A new idol group worth looking into

The entertainment agency Vision Factory has revealed that they have created a new idol group. The new group is called Fairies and is made up of 7 memebers who’s age range from 12-14 years old. Their debut single is entitled More Kiss, which currently doesn’t have a release date.

When I first saw pictures of this group a month ago I didn’t think anything of it. I was going to blog about them, but I honestly didn’t see anything special about them. I thought they were going to be like Tokyo Girl’s Style, where their young age kind of turned me off of them. But once I heard a preview of their debut single I was sold on them.
More Kiss is absolutely incredible. It has an amazing beat, and despite the member’s ages, is a lot more mature than the majority of idol music out there. I hear elements in this song that remind me of Amuro Namie, Utada Hikaru, and BoA. And the singing is at a pretty high level. Most idol singers have a specific type of cutesy voice, and are sometimes terrible singers. But these girls sound more like legit singers than idols. With much smoother and deeper voices then you would normally hear leading an idol song. And that unique element makes them a stand out to me. And a group I plan on keeping an eye on.

Passpo fly into the summer

The full PV for Passpo’s 2nd single, ViVi Natsu, was released yesterday.

When I watched the PV preview I was pretty shocked that Passpo felt the need to release a bikini PV. So, I was a litte apprehensive about the full version. But I am actually really happy with the PV. While there are 2 different setting where they are wearing bikinis, the bikinis aren’t in the main focus like I thought they might be. Instead they are pretty much just a footnote in the PV. The rest of the PV just shows doing random cute things together. Like eating and sitting in a bed together. The PV seems to mostly focus on the dance scenes. Which isn’t really a problem because the dance is cute and I absolutely adore their main outfits for this PV. And can I also point out that this is the first time that Passpo is wearing normal clothes in a PV. Well, if you don’t count the pajamas from GPP. The pajamas seem more like a costume anyway. But my absolute favorite part of the PV is when they eat the summery foods. They are just adorable scenes, and they just scream summer to me.
The only real fault about this PV is I wish they used the summer theme better. They could have went all out and done every single summer cliche known to man. That would have be cheesy, but it would have made for an incredible idol PV. Or they could have taken the summer theme and made it unique like Not Yet’s Naminori Kakigori. You can see that little added elements in the PV like the sunflower, tropical drinks, picnic tables, and the bikinis are supposed to give a clear message that this is a summer themed PV. They obviously do have some elements to let you know it’s summer, but I just wanted more. A clearer picture painted. I guess I’m just being picky.
Also, I never noticed until I watched the PV how unfair the line distribution is. Mostly because I’m not all that familiar with Passpo’s individual voices yet. However, my 3 favorite girls Kaho, Shiori, and Mio sing most of the song. So, I honestly can’t complain too much about that.

Everyone looks pretty awkward in the beginning. I suppose they where just told to ad-lib. Shiori looking up unnecessarily is just a lol moment.

Dreaming Mio. She’s so adorable. *O*

Cute. Obvious Mio bias is obvious. Sako looks cute in the background too though.

Awkward way to start the dance.

Natsumi is pretty.

Nice hair Yukimi, you shouldn’t get used to it. XD Look at Sako looking all gorgeous next to her.


This is too.

Lolz at Shiori. XD

Shiori is so cute.

Ai looks pretty here.


Anna, Ai, and Makoto looks gorgeous here. Am I the only onw who thought it would have been cute for their bikinis to be their group colors. It kinda looks like they almost are. But Makoto’s and Natsumi’s aren’t right. XD

I love Mio’s bikini.


Cute! And Naomi looks great.

Anna looks super pretty.



Makoto is just so cute.


Look at them try to seductively eat. Lol.

Reminds me of the Heavy Rotation PV.

Cute. But why is Sako just staring off into space? She kinda looks angry. XD

Shiori’s face is priceless.

Probably the 2 cutest members. Shiori being a close 3rd.


Dramatic running.

The embedding for this PV is disabled, so please click here to watch it.

Passpo-ViVi Natsu preview

Passpo recently streamed their concert live on their ustream channel, and during their encore they performed their upcoming new single ViVi Natsu. Which is going to be released sometime in August.

The song still has the familiar guitar riffs and pop rock melody that makes Passpo, Passpo. But the song is a little different that what Passpo normally does. They made the rock beat a little less intense then previous songs, and instead added some rap parts into the song. Which I think is absolutely amazing, and are my favorite parts of the song. With Akari gone from MomoClo, I didn’t think I’d hear rapping in idol music again any time soon. But I’m glad that Passpo added this to their song. It gives them a fresh vibe, and just adds to them being different then other idol groups. I also love the random English lines that are in the song. Which were actually noticable. Usually when there’s English in a Japanese song I don’t even ntoice until they perform it live on TV and I see the lyrics on the screen. XD

I’m really looking forward to a radio rip of this single. The song will probably sound completely different. Since concert footage and rips usually distort the music slightly. Or in Aisaresugiru Koto wa Nai no yo’s case not so slightly.

SUPER GIRLS show off more then their hearts in new PV

Avex idol group SUPER GIRLS, have released their PV for Max! Otome Gokoro off their 2nd single. Also since I’m pretty sure their 2nd single is a double A-side, so most likely expect another PV from this single.

I have been following SUPER GIRLS almost since their formation. But I didn’t really take notice until they announced their major debut and released their first PV for Miracle ga Tommanai. And I have to say that I like SUPER GIRLS. I like their look and overall sound. But I have to say at their best SUPER GIRLS are and always have been walking idol cliches. Fans have been complaining about and noticing their similarities to other idol groups since their first PV. And like I said in my PV review of Miracle ga Tommanai it was pretty much a carbon copy of every idol PV out there. And that seems to be what SUPER GIRLS are continuing to do. They look at whatever is popular in idol PV and copy it to get more exposure and fans. People like to say that SUPER GIRLS are mostly copying AKB48, because AKB48 whole theme is wearing school uniforms and they have bikini PVs. But honestly SUPER GIRLS takes elements from all the idol groups out there. The Ganbatte Seishun PV not only reminds me of AKB48, but their are some similarities to Buono and S/mileage PVs. Even ManoEri’s Seishun no Serenade was filmed in a school.
But with the Max! Otome Gokoro PV it seems like they just had to make a PV that featured everyone’s favorite fanservice, the bikini PV. When I first watched the PV of course I was unimpressed because to me the bikini PVs are extremely flat. And not just because I’m a girl and the fanservice is wasted on me, but because I think bikini PVs are getting really old. AKB48 has done 2 now, Berryz Koubou and Morning Musume had those bikini PVs in their Allo-Hello DVDs. And I can see as a new idol group who is competing with AKB48, they felt they had to do a bikini themed PV but really they didn’t. Look at idol group Ebisu Muscats. Despite being an idol group made up of gravure and AV idols, they have yet to release a bikini PV. And when Momoiro Clover had a summer song. They didn’t wear bikinis either. They opted to make it a more playful PV. And that’s pretty much how I prefer my idols to be. Cute, fun, silly, playful, and singing extremely upbeat and happy music. Which is why I adore SUPER GIRLS. Yes, they might be every idol cliche in the book, but I like idol cliches. They turn out to be my favorite idol groups, songs, and PVs. If I wanted anything beyond regular idol fare, I obviously wouldn’t be listening to idol music in the first place.

But none of that really has anything to with the Max! Otome Gokoro PV. Reading all of that above you’d probably think I didn’t like the PV but I actually did. Because despite of it being obvious fanservice which does nothing for me, they still managed to do it in a very cute and playful way. They weren’t rubbing lotion on each other or having a pillow fight in lingerie. It was more or less and innocent PV that they just happened to be wearing bikinis in. Well, as innocent as dancing in bikinis can be received. And being a fan as idols as long as I have I realized these PVs are done mostly for fanservice. But they are also done in good fun, to be playful and tease the viewer. Which is an aspect I can appreciate. I like the playful aspect of this PV. How they also added elements of humor. I like when my idols parade around acting all idoly. Whether it’s in bikinis, or school uniforms, or hideous concert outfits.

Of course the PV has to start off showing their school uniforms.

Let the idol deja vu begin!

It wouldn’t feel quite like an idol PV without an insanely simple dance.

And the bikinis begin just a little before the minute mark. They actually really pretty though. I completely would steal snorkle girl’s and Rika’s. XD

Adorable! Ami is the cutest and definitely one of my favorites.

Kaede is really pretty. She almost looks like Saori’s twin to me.

I can totally see why Rika is on of the most popular members. However, Rino is looking really adorable too.


This is the first time Mirei actually looks pretty.


I think I’m Ami biased.

For some reason I really love this scene. XD

Look at Ruka looking all cute.

Words can’t even begin to describe how random this is.

And now there in yukatas for some reason.

Aya looks cute here.

Awkward dance move.

Not sure how this is supposed to be scary.

I think it’s actually really cute to have them pretend to film and direct.


SUPER GIRLS to release 2nd single

Avex idol group SUPER GIRLS announced they will be releasing their 2nd single sometime June. The single is titled MAX! Otomegokoro / Happy GO Lucky! ~Happy Lucky de Go!~. Since there’s a slash that means this single will most likely be another double A-side. Was their last single a double A-side? Well, both songs got PV, so I’m just going to assume it was. XD
Also this single will be used as the ending theme song for the anime Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream.

I am actually really excited that SUPER GIRLS is going to be releasing another single. I thought their last single was amazing. A lot of people think SUPER GIRLS are too run of the mill idol groups. But I absolutely adore them and their style. Because honestly run of the mill idol music, is my favorite type of idol music. I listen to it because it’s happy and upbeat, not because it’s meaningful. Well, that’s not to say I don’t like the meaningful songs as well. XD
Anyway, I’m really looking forward to hearing what their new single sounds like. Even though it’s months away.

If you want to buy their 2nd single you can do so from CDJapan, by clicking the links below.

SUPER GIRLS – MAX! Otomegokoro/Happy GO Lucky! ~Happy Lucky de Go!~ [CD+DVD / Type A]

SUPER GIRLS – MAX! Otomegokoro/Happy GO Lucky! ~Happy Lucky de Go!~ [Type B]

SUPER GIRLS – MAX! Otomegokoro/Happy GO Lucky! ~Happy Lucky de Go!~ [Type C]

Passpo-Shoujo Hikou PV preview

Despite their major debut single, Shoujo Hikou, being pushed back from April 6th to May 4th Passpo is stll going strong. And we finally have a PV preview for their major debut. It’s the first time we get to hear the song. We have heard it once before, but it was literally only for 5 seconds.

The song sounds pretty much on par with what Passpo was releasing while they were still indie. It’s rockish sounding, while still having that fun idol cuteness. The song is just a little less rock then their previous singles. But I’m sure that’s just to make sure their sound isn’t too bold it will scare off new fans.

I think what we see of the PV is absolutely adorable. Since it’s their major debut they finally are able to have a PV with some what of a storyline. And since they have the money to do so they really played with their

stewardess theme. The PV features them half the time on an airplane and the half half in an airport. Which I think is actually really awesome. But it makes me wonder what they are going to do with their next PV? I wonder if they are going to pull a Momoiro Clover and not really wear their theme in every PV. Only time will tell on that.
The only thing I think this PV is lacking is a better dance. The dance is pretty simple and nothing really to write home about. And even though I do think the parts with the luggage was a cute idea, it actually makes that part of the dance look a little awkward. But that’s really my only complaint about the PV. I mean the video is cute and the girls look great. I don’t think Mio could get any cuter and I don’t think Kaho could get any prettier.

If you like what you see, you can buy the single from CDJapan by clicking the links below. And if you really love Passpo you can pick the single featuring your favorite member. However, I am not sure which girl goes to which type. :/

Passpo – Shoujo Hikou [Limited Edition / Type A]

Passpo – Shoujo Hikou [Limited Edition / Type B]

Passpo – Shoujo Hikou [Limited Edition / Type C]

Passpo – Shoujo Hikou [Limited Edition / Type D]

Passpo – Shoujou Hikou [Limited Edition / Type E]

Passpo – Shoujou Hikou [Limited Edition / Type F]

Passpo – Shoujo Hikou [Limited Edition / Type G]

Passpo – Shoujou Hikou [Limited Edition / Type H]

Passpo – Shoujo Hikou [Limited Edition / Type I]

Passpo – Shoujo Hikou [Limited Edition / Type J]

Passpo – Shoujo Hikou [Regular Edition]

Passport to Passpo

I’ve been trying really hard to make this blog completely about idols. But I never really have the time to learn about other idol groups, because there’s always something going on in the world of idols that I have to blog about. (Eventually I’ll know about Idoling!!! and the 48 groups beyond AKB48. Eventually. XD) But since it’s been a pretty slow news day for idols, I decided to learn about another idol group. And the idol group I picked is Passpo.

I picked Passpo for three reasons: They are relatively small with only 10 members, are fairly new having only released 4 singles and an album, and are making their major debut soon. Now, I might be an idol fan but I really only care about major idols. Indie idols are usually extremely hard to find information on. I can barely find translations for less popular idols such as Idoling!!! and Canary Club. I can imagine how hard it must be for indie groups. It also steams from me not caring about Research Students, Eggs, or Juniors before they officially debut too. It just seems pointless to learn about people who may or not do anything.

I really like Passpo’s overall theme. Being flight attendants is something completely original and unique to Passpo. Another thing I find so appealing about Passpo is that half of the members are either my age or older. And in some odd way that makes me feel a little more connected to the group. XD
After actually listening to their music I was really impressed. The songs seem to be heavier and more rock sounding than the average idol group. But of course the music does still have that sugary sweet idol feel to it. Singing wise I think the group is very talented. I actually wasn’t expecting that. However, their vocals mostly sound so strong because all of the girls are singing together. It’s like listening to AKB48 for the first time. When all the girls are singing at once it’s hard to differentiate each girl’s voice and hard to notice who’s the stand out. I’m also really looking forward to how the major debut will effect their songs. When Momoiro Clover went major their songs went from semi interesting to full blown awesome. And of course the PVs and outfits also improved.

I definitely think Passpo is worth keeping an eye on. Their major debut with Universal J is scheduled for April 6th. I don’t think the recent earthquake will have any effect on that because all the late March releases were pushed back for early April, so everything should be right on track for them. Their debut single is called Shoujo Hikou and I will most likely be making a post about it as soon as anything is released.

To get ready for their major debut here are some of my favorite Passpo songs.

Let It Go:


Pretty Lie:

Natsu Sora Dash:

Muteki Girl: (Not the full song, sorry)

The embedding was disabled so you have to click here to watch.

I don’t get the appeal

I’ve been meaning to make this post for a few months now, but obviously personal things have come up and this was pushed to the back burner. But since I’ve come across their newest single, I’ve decided to make the post now.

I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Let’s start from the beginning. A couple months ago I was reading a blog and I came across a picture of the idol group Fudanjuku. Having never heard of them, and not knowing even the basics about them I said to myself, “Hmm none of these guys are good looking. But since I don’t listen to that much male idol music, I’ll give them a try.”

Well, you could imagine my surprise when I looked them up. Apparently Fudanjuku aren’t men at all. They are the male alter ego of the female idol group Nakano Fujoshi Sisters. Now, after being thrown off guard like that, I was then wondering who is actually a fan of this group?

First off, I want to point out I have absolutely nothing against the gay, lesbian, or transgender community. But I just don’t understand the appeal of this group. I was immediately turned off when I found out they were only dressing as guys. Which means gay idol fans and fangirls would prefer Johnny’s. And I’m pretty sure lesbian fans and wota would prefer them as Nakano Fujoshi Sisters.

So who is actually their fanbase? Because they are the more popular group of the 2. They released 5 singles and an album, Nakano Fujoshi Sisters has only released one single. Which I think is actually a pretty good song. And the fanservice outfits would make them a hit with fans.

What I’m probably the most upset about is, that I am pretty much a fujoshi. So where’s my otaku group? If Fudanjuku were actual men they would probably be incredible. Because their PV for Onaji Jidai ni Umareta Waka Monotachi would be pretty hot if they weren’t chicks underneath. I mean school uniforms and being dirty/scruffed up is always hot.

I guess this group has got to be catering to the girls that go to the B:Lily-Rose cafe. But I don’t get the appeal of that either. It just feels like I’m missing something. I doubt I’ll ever really get the appeal of this.

Here’s Fudanjuku’s Onaji Jidai ni Umareta Waka Monotachi PV:

Embeding is disabled so click here to watch.

And just because here’s Nakano Fujoshi Sisters’s Honey Bee PV.

Avex Idol group SUPER GIRLS to make debut

Avex’s new idol group, SUPER GIRLS, announced at a recent concert that they will be making their CD debut on December 22nd. They will be releasing a full album entitled Chouzetsu Shoujo.

I have to admit I haven’t really been keeping up with this group. Mostly because there hasn’t really been anything to keep up with. Aside from their formation, auditions, and live performances, they haven’t really been doing much of anything. But since they are finally making their debut I am pretty interested. And the group is singed to Avex, so it will most likely be really popular. So I decided to check them out.

First things first, the girls.

For the most part the girls look really cute. Especially the girl dead center with the pigtails. My god she looks like a mix between Watanabe Mayu and Michishige Sayumi. I’m pretty sure it’s 12 year old Ami Takuya. I also really like their overall look. Though it’s pretty standard for idols.

And next the music. Since they haven’t released a single or PV, I have to go by live performances. Which by the way, are pretty hard to find. But luckily I found their performance at the 2010 Tokyo Idol Festival.

The songs are really cute. But there’s not really anything that stands out about them. They pretty much sounds like every other idol group out there. Actually their music sounds a lot like Idoling!!! But I ended up liking each song more than the last.

The solos are also a little bit rough. And no one in the group is an overly amazing singer. But they are idols after all. Bad singing is basically in their job description.

I will most likely be keeping an eye on them from now on. Let’s see if their debut album and possible PV are any good.

SUPER GIRLS at Tokyo Idol Festival part 1:

SUPER GIRLS at Tokyo Idol Festival part 2: