Hey! Say! JUMP-Magic Power preview

A short radio rip of Hey! Say! JUMP’s upcoming single, Magic Power, was released a few days ago. I honestly don’t know how I missed it until now. XD

As expected the song is pretty childish. But not as childish as I expected. It’s obviously not one of my favorite Hey! Say! JUMP A-sides, but it’s not so terrible that I can’t listen to it. The music also has more of a motown feel then I thought it would have. The song is pretty cute I’ll give it that, but after how mature Over was I was looking forward to HSJ moving away from their cute image. But as the youngest Johnny’s group (NYC technically is, but they are more of a sub-group.) I guess there’s no escaping it for now.

The line distribution is pretty awful. So far only Chinen and Ryosuke have solo lines. Just like I feared would happen. This is only half the song, so I suppose there could be more member’s solos in the second half. But I wouldn’t bet on it.

Hey! Say! JUMP to release 8th single

It was recently announced that Hey! Say! JUMP will be releasing their 8th single. The single is titled Magic Power and will be released sometime in September. The song will be used as the Japanese theme for the Smurfs movie, since Ryosuke and Chinen are voice acting in it.

I’m actually really excited that Hey! Say! JUMP is releasing a new single so quickly after their last one.  However, I’m not really excited that it’s being used for the theme to the Smufs movie. It most likely means that the song will be pretty immature. Now, Hey! Say! JUMP usually releases pretty simple and slightly immature songs because they are the youngest Johnny’s group, and most likely have a lot of young fans. But having a theme for the Smurfs will probably make the song even more immature than usual. Probably extremely child like. Which I’m not 100% excited for. But I guess if I can listen to Berryz sing about a monkey dance and watch S/mileage dance around in pig ears, I can listen to HSJ sing about Magic Power. However, if it’s on the same level as Little Princess Pri, I might have to cut my ears off. XD

The song is apparently going to be motown. And the lyrics will be based on the Smurfs catchphrase “Even if we are small, if we work together we can do anything!” Which alone means the song is 100% going to be super childish. And forgive me if I’m wrong, but since when do the Smurfs have a catchphrase? Didn’t they mainly just say everything was smurf this and smurf that? I’m actually not a 100% sure on that. Growing up the Smurfs and Snorks annoyed me to no end.

This song also marks the first single with the new 9 member Hey! Say! JUMP. I wish I could say this will be the only 9 member single, they most likely have way more to come. Like all of their singles from now on. And since Ryosuke’s and Chinen’s involvement in the smurfs movie was announced a while ago they might have had to re-record this song without Ryutaro. Oh, who am I kidding? They probably only had to re-edit the song. They probably just deleted Ryutaro’s lines in the chorus, and his lines with 1-3 other members. Because there’s no way that Ryutaro would have had a solo line in this single anyway. Actually there’s probably not really a chance for any member to have a solo line, who’s name isn’t Ryosuke or Chinen. Since the song is for their movie, it probably gives them an excuse to turn this into a Ryosuke and Chinen centered single. (As if their other songs aren’t like that.) I mean this could possibly turn out to be another Hitomi no Screen, but with a little Chinen thrown in. I shudder to think that.