New Perfume CM + Nee preview

Perfume’s song has once again been selected as the theme from a commercial. This time their upcoming new single, Nee, is being used for the fashion brand Natural Basic Beauty. The commercial comes in 4 different versions. A Perfume version, then a solo version for each member.

As you know a new CM means a preview of the song. But the commercial is exactly 20 seconds long. Now that’s short of any song preview, but even more so for this song. The commercial is just the chorus, but the chorus is pretty much 20 seconds of them saying nothing but Nee. So there isn’t really anything to judge about the song as of yet.
So here are the commercials.

Perfume version:

Nocchi version:

A-chan version:

Kashiyuka version:

Perfume’s new CM previews new single VOICE

Perfume’s new single, VOICE, is being released on August 11th. The song is being used in a commercial for Nissan’s “Nissan no omisede! campain.” Since this information first surfaced a few days ago the Nissan commercial has already been released, and we get an extremely short preview of the new song.

Even though the preview is extremely short I can already tell the song is to soft and laid back for my taste. I prefer Perfume’s songs that have the heavy electronic background music that is so unique to Perfume. Which is a main reason I loved their last single Fushizen na Girl/Natural ni Koishite so much. And Perfume as a whole, since most of their songs sound essentially the same.
Since we only heard 15 seconds of the song I am hoping for it to pick up a little more. I’ll be kind of sad it this is as heavy as the music goes.

Anyway, you can watch the commercial below and bask in Perfume’s pink kangrooness.