Everybody roller skate!

The PV for Kis-My-Ft2’s much anticipated debut single, Everybody Go, has just been released.

I actually really do like the PV. There are a lot of elements in this PV and a lot of things are going on in this PV. I doubt there’s one frame in the entire PV were something isn’t happening. Which is obviously a good thing. The PV looks like it costs a pretty penny to make and it shows. The PV is flashy, (in more than one sense of the word), it has 3 different close-ups, 3 different outfits, 3 different sets, stripper polls, ramps, and overly dramatic fog. This PV seriously has everything. Johnny’s really went all out on this debut. It shows you  just how much faith JE has in Kisumai becoming bigger than they already are. That’s what happens when you’re a popular undebuted Junior group for 6 years. Look at how big KAT-TUN, who were in the same situation, where and are. They released a debut album, single, and DVD simultaneously and they all shot to number 1.
I’m actually realy impressed with the PV. A lot more impressed with it then I was after seeing the preview. The only thing I don’t particularly like about the PV is the sheer amount of roller skating going on. Now that they are debuting I really wish they would drop their ridiculous Junior shtick. But I guess that’s never going to happen. And even I have to admit, ridiculous or not, they utilized the roller skates brilliantly in the PV. I also really love the song too. Kisumai has unexpectedly good vocals and interesting music.
However, I’m trying to watch this PV and be excited for their debut, which I am, but there’s just something that’s keeping me from enjoying it 100%. It’s probably the fact that nearly all the members look like hideous trolls. Yeah, that’s probably it. I’m trying to be objective and take this debut from a non-shallow point of view. But you know what? I can’t really seem to. Kisumai has everything going for them except for looks. Yes, I’m a horrible shallow person. But excuse me if I’d rather listen to pretty boy idols. Idols, who I might point out,  are judged on looks and personality over talent. Which is not just a female idol thing. If that was the case MatsuJun and Chinen Yuri would have never debuted. Taguchi Junnosuke and Kato Shigeaki can’t sing, instead their main points are their funny personalities. The same with Yaotome Hikaru. Well Hikaru can actually sing, but he’s not the best looking idol in JE.
And let’s be honest, looks are the real reason I’m not into Arashi or Kanjani8 as much as I am other JE groups, and why I don’t listen to older JE groups. This is why it’s just easier to stick to female idols, I don’t have to worry about being shallow. XD Maybe it’s just my insanly high standards, but I don’t see wasting my time fangirling over some one who’s not at least a 7. Japanese celebrities or American. XD

I never understood why Hiromistu wasn’t credited for his performance in the Troll movies.

Overly dramatic close-ups.

Not even 30 seconds in and they are already roller skating. XD

I think Yuta actually looks cute in this PV. What a difference a new hair color makes.

I think arrogant close-ups should be reserved for people who don’t look like they got hit in the face with a frying pan.

Ok, jumping off the ramp is actually pretty awesome.

This has to be the greatest lighting known to mankind because Hiromitsu actually looks cute here. Which is impossible because on a good day he’s a 2.

Taisuke let me know when you get your bedhead hairstyle back. Then you’ll be hot again.

Fooled by the lighting again. :/

You’ve been waiting 6 years for a debut and this is the best you come up with for your close-up.

Eww, Toshiya is the ugliest one.

Stupid dance move.

It doesn’t make sense that Yuta is the focus of this PV, but Taisuke is shoved in the center of covers of the this single.

I was super impressed with this glove scene transition.

Even with his bad hair, this is still pretty hot.

I wasn’t expecting Yuta to appear out of nowhere. It’s kind of funny actually.

I love that the top members get the upper level.

When in doubt add a stripper pole.

Or have your roller skates shoot sparks.

No matter what you do roller skating will never be cool. XD

And cue the dramatic fog.

Here’s the PV, I suggest you watch the PV before JE takes it down.

Kis-My-Ft2-Everybody Go PV preview

The PV previews for Kis-My-Ft2’s debut single, Everybody Go, have just been released. I really wanted to say finally been released, but it actually has been that long. The PV previews came pretty quickly. With nearly a month to the release date. There have been times when the PV previews are only released a week before the release date.

I’m not really liking the look of the PV so far. The PV is just too dark. The whole setting of the PV is shot in a room of glass with this sort of blue, club lighting. And the PV actually kind of hurts my eyes a bit. It’s probably because of the constant flashing lights. Despite not being too happy about the lighting the PV does look kind of expensive. Johnny’s always seems to have fairly high budgeted debut PVs. The PV has 3 different sets, and 2 different outfits. And luckily only 2/3 sets have super obnoxious and unnecessary flashing lights.
Probbaly the best part of the PV is their close-ups. Mostly because they double as close-ups and what looks like dance solos. Which is actually pretty cool. At least it’s a little bit different then the same old dance shot and close-up formula. But the one thing I do hate is that they have to be roller skating in this PV. I know that’s their “thing”, but I can’t stand it. It’s just silly, and not in a good way. I get serious secondhand embarassment every time I see them rollerskating.
I still also don’t like that there’s practically no one is Kisumai that’s overly attractive. Taisuke is a little bit cute, but he ruined his hair for Ikemen desu ne. Yuya kind of looks cute in this PV. But that’s most likely because of the intense high quality lighting.  Well, that and the fact that they keep shoving him in your face every 5 second. I still think Kisumai pretty much  look like trolls. Call me shallow all you want. It’s the truth. Johnny should send them back to Nilbog already. Oh and, brownie points to anyone that actually gets that reference. XD

PV preview 1

PV preview 2

Kis-My-Ft2-Everybody Go radio rip

The radio rip for Kis-My-Ft2’s debut single, Everybody Go, has just been released.

Now, I didn’t really plan on making an entire blog post about the Everbody Go radio rip when it was released. Mostly because I already posted their Shounen Club performance of this song about a month ago. But I was listening to the radio rip and I noticed how the music sounds different. Which I wasn’t really expecting. The music sounds about 80% the same, but it seems like they added a lot for effects to the music to pump it up a bit. There’s also this weird sort of twinkling bells in the very beginning of the song. Which is so out of place it makes me laugh. XD
And I am nowhere near familiar with Kisumai’s voices but it sounds like more people are singing in the radio rip compared to the Shounen Club performance. During the Shounen Cub performance only Taisuke and Hiromitsu had solos. But in the radio rip it sounds like there are 4 or 5 different people singing in this song.

Even though the music is slightly different I still absolutely love the song. It’s the type of song that could make some one like me, who never paid attention to them before, possibly become a fan.

Kis-My-Ft2 debut single finally has a release date

After having their debut pushed back because of the earthquake, and having their debut rumored to be in July, we finally have an official announcment for their debut single. Kisumai’s debut single Everybody Go will be released on Nakajima Yuto’s birthday August 10th.

All I can say is OMG YES! Even since I heard Everybody Go on Shounen Club, I’ve been in love with the song. I’ve even been tweeting how much I want this to be their debut single.

I think I mostly love this song because I’m not a Kisumai fan. I mean, Everybody Go and FIRE BEAT are the only songs I’ve ever heard by them. I say that because every devoted Kisumai fan seems to completly hate this song. Apparently it’s too happy and cutesy compared to what they usually sing. That doesn’t really make much sense. We’re talking about an idol group that dances on roller skates during their performances. I think this is tame compared to the absolute cheese they could be releasing. XD
But as a Kisumai newbie I absolutely adore this song. I think it’s super catchy. I’ve been listening to it pretty much nonestop.
I just hope the PV has been filmed already and I don’t have to have the PV ruined by Taisuke’s horrendous Ikemen desu ne hair. XD

You can of course buy this single from CDJapan by clicking the links below.

Kis-My-Ft2 – Everybody Go [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type A / Jacket A]

Kis-My-Ft2 – Everybody Go [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type B / Jacket B]

Kis-My-Ft2 – Everybody Go [Regular Edition / Jacket C]

Kisumai to debut in May!

It was revealed at today’s Kis-My-Kt2 concert that the Johnny’s Junior group will be making their long overdue debut this May. Instead of being signed to Johnny’s related labels such as Johnny’s Entertainment or J Storm, Kisumai will be taking a page out of Tackey and Tsubasa’s book and signing with Avex. Also, I’m not sure what kind of release this will be. I read somewhere that said as of right now it’s unsure whether this is going to be and album or a single. And then I read another place that said this is totally going to be a single. But you can be sure the moment their album or single is announced I’ll write about it here.

I can’t say that this news is shocking. When I read this news I didn’t even bat an eye. Mostly because them debuting soon became so obvious I’ve been expecting it everyday. I even said in two posts how they should just debut already and it’s going to be any day now. But dedicated Kisumai fans have been saying that for YEARS. Literally years. I remember when I first became a Johnny’s fan in 2008 there were a bunch of annoying fans crying over Kis-My-Ft2. I’d imagine the same thing happened with KAT-TUN fans, since both groups were in nearly identical pre-debut situations.

I never really got the appeal of Kisumai before. Well, I don’t really get it now. But after actually listening to FIRE BEAT and hearing how incredible the song was, I understand the fuss that was made over them. Do I get why they have to wear ridiculous roller skates when they perform? No, and I never will. That’s actually probably a main part of why I didn’t care about them. Half because I don’t care about Juniors until they debut. And half because whenever I saw Kis-My-Ft2 perform on Shounen Club in roller skates I’d laugh and then skip their performances. I wonder if there’s any chance of them dropping that now that they’re officially debuting? Probably not because by now that’s their schtick. Which is completely lame.

I’m not a fan of Kisumai as you can tell. But I am 100% excited for them to debut. This will mark the first Johnny’s debut since becoming a fan. Well, first if you don’t count NYC. Which I don’t. They’re only a sub-group, and weren’t even supposed to last past the Nakayama Yuma w/ BI SHADOW / NYC Boys single. And this is really a momentous event for me fandom wise. JE isn’t like female idol agencies, where they make one-shot groups and sub-groups all the time. No, it takes Johnny’s years to form new groups. And to actually be a fan when it’s all happening is incredibly exciting. And maybe that’s makes me a loser, but I get really into my idol music fandom. I mean, I can’t wait until 6 years from now when S/mileage is insanely popular and taking over Japan, that I can proudly say, “You see them, in a small way I helped  with their debut.” Just like with Kisumai I can say, “Yeah, I’ll never forget they day they formed. All of their fans finally shut up for 5 minutes.” Whether I look back fondly on the memory or curse the day it happened is really up to the group themselves. Let’s hope their music actually ends up being good. Or at least end up like KAT-TUN. Where I only listen to their singles because their album songs just aren’t as good. Let’s hope they end up having some real personality and have entertaining shows. I can’t wait to see who is the Kei-chan, Shige, MatsuJun, Koki, Taguchi, or Hikaru of the group. Since I don’t really think Kisumai are all that much to look at, let’s hope they make up for it with personality. Well, Fujigaya Taisuke is a little cute. Cute in that I have an interesting face sort of way.
Well, I’m off now to learn Kisumai’s member’s names and a little bit about each member.

Kisumai to sing opening for Misaki No.1

It was announced that Johnny’s Junior group Kis-My-Ft2 will be singing the opening theme to the drama Misaki No.1. The drama, that star’s Kis-My-Ft2 members Fujigaya Taisuke and Kitayama Hiromitsu, will be using a modified version of their song FIRE BEAT called No.1 ~FIRE BEAT.

Now I can honestly say that I don’t follow Kisumai and know little to nothing about them. But the one thing I do know, is that it seems like Kisumai is just months away from finally officially debuting. A couple months ago I made a post that said with everything that Kisumai has been up to they have to debut soon. (Which if you care you can read it here.) Now add the way that they were treated as a legit Johnny’s group a little over a week ago at the Johnny’s New Year Countdown, and now this. It really seems like any day now they will make their debut.

But not only have they been pimping Kis-My-Ft2 a lot, they’ve been pimping this song in particular a lot. Well, not a lot but enough. We all know that this song was used for the dwango CM they starred in a few months back, as well as being avaliable through the dwango site. And now it’s being used as the opening for a drama. Which makes it seem like they really want people to hear this song. Possibly because it will be an upcoming single?

With all the commotion being made about Kisumai, recently and in general, I decided to finally see what all the fuss was about. So I decided to listen to their song FIRE BEAT. And all I can say is wow. The song is amazing. The music has this powerful and heavy rock beat, that’s reminiscent of something KAT-TUN used to sing/would sing. The rapping in the song is incredible. The rapping is pretty much on par with Tanaka Koki’s, which I wasn’t really expecting. The overall sound is catchy and infectious. I can see why they are so popular.
Here’s the Misaki No.1 commercial.

 And for anyone like me who hasn’t heard the song yet, here’s Kis-My-Ft2 performing FIRE Beat at Playzone 2009.

Just debut already!

It seems like nearly every one in the Johnny’s fandom wants one thing, and that’s the debut of Kis-My-Ft2. Ok, maybe not all Johnny’s fans but I’ve heard quite a few that want this. I’m not even a fan of them and I’m starting to get frustrated about the whole situation.

(By the way, I am not an expert on this, so don’t treat me as one. I don’t even pay attention to Johnny’s Juniors at all. But JE fans don’t get too offended by that. I don’t follow Hello!Project Eggs or AKB48 Research Students either. I never have, and I never will.)

It seems every time Kis-My-Ft2 do anything, 4,000 fans are getting excited. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard people say, “any day now they are going to announce their debut.” And with good reason really. Kisumai has held their own solo concerts, they were in their own stage play, starred in their own CM a few months back, and it was just announced 2 Kisumai members, Fujigaya Taisuke and Kitayama Hiromitsu , will be in the drama Misaki No. 1.
Kis-My-Ft2 is completely following the footsteps of KAT-TUN. KAT-TUN held tons of concerts and stage plays before their official debut. KAT-TUN was formed in 2001 but didn’t officially debut until 2006, that’s 5 years. Kis-My-Ft2 was formed 5 years ago in 2005, it kinda seems like it’s time for them to debut. And I honestly don’t see what Johnny is waiting for. It really seems like he’s tiptoeing around the whole situation. Obviously they had enough of a following to hold solo concerts, they have enough of a following to debut.
I really want JE to have any kind of debut, because this will be my first debut as a fan. I became a fan a year after Hey! Say! JUMP’s debut. And Nayama Yuma w/ BI SHADOW and NYC don’t really count. Well actually NYC is pretty much a legit group now, but whatever it’s not the same.
I don’t really follow Kisumai but maybe they do/will have some good songs. I just wish Johnny would anounce something already. Either that or break them up, because honestly they are being wasted. He already wasted Yamashita Shoon. It would be sad to do it again.