Kan Kan to release first photobook and image DVD

Everyone’s favorite, well maybe not everyone’s but certainty my favorite, ex-Hello!Project member Arihara Kanna announced recently that she will be coming out with a photobook and image DVD in November. You can read the post yourself here.

I gotta say this completely took me off guard, I wasn’t expecting this at all. Of course I knew Kan Kan was back in the entertainment business when she made her blog. But a photobook and image DVD, is the complete opposite of what I thought she was up too. Kanna made a few blog posts that she was filming something, and had to keep hush hush about it for the time being. But I just assumed she was filming a scene for a drama or commercial. I was convinced that she was becoming an actress. But apparently I was wrong, you know what they say about assuming. On the front page there’s a link for contact at bluserosemodel. So apparently she’s just going to be a model. Which makes me a little bit sad. I really want her to sing again! But she’s still young so there’s still hope for that.

But all of that aside, I am completely thrilled about her first photobook. Because let’s me honest she probably never would have released one if she stayed in C-ute. So in a way leaving C-ute was the best thing Kanna ever did. She can completely live her life the way she wants to and have a better career than before. In a sense that all of the focus will finally be with her. I don’t know, I’m starting to like her not being in C-ute more and more.