NEWS are Fighting Men

Words cannot describe how excited I have been for NEWS’s new PV to be released. And now that it has I feel like I can die happy. Mostly because the PV is amazing. I saw the first 10 seconds and I was in love already. Yeah that might have been a little premature, but after watching the whole PV the early reaction was justified. Just like I said a few days ago, this looks like NEWS’s most expensive PV ever. There is just so much going on in the PV. Two different group dances sequences, each members solo dance, their story line, their singing close ups, the walking part in the beginning. I mean this video is just far from boring. And it’s probably hands down my favorite, and the best, NEWS PV pretty much ever. I can’t even express into words how much I love this PV. It’s just fantastic. It’s PVs like this that makes fangirling NEWS easier.
By the way, I am a RABID NEWS fan so be prepeared for an overdose of screencaps. 😀

I hate the blur scenes. They’re such a tease.

Intense! No, seriously. After this flew by I was ready to kick things into high gear. Maybe I’m just a little too excited. XD

This PV has just gotten significantly sexier.

Sometimes Kei-chan is super adorable.

Is there ever a time Yamapi doesn’t look hot? Let me rephrase that, is there ever a time Yamapi doesn’t look hot when his hair isn’t ugly? XD

Shige always has to thrown in some weirdness.

My god Ryo looks bangin’.

Scenes like this will never not C-ute’s Forever Love PV. I know this has been done a million times before Forever Love and will be done a million times after it. But it will just always remind me of Forever Love.

Yamapi looks hot and slightly girly at the same time. Nice all seeing eye logo on the flyers  in the background. XD

Woah unflattering extreme close up.

Wow, is every member really going to watch themselves on some sort of device?

No, seriously every member. Here’s the Yamapi cap I didn’t bother taking before.

Come on this makes 4!

Stupid dance move is stupid.

Lolz they’re all singing along to themselves dancing. Of course I had to use Ryo for the cap. At least that’s a completely unique way to do the close up singing parts.

For some reason Massu actually looks hot in this PV. O_O

Massu kinda looks like Naruto when he does that. But look at Shige next to him all sexy. XD

Awesome! I totally wasn’t expecting the megaphone. And Shige looks way too happy to be using it. His eyes are like bulging  out.

I guess I should have at least one picture of Tegoshi.

I hate how cute this was.

Rip off! He has the same phone as Massu.

Or maybe he doesn’t. XD


I love how Ryo has to be the last one to leave.

How cute.

NEWS-Fighting Man PV preview

With less than 2 weeks until NEWS’s new single,Fighting Man, is released we finally have a preview for the PV. Since this preview was on some morning news shows its a very decent 1:30 preview.

I am absolutely impressed with how the PV looks. I mean this looks like it was the most expensive NEWS PV ever filmed. From some reason NEWS always gets extremely cheap PVs. And the best always go to KAT-TUN and some times Arashi. Actually everything from Weeeek on isn’t really cheap looking. But it’s not expensive looking either. This PV isn’t expensive looking but it does seem like it cost more to make.

Even though a majority of the PV is just dancing I still think it’s pretty awesome looking. The dance scenes look really energetic and fun to watch. The dance in the PV looks like it uses more punch moves than in the Music Station performance, which is weird. But whatever. It’s also really awesome that every NEWS member gets 3 different outfit. And then each member has their little close up/story like they did in Sakura Girl.
And of course Ryo looks the best in the PV.

NEWS’s Fighting Man on Music Station

NEWS preformed their news single, Fighting Man, on today’s episode of Music Station. Since I am beyond in love with the song I had to make a post about their appearance. It honestly feels like an utter tease to watch them perform it live and not have a PV yet. But I’ll live, since it will probably only be another week or two before the PV comes out.

Well I can honestly say I had absolutely no idea this song had English in it. Obviously Fighting Man was in English, but I mean beyond that. And it’s funny because my favorite chorus parts are the English lines. Even though they aren’t pronouncing the words 100% correct, collectively it actually sounds really good. And after watching the live it seems the megaphone line really was Shige after all. I have no idea why I thought it was Tegoshi. I think that’s probably the biggest compliment Shige will ever get on his singing. XD

Now on to the best parts of the performance.

Ryo looks pretty fine. I love how his hair is. I was afraid because in recent magazine scans Ryo had some pretty ugly hair. XD


Lolz random poses in the background.
And Ryo has the best oufit.

I’m not feeling Yamapi’s hair. It’s the same style that Kame had. I cannot remember when he had it though!

WTF is up with Tegoshi’s hair? He looks even more womanly than usual. Unless he’s going to go jam with Montley Crue later. XD

I’m sure this line just means don’t be a wet blanket. o_o

I’m sorry but the slow motion punch move is lame.

Massu looks so bad.




Adorable. And Ryo’s shocked do no want face is priceless.

As always, if you want to watch this performance you’d better do so fast. You know before Johnny’s streaming nazis have it taken down.

NEWS-Fighting Man radio rip

With a little over a month until the release of NEWS’s new single, Fighting Man, we finally have a radio rip of the song. Which is of course a HUGE step up from the concert rip that sounded like it was recorded in a wind tunnel. And after listening to the preview, it obviously sounds nothing like Reggae. XD

The whole overall feel I get from this song is breezy. Just breezy. I know that sounds like a completely random word to describe it, and it is. The song just sounds light and airy. The sort of carefree vibe that a majority of NEWS songs have. The song sounds like it could be used for a CM or be the a song filler in a drama. I’m sure a lot of Non-NEWS would pass this song by because it’s pretty simple. But the simplicity is what I like about the song. I like that with just the first listen I can automatically tell it’s a NEWS song.

I absolutely love how the chorus is sung. It just gives the song a very fun feel. I also love the group parts where they sing fast. I also absolutely love how much you can hear Massu’s voice throughout the song. I’m obviously a Ryo fan, but Massu’s voice just fit so well with this song. So I love how you could hear his vocals the most during the chorus. Much like in the song Weeeek you mainly hear Ryo’s voice in the chorus. I also love Tegoshi’s (it also oddly sounds like it could be Shige o_O) solo line where it sounds like he was singing through a megaphone. I love that effect. It automatically reminded me of Otsuka Ai’s Happy Days.

I really love everything about this single. I like the song 100% more than Sakura Girl. Sakura Girls is probably my least favorite NEWS A-side. So I’m glad NEWS released another overly upbeat single, instead of another more serious one.

NEWS new single Fighting Man + Concert preview

In NEWS’s forth album, Live, they included a piece of paper that said “coming soon a new single.” I don’t think fans anticipated a new single announcement this quickly! During their Tokyo Dome concert NEWS announced they will be releasing a new single on November 3rd entitled Fighting Man. Which just happens to be Nishikido Ryo’s birthday. I demand a special Ryo edition for such occasion! 😀

Now I never make entire posts about the announcement of new singles, since I find it completely pointless. I usually wait until radio rips to come out before I even mention a new single on my blog. But since NEWS announced it at a concert, they also performed it. So we have a extremely LQ concert rip. But hey at least it’s a preview!

I am extremely excited to see NEWS releasing more then one single again. Since last year they only released Koi no ABO and concert DVD. I became a NEWS fan in 2008, and I honestly think that was the best year for NEWS. They released 3 singles, an album, and a concert DVD. There was also the Kurosagi movie. I wish NEWS would have another year like that. Since NEWS is one of the least popular and underrated JE acts, and I honestly can’t figure out why.

But anyway more about Fighting Man, and less about pointless NEWS comments. The rip physically hurts my ears. So please do not ask me for any sort of actually opinion on the song itself. All I can actually hear is everyone got solos and the song sounds like it has a reggae. Though don’t quote me on the reggae because some parts sounds heavy rock, and others sound futuristic. XD I wish NEWS had wotas. Because Hello!Project concert rips are always close to perfect quality. This kinda sounds like someone recorded it in a tunnel. But I shouldn’t really complain, because whoever recorded this didn’t have to record it at all.
So here’s the rip. Don’t kill the messenger on this one.