AKB48 is lingerie heavy

Just when I thought AKB48 wasn’t wota friendly enough, with their bikini themed PVs, they go and make something like Heavy Rotation. Even though they are scantily clad and fulfilling every man’s fantasy of pillow fighting in lingerie. I can’t seem to hate the PV or even find anything remotely wrong with it. They take even the most wota themed PV and make it absolutely adorable and not overly sexy at all. Just like Baby! Baby! Baby was still cute under all the bikniness of it. It’s mind boggling how AKB48 can keep that balance. They can roll around in lingerie and not look slutty at all! And I also don’t feel awkward watching it either. Unless someone saw me watching it of course. Then it would be pretty hard to explain that AKB48 looks cute and hot in this PV, but I’m not attracted to them at all. XD

So yeah onto the review. Because you’re only reading this post to get to the AKB48 screencap spam.

A Yuko peephole, I feel dirty already. ;]

I kinda wish Yuko didn’t get voted as the number 1 girl, I don’t really think she’s the prettiest AKB48 member. They should just make Mayu number 1 already. 😀

I absolutely love the outfits. Marching band on top, insanly colorful skirt on the bottom.
Pillow fight!
But it reminds me of this. Even thought they never pillow fight in S.O.W.
Dog pile on Tomomi and Yuko. At least I think. XD It was way too quick to be 100% sure which girls it was. But I think it’s Kasai Tomomi and Oshima Yuko under Mariko.
WTF is Achan doing? It’s so random. Someone should make a gif of her rubbing her rabbit. That sounds a little bit like a euphemism. XD
During this scene I am literally trying to figure out which girl has prettiest lingerie set, and which one I wish I owned. XD
I love the heart dance move.
Adorable screencap. And the 3 best lingerie sets. XD
I spot a Mayu!
But Yuko does look gorgeous in her close up shots.
But it reminds me of this. And also a peroformance of Shanimuni Paradise. But I’m too lazy to get a picture of that.
Wow, Achan looks super amazing.
Mayu! My god she looks breathtaking!
The head bopping makes them look like creepy dolls. XD
I always thought Yuki was ugly because of her obvious potato nose. But she actually looks pretty cute here.
Apparently they’re supposed to be laying on an oversized bed. But to me it looked like they’ve been laying on the floor.
I really wish Jurina would stay out of AKB48 PVs. SKE48 have their own Pvs!
Lolz. What a lame dance move.
My first reaction to this was, dude if they’re asleep they’ll be easier to rape. O_O
Walk like an Egyptian.
Ummm what? I’m trying to make sense of this, but I can’t.

So cute! But Mayu could sneeze and it would be cute.


I like this scene more than the lingerie scene.

I don’t think Achan can get anymore gorgeous.

Wow Yuko looks amazing.

Feed me!

Stole Mayu’s cooklie!

Kiss! I’m not really impressed with it though. XD

Ok this is hot.

Here’s the video. If you want to see it without downloading it, I suggest you do it fast. Youtube is taking down this video right and left already. :/