"Thanks" ~Where ever HSJ is in the world~

The PV for Hey! Say! JUMP’s new single, “Arigatou” ~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo~, has been out for 2 or 3 days now. But it was in super low quality, and I completely refused to watch or review it until a high quality one was available. You can’t imagine how hard it has been to not watch the PV.

But I can rejoice because a high quality version is finally available. But I’m surprised. Have HSJ fans not met KAT-TUN fans? According to them you’re not supposed to post the video anywhere until the release date. I guess HSJ fans didn’t get the memo about this unofficial rule. 😛
And I know I said before how I was really impressed by the song. But it’s actually growing on me. Mostly because of the 8 or 9 different performances of this song I watched. However, this song will never be my favorite. Right now it’s only my 3rd or 4th favorite JUMP single.

The PV is a little weird. It honestly looks like the whole theme for the PV is for it to be the sequel to Ultra Music Power. A majority of the PV is CG, which isn’t really a problem for me. The problem is that it goes from really expensive and impressive looking CG shots, to ones that look like some HSJ fan put it together on their computer. There are also these really scense where they are just sitting around that are hilarious because of how serious they look and how serious they are supposed to be taken.

  Oh dramatic entrance only showing their legs.

  Most fans hate them, but I LOVE their outfits.

  However, I HATE these ones.

  Woah, I just got a flashback of the Now and Forever PV.

  The Now and Forever PV.


  Ryosuke looks so hot.

  Words cannot describe how sexy Ryosuke looks here.

  Oh my god, look how ridiculous Chinen’s hair is!

  In my spare time I moonlight as HSJ’s background graphics maker. I mean seriously, this looks terribly cheap.

  I guess it is kinda cool to have all the foreign thank yous hover around.

  Oh my beloved Yuto, how I wish you’d cut those long ulgy strands of hair.

  Have I mentioned lately how sexy Yabu looks with dark hair?

  I am not feeling Keito’s hair.

  Ryosuke is just so hot!

  Now this is some impressive CGI.

  Strike a pose! This just looks way too girly.

  Aww Yuto.

  Why so serious?

  Keito looks a little shocked and Inoo looks bored.

  Yabu is love.

  This reminds me of their Tengoku concert pamphlet.
Here’s the PV. It’s not in high quality, but I thought most readers would care more about the facts that it’s subbed and less about the quality.

Hey! Say! JUMP-"Arigatou" ~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo~ PV preview

A couple of days ago Mezamashi TV aired a PV preview for Hey! Say! JUMP’s new single, “Arigatou” ~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo~. But the preview has been virtually MIA, you could not find it anywhere. So much so, that I was planning on making this PV preview post without actually seeing the preview itself. But luckily the PV preview is now available, and someone was nice enough to upload it to youtube.

The PV itself seems a little bit boring. It’s completely white and so far it doesn’t really seem like much is going on. In the dance scenes they are wearing these hideous white outfits, that could only be described as futuristic. They’re like space commander shirts, and almost soccer looking pants. I don’t think that’s even a good description.
What I am excited about is, the main outfits they are wearing are my favorite cover outfits. They are like Marine jackets mixed with marching band jackets. And are totally hot.
Other than that there’s nothing else really going on. I mean there’s some close-ups of course, then they walk down a corridor as if it’s a runway, and are randomly stationary in the air.
The preview also shows some short behind the scenes time. Where they focus on the cuteness that is Yuto, jump on trampolines, and Yabu dances like a dork behind Ryosuke.

"Arigato" ~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo~ live on YY Jumping

On today’s episode of YY Jumping their was a performance of Hey! Say! JUMP’s new single, “Arigatou” ~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo~. What makes this performance special is, not only are they performing it for the first time, but it’s Hey! Say! BEST and not just Hikaru and Yabu.

I’m dissapointed by how simple the dance is.

But let’s not forget what’s really important. Yabu still hasn’t dyed his hair, and still has his sexy dark brown hair. 😀

I love the background, with images from around the world. Statue of Liberty FTW! XD

WTF. All the foreign thank yous are written in red and katakana, except the English one. I know it’s only written in English because Japanese people are the most familiar with it, but still. They could have wrote it in katakana too.

I guess this is supposed to be grazie? It doesn’t sound like it. XD

I knew there had to be some sort of bowing move.

I wonder if Hikaru is the one saying this in the single version. I sounds like it could be.

Oh man look, it’s Casey Anderson right next to Hikaru.

It’s the first performance ad I’m still really not feeling the song. It’s still just mediocre for me. But that’s ok, I don’t have to absolutely love everyone of their songs. Also, I hope this single follows the pervious JE releases. About a week-a week 1/2 before the PV previews came out their new single was performed somewhere on TV. So, let’s hope this means we’ll get the PV preview soon.

Hey! Say! JUMP-"Arigato" ~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo~ preview

Hey! Say JUMP’s new single, “Arigato” ~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo~, is being released in a little over 3 weeks but we already have a full preview of the song. But let me say how utterly surprising that they are releasing another single. After they released an album and a concert DVD, I was pretty much sure that would be it for JUMP this year. So, I am super excited that we are getting something new from them.
At first listen I am surprised at hoe different this sounds compared to everything HSJ usually releases. This song has an extremely heavy electronic beat. And it honestly reminds me of a little of Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment. But JUMP’s song is a lot slower.
As of right now I’m not really feeling the song. I mean it’s not horrible, but it’s not extremely catchy either. I don’t know, nothing about the song really stands out.

Also I know HSJ said thank you in like 12 languages but and I caught every single one except obrigado and grazie. I think I also when I heard merci beaucoup it sounded like they only said merci beau and forgot the coup.

Though, I am extremely happy that it sounds like every single member has at least one solo line. But I am not sure if Keito and Ryutaro do, I can’t really tell their voices apart that well. Mostly because they never sing. I also really want to know how says we are JUMP, because it doesn’t sound like Ryosuke.