AKB48 dating sim game: creepy or the greatest thing ever?

AKB48 announced that they will be releasing their first ever video game. But this is not just any old video game. It’s not even anything like Morning Musume’s first video game Space Venus. No, instead AKB48 continues to cater to their wota, and turns the fanservice meter to 11. And that’s because AKB48 will be releasing their very own dating sim game. It will be called AKB 1/48 Idol to Ai Shitara or in English AKB 1/48 If I Were to Love an Idol… “ultimate dating fantasy game.”
I’m pretty sure this is the first time a dating sim game has ever used real people as opposed to animated ones. And because of that and AKB48’s overall popularity, this is probably going to be the biggest dating sim game in Japan ever. I think this also means Sal9000 might end up having an affair.

I gotta say this is probably one of the coolest most unique piece of merchandise an idol group has ever released. I mean, I’m not into girls, have zero interest in dating sim games, and even I want it! And why is that so then? To answer it simply, I want it for what it is. This game comes in 4 versions: normal version, time limited edition, first press limited edition, and premier special pack.

The premier special pack included the following: the game, the UMD, a 2 disc 240 minute making-of DVD, 10 pictures, set of kiss mark stickers (48), selectable jackets for the game’s case (48 variations), a special box, a special PSP-3000 unit, and a set of 48 kiss mark battery covers.

I want this game simply for collection purposes. And I’m obviously not the only one. The things you get in the premier special pack are amazing. They are so cool that I kind of hate that I don’t have $300 to spend on this. And I would proudly walk around using a PSP with Mayu’s name and lips on the battery cover.

Now, on the completely opposite spectrum of this news a lot of people seem to be reacting negatively to this. No doubt 95% of them aren’t actual AKB48 fans. There’s a lot of talk that this game is creepy, and is basically promoting stalking. Which isn’t really true at all. Idol fans in general are aggressive and overly obsessed with their idols. They’re called wota, and are perfectly harmless. They were overly into AKB48 long before this game and will be overly into AKB48 long after the game. Even if people do stalk AKB48 after the game gets released it will have nothing to do with the game. Because their are always crazy fans out there. I mean some random chick killed herself because she loved Paula Abdul. Some random guy tried to kill Ronald Regan to impress Jodie Foster!
As for the creepy aspect I don’t find it that creepy. It’s no more creepy than a regular dating sim game. And besides that AKB48 already has videos of the confessing their love to fans, so why don’t put it in a dating sim gam and make even more money?

By the way, I actually have no idea where this video, the happy birthday one, etc are even from or even for. So if anyone could clear this up that would be great. XD