YuiKaori-Heartbeat ga Tomaranai PV preview

Apparently a few days after YuiKaori previewd their new single, Heartbeat ga Tomaranai, on their web radio show they also released an actual PV preview a couple of days later. But this just completely fell under my radar. I actually completely forgot they hadn’t released the PV preview yet until today.

Since this is YuiKaori’s most toned downed single it only makes sense it’s their simplest PV. But it still turns out to be a completely adorable PV. The PV storyline follows a lovesick YuiKaori throughout the town being followed by a giant heart. They also keep checking their cell phone a lot, so I bet there’s something about phones in the lyrics. I could have sworn I heard keitai in there somewhere.

And of course the main focus of this PV, and every other YuiKaori PV, is the dance scene. The dance scenes are my absolute favorite because YuiKaori are wearing gigantic white bows. Which remind me of Tsuji Nozomi and Suzuki Airi. XD

YuiKaori-Heartbeat ga Tomarani preview

On a recent episode of YuiKaori’s web radio show, YuiKaori no Mi, YuiKaori danced to a short version of their upcoming single Heartbeat ga Tomaranai. Which is completely exciting news since this is the first time we’re hearing the new single.

This single is significantly toned down from their first 2 singles. But that doesn’t make the song any less great. The song still has a very upbeat and cute musical track. But after the heavy anime music of Our Steady Boy, and the huge dance beat of Vivivid Party, anything released after it would just seem slow by default. But I am happy to say that YuiKaori has yet to disappoint me. They really are turning out the be the greatest duo since W. (Because NO ONE will ever replace W. I think I’ve mentione dthat before. XD) The song is keeping with YuiKaori’s adorable theme. The song actually sounds pretty refreshing and unique. After listening to this short preview I have a perfect image of what the PV should be. For some reason this just makes me think of YuiKaori riding bikes in their school uniform, and maybe on top of a cliff by an ocean. (ZONE’s True Blue anyone?) But in general I want an outside PV. As for the song, there’s not really much else I can say about it. It’s incredibly adorable and I am instantly in love with it. I just find YuiKaori’s whole aura entrancing.