C-ute-Aitai Lonely Chritmas PV preview

A new CM for C-ute’s new single, Aitai Lonely Christmas, was released. As usual the CM is only roughly 30 seconds long, which is just long enough to get somewhat of a feel of the PV.

I have to say I am completely thrilled with what I’m seeing of the PV so far. I can’t believe it, but the PV is exactly what I envisioned of the PV, almost to a T. I wanted it to be a mix of Shiori Tokyo and Oujisama to Yuki no Yoru. And that’s exactly what the PV is like.
So far all we see in the commercial is C-ute sitting out side in the snow, in their adorable winter outfits. And then they show them inside of a house looking really, well, lonely. I am really excited to see the PV. C-ute’s been dropping the ball lately with their songs and PVs, I am pleasantly surprised how both the song and PV are amazing.

C-ute-Aitai Lonely Christmas preview

The radio preview for C-ute’s new single, Aitai Lonely Christmas was just released a few hours ago.

When I first heard the title of C-ute’s new single I was honestly expecting something along the lines of Shiroi Tokyo or Oujisama to Yuki no Yoru. I was also thinking it was going to be a slow wintry ballad. So I was a bit surprised how this song barely sounds like a Christmas song at all. And yet the song is completely what I was expecting it to be. A sound about being sad that you’re all alone on Christmas. And since I can understand the smallest fraction of this song seems to be about wanting to see someone but they don’t show up. At least I think it might be. My Japanese is pretty limited so don’t quote me on that.

Overall I’m actually surprised by how much I really like the song. The music is really good and the lyrics seem to be heartbreaking yet at the same time cute. This is also seems to be the most evenly distributed C-ute song ever. Of course Airi has the most lines, but she only has like 3 more lines. And every other girls has basically the same amount of lines. And what’s really surprising I actually really love Saki’s voice in this song. Her voice usually annoys me so much it is a little annoying at parts of this song but it’s not so over barring. And believe it or not I think Mai sounds the best in this song. Her voice just blends perfectly with the music.