Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game performances

Ever since Morning Musume’s new single was announced I’ve been waiting for Morning Musume to perform it on music shows. I even personally wrote to Music Japan. So, you can imagine how beyond excited I am that they finally performed Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game live. They were on Happy music November 26th, and they were just on Music Japan November 28th.

I actually planned on making each performance a separate post, but I haven’t been able to find either performances on youtube until now. So, duel post it is.

I thought the performance from Happy Music was really great. Everyone sounded amazing, especially A-chan. She hits her high notes perfectly, but when does she not. But for some reason the entire time I was watching this I was drawn to Risa, even though she only has 1 line. She just looks really fierce with that hair. This is like the first time I ever though Risa looked good with short hair. The only real complaint I have about the performance is that it’s only half the song.

Maybe I’m a perv, but does anyone else notice that when they bend like that you can see their under shorts. The dresses could be just a little longer. XD

Risa looks gorgeous.

Look at LinLin in the background looking all hot.

The performance from Music Japan is pretty much the same. Except Music Japan’s stage is way nicer and Reina sounds a little weird. I don’t know, all of her lines it seems like she’s out of breathe. Which is weird because she killed it on Happy Music.

Ai-chan looks so cute here.

I still hate the leg move.

I never noticed how awkward this part was. XD

"Arigato" ~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo~ live on YY Jumping

On today’s episode of YY Jumping their was a performance of Hey! Say! JUMP’s new single, “Arigatou” ~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo~. What makes this performance special is, not only are they performing it for the first time, but it’s Hey! Say! BEST and not just Hikaru and Yabu.

I’m dissapointed by how simple the dance is.

But let’s not forget what’s really important. Yabu still hasn’t dyed his hair, and still has his sexy dark brown hair. 😀

I love the background, with images from around the world. Statue of Liberty FTW! XD

WTF. All the foreign thank yous are written in red and katakana, except the English one. I know it’s only written in English because Japanese people are the most familiar with it, but still. They could have wrote it in katakana too.

I guess this is supposed to be grazie? It doesn’t sound like it. XD

I knew there had to be some sort of bowing move.

I wonder if Hikaru is the one saying this in the single version. I sounds like it could be.

Oh man look, it’s Casey Anderson right next to Hikaru.

It’s the first performance ad I’m still really not feeling the song. It’s still just mediocre for me. But that’s ok, I don’t have to absolutely love everyone of their songs. Also, I hope this single follows the pervious JE releases. About a week-a week 1/2 before the PV previews came out their new single was performed somewhere on TV. So, let’s hope this means we’ll get the PV preview soon.

NEWS’s Fighting Man on Music Station

NEWS preformed their news single, Fighting Man, on today’s episode of Music Station. Since I am beyond in love with the song I had to make a post about their appearance. It honestly feels like an utter tease to watch them perform it live and not have a PV yet. But I’ll live, since it will probably only be another week or two before the PV comes out.

Well I can honestly say I had absolutely no idea this song had English in it. Obviously Fighting Man was in English, but I mean beyond that. And it’s funny because my favorite chorus parts are the English lines. Even though they aren’t pronouncing the words 100% correct, collectively it actually sounds really good. And after watching the live it seems the megaphone line really was Shige after all. I have no idea why I thought it was Tegoshi. I think that’s probably the biggest compliment Shige will ever get on his singing. XD

Now on to the best parts of the performance.

Ryo looks pretty fine. I love how his hair is. I was afraid because in recent magazine scans Ryo had some pretty ugly hair. XD


Lolz random poses in the background.
And Ryo has the best oufit.

I’m not feeling Yamapi’s hair. It’s the same style that Kame had. I cannot remember when he had it though!

WTF is up with Tegoshi’s hair? He looks even more womanly than usual. Unless he’s going to go jam with Montley Crue later. XD

I’m sure this line just means don’t be a wet blanket. o_o

I’m sorry but the slow motion punch move is lame.

Massu looks so bad.




Adorable. And Ryo’s shocked do no want face is priceless.

As always, if you want to watch this performance you’d better do so fast. You know before Johnny’s streaming nazis have it taken down.


For the promotion of their 4th album live NEWS made 3 different commercials. Well, they’re not so much different as just being different versions of the same commercial. But different nonetheless. The three versions are dubbed the Yamapi version, the Massu version, and the Kei-chan version. Which is a kind of unfair to the other members if you ask me. But i guess it’s fair when you take into account that Tegoshi and Ryo have recently starred in their own solo commercials. As for Shige, I don’t know. I guess everyone just hates him. XD

Since I only know minimal Japanese let’s focus on what’s really important during these commercials, their overall looks.
Yamapi: I am completely ecstatic that his “what was he thinking” perm is all but a distant ugly memory. And he’s back to having sex hot hair. It’s pretty similar to my favorite Yamapi hairstyle, his Kurosagi hair, yet it’s a little different. I guess it’s a little more mature.
Massu: I don’t find Massu to be all that attractive to begin with but he’s even more so with blonde hair. I don’t understand why he went back to his Tanabata Matsuri hair as if that was a good look for him.
Tegoshi: Pretty much the same as usual.
Shige: Shige’s hair is an abomination! It looks like his Sakura Girl hair but worse. He looks completely hideous, which makes me uber sad.
Ryo: Looking the same but still adorable.
Kei: Kei looks incredible. His short cut and dark hair is probably my favorite Kei hairstyle. Whenever he has his hair like this he look incredible. I absolutely hate his constant blonde hair. With his dark brown hair he moves for a pitiful 3/10 to a solid 7/10.

Overall I think the CMs are pretty much standard new album CMs. Nothing extremely amazing going on. Except for Ryo of course. Maybe it’s because of my obvious Ryo bias but I was paying the most attention to Ryo throughout the commercials.

From when he’s the only one slyly smiling in Yamapi’s CM.

To when he’s the only one not laughing in Massu’s.

Or when he’s the first one to laugh at Kei. I’m always drawn to Ryo.

Anyway, here’s a mash up of all 3 commercials.

NEWS Live album preview

My favorite JE group ever NEWS is releasing their 4th album on September 15th. Which is 2 days from now! You might remember I made about a month ago about my dilemma about deciding between NEWS’s and Miyavi’s CDs. Well, in the end I ultimately chose NEWS. However, because of my mom’s stroke I was unable to have her buy it for me. Which I’m pretty sad over. But my mom assured me that I will get it when she is gets a little better and we actually have the money for it. XD

Details about this album have been coming out periodically over the last couple weeks. But due to my infection I couldn’t blog about it. And I am extremely upset over that. I missed the whole moment of glee when the tracklist was released, and gushing over the covers. I feel like I missed out on a lot. I mean the song previews are even out! And have been for over a week! But whatever, I’m a HUGE NEWS fangirl and I intend to blog about their album to it’s full extent. Starting with the tracklist. The track list to Live is as follows:

1: Koi no ABO0
3: Umare shi kimi e
4: Supernatural
5: Aki no Sora
6: 2hito/130000000 no Kiseki
7: Dancin’in the Secret
8: Wonderland
9: Sakura Girl
11: D.T.F
12: Naiyou no nai Tegami
13: Endless Summer
14: Share
15: Forever (Unplugged Ver.)

And here’s the preview for each song.

The first songs that sticks out to me are Share and Forever. Obviously because they were both sang at NEWS’s Winter Diamond Party concerts. But they stick out for different reasons. Share sticks out to me because Share should not even be on the album. Share was released as a b-side track on their Koi no ABO single. Yes I do like the song Share. And yes I wanted a live version of it as soon as I heard it. But releasing it on the album seems lazy to me. Like they needed one more song on the album and just threw it in there.
And Forever sticks out because as soon as I heard it on the Live Diamond DVD I wanted it to be released on an album. It was like Snow Express all over again.
Overall I am completely in love with what I hear. They’re the standard happy sort of good feeling songs like I love about NEWS so much. And of course I love NEWS’s super upbeat songs over their softer ones. So 2hito/130000000 no Kiseki, Wonderland, Dancin in the Secret, and Be Funky being my immediate favorites. And Aki no Sora, D.T.F, and Live becoming my secondary favorites. As always NEWS delivers more than I expect. I don’t know about you guys, but whenever my favorite artists announces a new album at first I am extremely happy, but after that I’m in a state of utter panic. I am always worried what if the album turns out to be utter garbage. And I do that will all my music. From Idol music to Jrock to American music. I hope I’m not alone in that. XD

I also have a random thought about the album. Is it supposed to be live, as in to live, or live, as in they’re performing live. I have no idea what I’m supposed to even call the album! XD

NEWS to release 4th album, Live

Johnny’s Entertainment groups NEWS is going to release their 4th studio album entitled Live. And that is literally all I can say about this. I can not find any information about this anywhere! All I am sure of so far is that a release date hasn’t be announced yet.

Even though the facts surrounding this piece of news are sketchy, to say the least, it doesn’t make me less excited for this. As some of you may know NEWS is my favorite JE group and I’ve been feeling NEWS deprived lately. A new CD is just the kind of thing that makes me happy. And breath a sigh of relief at my paranoid they’re breaking up thoughts.

Even though I am overjoyed at the thought of a new NEWS CD, I really doubt I’ll be able to buy it. Miyavi’s first CD in a year and half is being released in October. And there’s no way I’ll be able to buy both. I’m going to have to think long and hard about which CD I decide to get. I hate decisions like this, I’ll be disappointed either way. :/

Oh and also, please have NEWS pull a No More Pain. Give them a PV from th new album! I’m dying for a new PV!