I’m back!~

Everyone can finally get their confetti and applause ready because I am officially back to blogging. That’s right, you know I couldn’t stay away for that long. This is such an epic moment I feel like this event needs its own theme music. Yeah this will do.

I’m still not entirely sure if I can (or should) be committing 100% to my blog right now. But I am super addicted to blogging. And honestly right now I’d be happy about blogging 50%. It’ll give me something to do in my free time to keep me sane. Much like blogging has always done. Well mostly done. I blog mostly for the fun. And also the euphoric rush I get when someone reads/comments/likes my post. XD

You know I haven’t been away for that long yet, I have so much to blog about. The world of blogging kind of feels like it’s measured in dog years almost. But rather than each year, it feels like each week is seven years. There’s a lot of idol news that happens so under the radar, you blink and you miss it. So naturally I have a list of things to blog about. I won’t say how many thing exactly, in case I get too lazy and don’t do them all. It’s not that I won’t do them it’s just that some of them are opinion pieces, and aren’t something I have to rush to blog about. I can honestly blog about them anytime. It’s the news and PVs that are a main priority.

So yeah most likely a bit of a post spam, just to play catch up with all the PVs, and news I’ve missed. Though I might end up doing the PVs over an extended period of time, since they take a while to do. Believe it or not PV reviews usually take me 1-1 1/2 hours to do. But usually a majority of the time is screen capping pictures and uploading them to photobucket and then my blog. The review itself usually takes about 10-15 minutes. XD