Tanaka Koki has a new hairstyle

KAT-TUN made an appearance on yesterday’s Heyx3 episode. But what made the episode really interesting was that my beloved Tanaka Koki was sporting a new hairstyle. (Yes, this is a rather shallow and pointless post. But I love Koki so I don’t really need an excuse to make a post about him.)

When I first saw Koki’s hair I thought it was a little dorky looking. But after I looked about it for about 30 seconds or so, I actually do like it. The hair itself is a tiny bit weird, but there’s something so appealing to me about Tanaka Koki, that I don’t really care what his hair looks like. I bet if he had his hideous shaved head from Real Face, I’d probably be into it anyway. I am always afraid that my favorite idol is going to change their hair and get something completely hideous. Especially Koki because to me Koki only looks super incredible with black hair. Every other hair style is only mediocre to me. But since he has a new hairstyle and I do like it. (It’s just going to take a while for it to grow on me. I didn’t even like his Change UR World hair when I first saw it. And I now think that was the best hairstyle he ever had. XD) This calls for a “Koki has a new hairstyle picspam!”

Even though I don’t speak Japanese I though this episode of Heyx3 was really enjoyable. Of course mostly because it focused almost the whole time on Koki. And Koki is always really entertaining. I can’t wait until someone subs this episode. It looks like he’s visiting some sort of weird ghost shrine or something odd like that. Koki seems to really be into that type of stuff. I remember on a show a couple of months ago he went and got a license for hunting some mythical creature. I can’t remember what it was exactly. I think it was a Kappa license. But I’m 100% on that. I’m pretty sure it was a goblin of some sort. And water goblin seems really familiar. As I said I watched that show a couple of months back. I guess that makes me a bad Koki fangirl. I should probably remember every single detail of his life from memory. But that’s way too difficult. I have way too much idol stuff to remember to know absolutely everything about everyone.

The Ultimate Wheels performance was pretty good too. But I’ve seen that song performed so many times live that all the performances just sort of blend and blur together. Since all the Ultimate Wheels performances sound the same to me, except that one where Kame flubbed the high note, the only thing that really stands out about this one is Kame looks gorgeous and Koki winked yet again. Which made the performance significantly better.

Here’s the video for anyone out there that wants to bask in the hottness that is Tanaka Koki. Or if you just want to watch the episode. XD But you should watch it quick, because no doubt it will be gone in a few days if not hours. :/

Ultimate Wheels PV preview

There are 2 new commercials out to promote KAT-TUN’s new single Ultimate Wheels. The commercials are both 16 seconds, and nearly identical, but it’s enough time to give us a small preview of the PV.

And I am completely disappointed by the PV. If you can actually call it a PV. The PV itself is nothing but KAT-TUN in a room with lavender colored walls and floor. And basically the only thing they do is either dance or do flips/break dance moves. And of course the random close up scenes with them just standing there. But I have to admit Kame and Koki are looking pretty fine. (Someone seriously needs to make a gif of Kame biting his lip!) Ueda almost looks hot, but he still looks too pretty to be considered hot.
For me when there’s hot Japanese boys in the video there doesn’t have to be too many other elements going on for me to like the PV. But there has to be something to the PV. But there’s absolutely nothing going on in the PV! I mean to me this looks like they are showing the dance shot version. Except JE doesn’t make dance shot versions. I’m just really sad because the song was so amazing and meaningful, that I was expecting the PV to be amazing. JE really dropped the ball on this one.

Here are the PVs. Please note that these aren’t the best quality. It looks like the person literally filmed it off their TV. But I was not waiting hours for HD quality CMs to be uploaded. These are good enough quality to see what’s going on in the PV.

CM 1:

CM 2:

KAT-TUN-Ultimate Wheels preview

The radio rip for KAT-TUN’s upcoming single, Ultimate Wheels, has just been released.

And after hearing the full song I completely take back what I said. I said I was extremely under whelmed by the song and it sounds like a B-side. Hearing the full song doesn’t makes a huge difference. Or I should say listening to it more than once makes a difference. After listening to the song on loop for a while now, I am starting to really love the chorus.
The beginning of this song has a lot of violins which reminds me of Untouched by The Veronicas. But the only difference is The Veronicas went all out on their song, but KAT-TUN didn’t. The song would be so much better if they had the violins louder and more aggressive sounding. I really wish they did. :/
I am still not absolutely in love with the song yet. But I do like it. Which means a couple months from now I’ll probably absolutely love the song. But what can I say? I mean it was Fall Out Boy that said, “But the songs you grow to like never stick at first.” So i’m writing you a chorus and here is your verse. XD And that’s 100% true. I really like the song because the singing is really agressive. It nice to see them release another heavy sounding song.

New KAT-TUN CM and Ultimate Wheels preview

KAT-TUN was recently in a commercial for Suzukis 2011 box on wheels. Oh excuse me, 2011 Solio. And during the duration of the commercial we get a nice 1:15 preview of KAT-TUN’s new single, Ultimate Wheels. Which will be released on February 2nd.
I’m a little under whelmed by the song itself. Because honestly Change UR World is an extremely hard act to follow. It’s not that the song is bad, it’s just mediocre. The music is so soft and the singing is so bland that it’s practically forgettable. I mean, the singing hardly picks up when the chorus hits. I could see this being a good B-side but it should never have become an A-side. It doesn’t even sound like there’s openings for solo lines and rapping. Though I guess I do have to take into consideration that this is only the bridge and chorus, and we’ve yet to hear the verse.

The commercial isn’t really anything to write hoe about either. It’s basically just a pretty average car commercial. Where they show the interior and general functions of the car. Pretty much the best part of the commercial is that Koki is in it.

His wink practically killed me.