Play well with NYC

When I first saw previews for NYC’s Yoku Asobi Yoku Manabe PV I didn’t expect to really like it at all. Since it looked like a majority of it was filmed at ShopRite some random grocery store. But after watching the PV I really do like it. I love the whole tourists running around New York City theme it has. It reminds me a lot of Puffy AmiYumi’s Kore ga Watashi no Ikirumichi PV. The whole thing ends up being super adorable. My personal favorite part of the PV is all the NYC signs the show throughout the PV. Though every time the signs are shown it kinda seems like they are saying look how many times we are personally mentioned in NYC. I think I’m probably the only one that thinks that way. XD

And of course you know I have to do an actual review of the PV.

Oh man Coney Island! Too bad they don’t actually go inside. But I don’t blame them it is freezing outside. Unless it was filmed those days a few weeks back when it was randomly 80 degrees again over here. O_O

They didn’t really have to track the trip this closely. XD

Every New York filmed PV needs a random shot of the Statue of Liberty.

It’s so weird for NYC to stand with those kids for a couple reasons. They don’t know them and those kids have no idea what’s going on. But the main reason is those kids are way younger then NYC is and you can barely tell. LOL.

I love how this doorman looks like a Buckingham Palace guard.

Or maybe they do go inside Coney Island. XD

Perhaps Chinen will grow taller now. Get it? Because in the movie Big Tom Hanks wishes to become big in a fortune telling machine, then it happens. And Chinen is always whining about being short. XD

Chinen looks so disgusting it’s hiliarious.

Ryosuke looks adorable.

Umm… what?


WTF is Zap Daisy City?

Why does Ryosuke always make stupid faces in every PV he’s in?

Oh man American Idiot.

Adorable hat and glasses combo.

I hate that just about everyone from Japan that goes to NYC always makes sure they get a hotdog. They’re not even that great.

Natural History Musuem! XD


Ryosuke is so cute.

NYC-Yoku Asobi Yoku Manabe PV preview

A CM for NYC’s new single, Yoku Asobi Yoku Manabe, was released. But it only gives up a tiny preview of the PV. And when I say tiny, I mean tiny. The commercial itself roughly 10 seconds. Which is hardly anything.

In that short amount of time I only have a few reactions. Random store setting. But I completely forgot this was filmed in New York City! While I watched this I initially thought, “Wow Japanese supermarkets look just like American ones.” Not really a bright moment on my part. XD But after watching the preview on a loop my reaction now is “OMFG it looks like they filmed this at ShopRite!” Dear god I shop at ShopRite! *cries* To anyone who thinks that it could be any random grocery store, it could be. But look up ShopRite, it looks exactly like this! They are mostly around NYC suburbs! But this is actually not important. I should stop making this a post about grocery stores. XD

Anyway, my reactions are: Random shopping setting is random. LOLZ at Chinen’s disgusting hair. Ryosuke looks super fine. Super sad that Yuma looks bad. Ryosuke looks adorable in glasses. OMG Strawberry Fields in Central Park! 
I really need to find out when JE artists are filming in NYC. So I can hop a train and stalk them bump into them. 😀

NYC-Yoku Asobi Yoku Manabe preview

The preview for Johnny Entertainment’s sub group NYC’s 2nd single, Yoku Asobi Yoku Manabe, will be released on October 20th. Much like everything with such a short time to it’s release date we have the song preview.

First off, since I never made a legit post dedicated to this, does this mean NYC is like an official group? Having a main group and a subgroup is no big deal. Tegomass, NEWS, and Kanjani8 all do fine coexisting together. But I can’t help but feel extremely sad for B.I. SHADOW. I get it though. Johnny was testing the waters with Nakayama yuma w/ B.I. SHADOW. Which is why they never got their own release instead they shared one with NYC Boys. Once he saw that B.I. SHADOW was an utter failure, he cut the ties, and continued NYC Boys without the Boys. That’s gotta hurt to all the B.I. SHADOW memebers, who will probably never get another single or their own single.

And I gotta say I never really expected them to release another single. Yes, I thought Yuki 100% would be it. In retrospect I guess that’s kind of stupid. Since NYC has the potential to be extremely popular. They probably already are because of all the pimping at HSJ concerts and events. But I honestly don’t follow them that closely.

As for the song I do like it. Mostly because it sounds a lot like Yuki 100% and NYC. And I liked those songs a lot. I even really liked Akuma no Koi though. It’s half slow, half upbeat. It’s really nice to listen to. I’m also glad that they got their own song instead of another cover single. Which means the PV for this will most likely have a higher budget then Yuki 100% did. But much like the other NYC, NYC Boys, and most HSJ songs Chinen’s voice ruins it a bit. I just find his voice to be extremely irritating. And my general dislike for Chinen doesn’t help either.