Sayaka’s debut PV is just as I expected

The PV for Kitahara Sayaka’s debut PV has finally been released. With only 2 weeks until the release date of the single.

The PV itself is fairly simple and boring. The PV preview a few days back pretty much showed the entire PV.  Most of the PV is really nothing more than close-ups. The first close-up scene is Sayaka standing on a set in front of a cloud background. It also flashes to the other close-up featured in this PV, Sayaka in her puffy dress in front of a laser background. And not even a cool laser background. It kind of looks like the laser backgrounds you used to take your school pictures in front of.
And then the rest of the PV is Yossie coaching her in various sports. Which are actually my favorite parts of the entire PV. It’s the only time there’s actually a bit of variety in the PV. But I actually don’t get why she’s gets coached so much. Despite Inazuma Eleven being about an anime about soccer, for some reason she gets coached in not only soccer but  baseball, volleyball, tennis, karate, and tug of war. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I guess that was the cheapest way they could spice up the PV, so it was nothing but close-ups.
But this has to be the cheapest PV in the history of UFA. I mean, Sayaka is an idol and she doesn’t even really dance in the PV. She does dance a bit in the video, but the choreography is so simple and lazy you can’t even tell it is choreography. I had no idea her random movements were an actual dance until she was doing the same movements in both close-ups. Beacause to me it honestly looked like she was just doing random things with her hands that all idols do during close-ups.

I absolutely love the dress.

Sayaka looks pretty, but I can’t get over how different she looks now

compared to then.

Apparently tapping to the beat is now considered dancing.

Everybody scream imi nai kedo.

This is pretty much like what the PV is like from here on out.

For some reason this is the only dance move I don’t think is stupid. Even though it’s only punching.

Volleyball practice, Koha would be proud. XD

Wow, this lighting actually makes Sayaka look really creepy and weird.

I just noticed this, but it looks like she fixed her teeth. They look much better now.

This face would probably creep me out more if Yossie didn’t make similar faces all the time while she sang.

Kitahara Sayaka-Yappa Seishun PV preview

With 20 days until the release of Kitahara Sayaka’s debut solo single, Yappa Seishun, a PV preview has just been released.

Now, I’m nto the biggest Sayaka fan. I actually don’t care for her that much. I also haven’t really been following this single. When the song preview came out I meant to blog about it, but just never did because I honestly didn’t care so much. But I figured I post about the PV preview anyway. Mostly because the song isn’t absolutely terrible. And Sayaka has improved a lot since her Milky Way days.
The PV preiew is getting a lot of buzz among fans because former Morning Musume member Yossie is featured. She was obviously featured to help sell Sayaka’s single. But they might have picked Yossie because she was the captain of H!P’s futsal team and this PV has a soccer theme. I should probably be more excited that Yossie is featured in the PV, but I’m not really. She was never one of my favorite Momusu members. Add Koha or Kaori then I’d be excited.

Since this song is being used of Inazuma 11 anime, which is about soccer, this PV mostly focuses around soccer. Or at least what we see of the PV so far. The PV is also filmed in the back scenes perspective of things. Where you see the cameras, the lights, and the actual backdrop she’s in front of. Which I actually don’t really like so much. I think that effect has been over done. A lot of music videos from the US and Japan, (and probably the world) have used this effect to death. Idols have also used this effect before too. AKB48’s Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka, Nakazawa Yuki’s Tokyo Bijin, and to for a breif second Morning Musume’s Do It Now, have all done similar behind the scenes filming PVs. I guess they used that style because it makes a cheap PV seem more interesting, because you can obviously tell that this PV is cheap. Just look at the background during her puffy dress scene.

The best part of this entire PV is how beautiful Sayaka looks. Since I don’t follow H!P Eggs at all, I haven’t really seen Sayaka since her Milky Way days. She’s matured alot since then. It also looks like she’s lost some weight since then, making her face thinner and different looking. Sayaka actually looks very fresh and cute. Especially in the puffy dress. Which is an adorable dress by the way. It’s big and fluffy and really nice color and style. It’s sort of a throw back to Anataboshi or Boggie Train ’03.

Former H!P Egg Kitahara Sayaka to debut as a singer

Hot off the heals of completeing her Egg training it was announced that Kitahara Sayaka will be making her debut as a seiyuu as well as making her official solo CD debut. Her debut single will be titled Yappa Seishun and will be released on June 22nd. Sayaka will be voicing Sorano Aoi, a character in the anime Inazuma Eleven, which her solo single will be used as the ending theme. This means Sayaka will be picking up where Berryz Koubou left off when it comes to ending themes for the Inazuma Eleven anime. Sayaka will be releasing this single under the name Sarano Aoi. Much like Kusumi Koharu did for her Kirarin Revolution single tie-ins.

I wish I could say I’m happy to see Sayaka doing this. I am happy for her in the sense that she hasn’t really done anything since Milky Way, and good for her. But to have her debut as a solo singer while a lot of more talented Eggs have either left, been shoved into a dancing group, or are just sitting there makes me extremely sad. In my opinion Sayaka is one of the absolute worst singers in Hello!Project rigth now. Granted I haven’t actually heard her sing since Milky Way, but I doubt she’s improved that much.
I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what her song sounds like. We might get lucky and it might not turn out to be a train wreck after all.

As always you can buy this single from CDJapan by clicking the links below.

Kitahara Sayaka – Yappa Seishun [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]

Kitahara Sayaka – Yappa Seishun [Regular Edition]