guess that’s a start. As for the Jinless part, Akanishi Jin won’t be taking part in the tour instead he will be heading to the US to do 3 solo concerts in LA.

Now that’s a lot of KAT-TUN news to digest. My initial reaction was “OMG JIN IS COMING TO THE US!” Then I had a moment of fangirl glee. Only to find out that the concerts were in LA, and I had no way to get there. Which is like the 7th Japanese concert I couldn’t go to because it was in California. Thank god it’s only Akanishi Jin, and I don’t really like KAT-TUN music too much. Not being able to see Momusu at Anime Expo physically hurt. But crying about living in New Jersey isn’t what this post is about. It’s time for my over analyzed reaction to this news.

First off KAT-TUN’s world tour. I’m happy for them. Not doing back flips excited, because KAT-TUN is probably my least favorite Johnny’s group and touring Asia isn’t that big of a deal. I mean NEWS had a concert in Taiwan, and Arashi has their Around Asia tours. So it’s pretty much old news for Johnny’s artists. But I guess it’s cool if you’re a KAT-TUN fan for them to be able to have overseas concerts for the first time. But this really only effects fans from Thailand, South Korea, and Taiwan. Which I’m not.

As for Akanishi Jin’s concerts they’re pretty exciting. I mean they’re in the US after all. The first JE artist to perform in the US ever. This is pretty big. Especially for Jin fangirls in the US or one that can easily get to the US. I know I was pretty excited for Jin to be in the United States. I’m not even that big of a Jin fan. I wonder what songs he’ll sing? Probably Love Juice, Wonder, and the LANDS album. And of course since I have to over analyze things, this concert makes me think JE is realizing Jin’s potential for the US market. So be prepared for my long explanation why. XD

Lets look at Jin’s concerts in LA a little closer. Jin’s concerts have their own website, which you can find here. Now on the website basically all they have on it so far is the tour name, when the concerts are, and when tickets go on sale. But it also says in bold letters Japan Pop Star US Debut. Now you can argue that US debut simply means what is says. These are his first concerts in the US so naturally their his US debut. But what if they mean debut in the normal sense. Like Jin will be debuting in the US. Now I know what you’re thinking, “how can that possibly be,” or “that will never happen.” While I will agree that most likely he won’t be making a debut in the US, but with everything going on around the concerts make it seem like a slim possibility.

First off the amount of time Jin is staying in the US for. He’s leaving for the US in May to prepare for his 3 concerts from June 19-20. But he’s staying in the US until October. October, but why? The KAT-TUN concerts end in August. He could miss the first half for his solo concerts, and be back in time for the second half. But he’s not doing that.
The reason Jin is staying in US for so long is He will be involved in promotional activities and is considering additional U.S. concerts. Which seems a little unnecessary for 3 concerts. Sure he said he is considering adding more US concerts. But let’s be honest, Jin is an unknown singer in the US. The venue he’s pre forming at only hold 2,000 people. Which is the perfect size because only people who listen to Japanese music or know who he is will go. But let’s say he does add more shows. It will most likely only be 3 shows. Even if he does that he’s still staying for too long. Let’s say it takes him a month to prepare for each set of concerts. He each set lasts two days. That brings up his stay in the US to two months and 4 days. Figure in time for rest and that’s an even 3 months. Which is just enough time to miss the KAT-TUN concerts. But remember that’s just if he adds the extra concerts. If it’s just the 3 concerts that brings his stay until the end of June. That doesn’t make sense to me.
Jin said he would be doing promotion activities. Which seems weird to me.
Let’s look at Miyavi for example. His first solo US performance was in Las Vegas and was a very small performance since he’s not well known here. Much like with Jin’s LA concerts. Miyavi has performed at Anime Expo with S.K.I.N. and done 2 world tours. But he has not promoted any of these performances at all. Aside from posting it on his website and myspace. AKB48 performed in the US and France. Momusu performed at Anime Expo and tons of other Japanese artists have performed in the US. But none of them have taken actual time to promote this concerts. And why is that? Because they are Japanese artists who sing in Japanese. And if you don’t already like Japanese music you won’t go to these concerts. And these artists know that. The only Japanese artist to do any real promoting here was Dir en grey. And that’s only because they had some mild popularity here. But even their promotions were small. So why is Jin promoting his concert? Anyone who knows who Jin is or would actually go to his concert already know it’s happening. So who is he spending so much time on promoting to? The only person he could possibly be promoting to for that long is average Joe who doesn’t know who he is. And why would he go through all that trouble? Promoting a concert 4 months after it ended, if he doesn’t have any future plan for the US.
Another thing that comes to mind is Jin might want to continue his English studies. Which seems completely reasonable. I wouldn’t have thought twice if it said, “And while Jin is the US he plans to further his studies of the English language.” But if that’s really the reason Jin wants to stay, why the secret? They could just say it. He left to study English once, why not again? So there’s no way promotion could really mean study English. Unless promotion really means, Jin wants to party for a while in LA again. Which could definitely be the reason. But it’s not like JE could straight up say that. He could be using this as a vacations. Since JE boys hardly ever get a break.
My last reason why Jin’s concerts seem like a US career starter is, JE artists never perform in the US. Plain and simple, they never perform here. If I’m not mistaken no JE artist has ever performed on US soil. Not even Arashi, who would probably be the only JE artist to have a successful US tour. So why is Jin so special? It can’t just be because his English is good. Because if that was the case where’s Okamoto Keito’s solo concerts? No, Jin is so special because not only can he speak English pretty well, but he would sell well in the US. I mean he copies Justin Timberlake so much that he already has a US vibe. Listen to Wonder his English singing is nearly accent free. If the lyrics were better I could see a song like this becoming popular in the US.

So anyone reading this post what do you think? Questions, comments? I can’t be the only one over analyzing this. The only one who thinks his solo concerts are fishy and have an underline agenda. But either way I bet Jin is ecstatic. He probably jumps at any opportunity to be close to foreign chicks.

Cartoon KAT-UN comes to an end

It seems the rumors are true and Cartoon KAT-TUN will be coming to an end. The show which ran for 3 years will have it’s final episode on March 24th. And will be replaced with a show called Jack 10 starting April 14th.

Now I’m not really a big Cartoon KAT-TUN fan. Mostly because I’m not that big of a KAT-TUN fan at all. But I know a lot of KAT-TUN fans out there are mourning. But they have no reason to do so. At least they had a show. NEWS has been around longer and they’ve never had a show. If you watched Cartoon KAT-TUN Ueda, Kame, and Jin were boring most of the time. Every so often they’d do or so something entertaining. Koki and Taguchi made that show enjoyable. They had the most fun personalities on the show. And If I didn’t watch the few episodes of Cartoon KAT-TUN that I did, I probably wouldn’t like Koki as much as I do now.

But there have been some awesome moments on Cartoon KAT-TUN. Koki excessively fanboying over Ne-Yo, locking Kame in the freezer, Hyde having way too much fun on the show, when they wear mustaches for some reason, Koki playing the piano. And probably lots of other things. But I never got that far into Cartoon KAT-TUN. Most of the things I just described were from the first 20-30 episodes.

It is still sad to see Cartoon KAT-TUN go. No where near as sad as seeing Haromoni@ go, but still sad.

KAT-TUN only loves themselves

The PV’s full version to KAT-TUN’s new single, Love yourself – Kimi ga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki, has been released. After the short version has been floating around for a week.

I gotta say I’m really disappointed by the PV. There’s pretty much nothing going on in it. Which I’m surprised by. Usually KAT-TUN’s videos have a higher budget. I know they had to split the budget for two PVs, but they did the same thing for One Drop and Rescue. And they still had a higher budget. For pretty much the whole video KAT-TUN members are gathered around a mysterious heart shaped rock that sprouted out from the middle of the road. And it makes no sense at all. I know the song is called Love Yourself, but is it really necessary to have a giant heart? I mean One Drop was about crying, and not one tear was shed.
And for some reason each KAT-TUN member has a different colored aura when they walk passed the heart. Which also makes no sense. Perhaps its their group colors. Does KAT-TUN even have group colors? I know NEWS does, but I have no idea about KAT-TUN.
The worst parts of this entire PV are Jin’s parts. I love Jin, don’t get me wrong, but he just ruins everything completely. Ever chance he gets he does his wanna be gangster poses, which are hilarious on their own. But his “It’s love, your love” parts with his gigantic flashing arcoss the screen, are pretty much stupid. But I mostly hate them because you can see Jin close up and see how scruffy he looks. Who told Jin a ponytail and aviator sunglasses is a good look for him? Because it’s not, I really wish he would stop dressing like that. And worse then that it looks like he’s not shaving anymore. Jin with a mustache would be the ugliest thing ever.
The video isn’t all bad. Koki manages to make it watch able with his overall hotness. It’s just sad that Koki decided to get rid of his black hair for some brown mess.

Too bad Haiti didn’t get such a loving earthquake.

Kame looks ok. He’d look better if his long hair didn’t make him look so womanly. I love his jacket though.

I know Ueda is girly, but do they have to dress him in women’s clothes? My sister wears those sweater jackets.

Koki still manages to look good. Taguchi however, not so much.

Jin’s so cool, he’s the only one who doesn’t have to wear red

I love Maru’s pants. XD

Jin really needs to shave.

Am I the only who notices Jin has to do something with his tongue or mouth in every video?




a lot.

I don’t even like Taguchi and I have to admit this was kinda cute

It’s disappointing how Jin has never looked uglier

I don’t get it. I’ve never been so sad that I rubbed my face.

Kame-sama, Kami-sama. Close enough.

KAT-TUN- Love Yourself preview

KAT-TUN’s new single, and their first single of 2010, is entitled Love yourself – Kimi ga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki. It’s also going to be the theme for Kame’s new drama Yamato Nadeshiko Shinchi Henge. And today we have a preview for Love Yourself. But oddly enough we had a short preview for the b-side, D-Motion, almost a month ago. Although technically the concert rip to Love Yourself has been floating around for a while. But the quality was terrible and I couldn’t really get a feel for the song. So the preview is new for me, and probably a lot of people out there.

At first listen I absolutely love the song. I was expecting this is be a sad song since it’s translated to something like I hate you and I love you. (Don’t quote me on the translation cause my Japanese sucks.) I was also expecting to not like the song at all, because I’m not the biggest KAT-TUN fan out there. I only like a handful of songs by them. But the music to it is really great. It has a great club sounding beat. It sounds a lot like something that would be played in America. That’s probably a main reason I fine the song so appealing. It’s nice to see that auto tuning has not only invaded Korea, but Japan too. That would probably annoy most people, but I’ve always loved auto tuning. I would honestly prefer if the song had a bit more of it. The only thing that disappoints me is that Koki’s rap seems rather short. But I guess I’ll have to wait for the PV to see it’s longer. Since Koki’s rapping is usually my favorite part of KAT-TUN’s songs. The song also sounds like something Arashi would sing rather than KAT-TUN.

And to anyone out there who hasn’t heard the D-Motion preview, here’s KAT-TUN’s DecoTomo DX commercial.

Get rescued by KAT-TUN

KAT-TUN’S 10th single, Rescue, was released on March 11th. And as many of you know, it’s the opening theme for the drama Rescue. This single is probably the last KAT-TUN single we’ll see in a while. Since they’ve had 2 singles in 2 months. I doubt they could keep a release schedule like that for long.
And on a side note, sorry this review is delayed. I’ve been sick with the flu for the past week or so, and I haven’t really been up to writing anything. But now I’m back to 100% to bring you my Rescue review.

Now I wasn’t really a fan of this song when I first heard it on music station. I actually kind of disliked it. It was a little bit of a disappointment to me since I really liked One Drop. But after about the 3rd listen it really grew on me, and I’ve been listening to it nonstop all week. Overall I think the song is amazing. The harmonies in the chorus are just incredible. And the song is very catchy. The music has heavy almost anime like elements to it, but at the same time is very dancable. There’s also a decent amount of English in the song, for one the entire chorus is sung in English. But I’m actually surprised by how well it sounds. If you listen closely though, you can hear Jin’s voice overpowers everyone’s during the English parts. Which honestly makes me laugh a little.
I think easily my favorite part of the song is Koki’s rap. It just works and blends nicely into the rest of the song. Which is nice for a change, because in songs like Don’t You Ever Stop the rap seems almost out of place.
But one part of the song I didn’t like was Maru’s stupid beatbox. Does anyone else think he should just stop? It seriously reminds me of how Justin Timberlake tried to incorporate beatbox into Nsync songs. So just no.
I actually really liked Taguchi’s solo English line. His voice is usually too nasally for my taste, but for this line it just worked. And ended up sounding really awesome.
But poor Maru, it’s his drama and he still only got 2 solo lines. Tough break. Maybe next drama you’ll get more lines. But that’s unlikely, they still have to worry about sales.
As for Kame and Ueda they kind of fell into the background to me. Everyone else easily over shadowed them.

I think the PV is really cool, it has a dark and intense theme. Most of KAT-TUN’s PVs have a darker theme than other JE groups. But this one even more so, the color scheme to the video is black & white, sepia, and just overall grungy tones. There’s also smoke stacks releasing smoke and fire in the background. I’m not really sure what that’s all about. My best guess is, it’s supposed to represent Maru’s role as a fire fighter in the drama Rescue. But to me it’s just an awkward interpretation. Other than the snazzy colors there’s not really much going on in the video. They basically dance on top of a building and then run through the sewers. And lets not forget all the unnecessarily dramatic solo dance scenes.

Dark themed background

Dramatic running

Useless female dancer number one. Jin’s excuse to get her on the

Jin’s hair looks weird and crunchy.

Nice to have Kame’s good hair back.

Maru’s big spolight in the PV.

Cheer up emo kid.

And on the second day god said let there be Jin.

Ueda looks amazing.

Useless female dancer number 2. And it looks like that guy’s
checking out Taguchi.

What’s with Koki’s MatsuJun smile?

Dramatic running 2.0.

Koki goodness.

More Koki goodness. He should never change this hair. It’s
seriously the best he’s ever looked.

Lolz at Taguchi’s ballet moves.

Ueda looks awkward dancing with those girls.

This picture will never not be hot.

KAT-TUN line dance.

It’s about time there’s a Kame closeup

KAT-TUN- Rescue short version

The short version of KAT-TUN’s new single, Rescue, has been released. And all I can say about the PV so far is it’s amazing! It’s has a very dark theme to it. And the guys are in all black once again. So I definitely approve of that. And for some reason I find Jin in sunglasses really funny. I gotta hand it to Koki though, he’s looking pretty hot again.

I’m really excited for the full version now. But that will probably be out in the next few days.