Who’s the best artist of 2010? You decide!

With 2010 coming to a close, Nippon Television Network Corporation, or NTV, has set up a website for people to vote for the best artist of 2010. You can do so by clicking here.The voting is set up like most Japanese online voting. They ask for your name, age range, and sex. After that they ask you for 5 artists, then 5 songs, breakout artist of the year, and finally what special planning do you want to see? For example special medley or performance of which artists. Translation from here.

I know stuff like this isn’t really important and has no actually meaning since it’s not voting for an award. Or perhaps your time would be more well spent voting for Billboard Japan Music Awards when the voting for that opens in November.

But I like voting for things like this. I’ve also been casting my vote for CDTV’s most wanted lover for years. I also vote for the MTV movie awards. XD Besides that it will be nice to see which songs and artists actual fans pick.

In case you are curious here is my entry form.

And if you can’t understand what it says I picked the following:

Artist: Hey! Say! JUMP, S/mileage, NEWS, Morning Musume, and Berryz Koubou.
Song: Hitomi no Screen (I actually wanted to put Shinku, my mistake. XD) Yume Miru 15sai, Wonderland, Namidacchi, and Maji Bomber.
Breakout artsit: Arashi. Because come on they are.
Special planning: I just put medley, since I can’t actually write in or speak Japanese.