Koko Natsu PV preview

Momoiro Clover released a PV preview for their new song, Koko Natsu. Their single Pinky Jones, which Koko Natsu is the second song, will be released November 10th.

Now I don’t really want to say too much about the PV preview, since I will be reviewing the PV when it comes out. But I gotta say the PV looks pretty adorable. It has more of a backyard pool part theme, than a beach themed. But still tropical and still cute. And did you get a load of Momoka? She’s looks adorable!

Momoiro Clover Koko Natsu preview

Momoiro Clover previewed their 2nd major single, Koko Natsu, on their live USTREAM broadcast a few days ago.

First off I am incredibly stupid. The song Koko Natsu is supposed to mean Coconuts, but my first reaction to the title was “why the hell is it called here summer?” I was obviously taking the title a little too literally. XD

I am completely in love with this song though. It now replaces Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo as my favorite Momoiro Clover song. The song is just so upbeat and happy that you can’t hate it. It’s a very tropical themed song, so I’m pretty interested in what the PV will look like. But for some reason I can’t imagine them in bikinis. I’m like 80% it will be beach themed, but bikini free.
I also think Ayaka and Kanako are leading the single. But I’m not 100% sure of that. Because the quality is a little bad and I don’t really recognize their voices by ear 100% yet. I can only recognize half of them.

The video from the USTREAM show is incredibly cute. They are so energetic you can tell that they love every minute of being part of Momoiro Clover. Which is incredibly sweet. I also wish my favorites, Akari and Momoka, were in the center more so I could see them better.