Okashiimono de Ikou

Mano Erina’s 8th single, Genkimono de Ikou, was released today. So naturally the PV has been out for a while. But you can chalk this review up to things I have missed while I was away. I’m still caching up here. ._. When I heard the song title it immediately reminded me of Buono’s Gachinko de Ikou. And honestly who didn’t think of that? While the song isn’t really up to the incredible standard we’ve come to love about Buono, the song is really good by ManoEri standard. I should really stop ragging on Erina so much especially since I actually really do like a majority of her music. I’m even starting to like her indie singles. Well Lucky Aura anyway. Wow, if some one told me when Mano Piano was released I’d grow to like ManoEri I would have laughed at them. XD

Since I always find similarities in idol PVs, no exception with this one. I thought I’d point out all the things I find similar first.

Her outfit is pretty similar to things Buono have worn before.

See, the styling of Momoko’s outfit is nearly the same.

The dance scenes remind me of AKB48.

The way that a lot of people are dancing on a stage reminds me of Oogoe Diamond.

And also 10nin Matsuri’s Dancing Natus Matsuri because of the festival lanterns and the red and white background.

The red suited guy reminds me of Masuda Takahisa.

Note the black suited kid in Massuperman.

Onto the PV itself.

ManoEri looks super cute.

I don’t understand what this whole business meeting scene is about. XD

For some reason this guy reminds me of Nakamaru Yuichi. WTF! o_O

Lolz unflattering ManoEri shot.

Try ManoEri’s new Genkimono brand iced tea.

And they love him why?

I do really love Erina’s ring master outfit.


*insert something witty about whips here*

Akari! I wish I could get a better cap of her. :/

Whoa, wait. Is that Kikkawa Yuu? I don’t remember her back up dacning for ManoEri before.

Why do they keep slapping people?

Ok, now everyone fall in love with your bipolar boss.

Ok, there is officially too much written Japanese in this PV. And way to pimp the ipad. XD

She just wore a Chinese themed outfit in the Onegai Dakara PV. They must be trying too keep any Chinese fans they’ll lose with LinJun going.