English version of One in a Million?

I’m sure every JE fan out there is quite familiar with Yamapi’s 3rd solo single, One in a Million. And if you’re not I did a PV review of it here. Well apparently there is an English version of the song. Of course this version isn’t owned or even made by JE, but honestly this is the closest us fans will probably ever get to an English version of this or many other JE singles.

This English version is done by a Austrian singer named Victoria S. Apparently because Japanese people don’t normally listen to European music the song is owned legally by each artist. Which I didn’t even think was possible or legal, but obviously is. This song has been out for over a month. But since I don’t listen to any German music, aside from Tokio Hotel, I’m just hearing about this song now.

There seems to be a lot of hate for this song, for no other reason except that Yamapi released the song first. But I actually really like the song. Mostly because the song is exactly the same. The only real difference is, it’s sung by a girl and is obviously in English.
But at the same time I like Yamapi’s version more. The song just flows better in Japanese. Probably because I’m used to the Japanese version more. But Yamapi’s voice is a lot smoother and better than Victoria S’s. And his autotuned voice is a lot better sounding then hers. Her’s kinda sounds like a frog. (But still a hundred times better sounding then what happens to my beloved Tanaka Koki’s voice when it’s autotuned.) Also the lyrics to her song, aren’t the greatest. But now a days this is pretty much the caliber of all the popular music out there. (Katy Perry’s California Gurlz, need I say more?)

I also really like the fact that I can actually understand this song. It’s like the best of both worlds. Obviously, this song isn’t going to stop me from listening to or loving Yamapi’s original song. But to me there’s hardly a difference. If a song is good it’s good. Wether it’s in English or Japanese. I’m certainty not going to hate the song because of Yamapi and Japanese music biases. That’s just ridiculous.
And after MOLA I really wanna him try and sing this song. XD
Here’s Victoria S’s version

And here’s Yamapi’s original song.