S/mileage-Koi ni Booing Buu preview

A commercial for S/mileage’s upcoming single, Koi ni Booing Buu has just been released. This is pretty much the first time us fans are getting a chance to hear the song and see the PV. We did get a short preview of the song on Bijo Gaku but it was only the buu parts so it was hardly a preview at all.

Since the commercial is only 30 seconds long we hardly get to hear the song at all. It’s basically just a snipet of the chorus. But what I can hear of the song, it sounds pretty much on par with what S/mileage always releases. The song sounds really cute, and the call outs during the chorus reminds me a lot of Suki-chan.

Even though the 30 seconds is extremely short, it does show a nice chunk of the PV. The PV looks absolutely adorable! There seems to be a lot going on and the PV itself is very vivid and colorful. It reminds me a bit of the Kirarin Revolution PVs. I kinda hate that the creepy pig from the cover is featured in the PV. But I do love that they are wearing the pig ears and snouts. The PV is pretty childish, fun, and cutesy. I like the whole direction S/mileage is going in. It’s going to be a real shock when they eventually start releasing mature songs.

As always, you can buy this single from CDJapan by clicking the links below.

S/mileage – Koi no Booing Buu! [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type A]

S/mileage – Koi ni Booing Buu! [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type B]

S/mileage – Koi ni Booing Buu! [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type C]

S/mileage – Koi ni Booing Buu! [Limited Edition / Type D]

S/mileage – Koi ni Booing Buu! [Regular Edition]

S/mileage – Koi ni Booing Buu! [Single V]

New KAT-TUN CM and Ultimate Wheels preview

KAT-TUN was recently in a commercial for Suzukis 2011 box on wheels. Oh excuse me, 2011 Solio. And during the duration of the commercial we get a nice 1:15 preview of KAT-TUN’s new single, Ultimate Wheels. Which will be released on February 2nd.
I’m a little under whelmed by the song itself. Because honestly Change UR World is an extremely hard act to follow. It’s not that the song is bad, it’s just mediocre. The music is so soft and the singing is so bland that it’s practically forgettable. I mean, the singing hardly picks up when the chorus hits. I could see this being a good B-side but it should never have become an A-side. It doesn’t even sound like there’s openings for solo lines and rapping. Though I guess I do have to take into consideration that this is only the bridge and chorus, and we’ve yet to hear the verse.

The commercial isn’t really anything to write hoe about either. It’s basically just a pretty average car commercial. Where they show the interior and general functions of the car. Pretty much the best part of the commercial is that Koki is in it.

His wink practically killed me.

New Perfume CM + Nee preview

Perfume’s song has once again been selected as the theme from a commercial. This time their upcoming new single, Nee, is being used for the fashion brand Natural Basic Beauty. The commercial comes in 4 different versions. A Perfume version, then a solo version for each member.

As you know a new CM means a preview of the song. But the commercial is exactly 20 seconds long. Now that’s short of any song preview, but even more so for this song. The commercial is just the chorus, but the chorus is pretty much 20 seconds of them saying nothing but Nee. So there isn’t really anything to judge about the song as of yet.
So here are the commercials.

Perfume version:

Nocchi version:

A-chan version:

Kashiyuka version:

AKB48-Beginner PV preview

A 30 second commercial for AKB48’s 18th single beginner was just released. Giving us a nice preview of the PV. But this isn’t really the first preview for the PV we’re getting. About a week or more ago extremely low quality PV previews were floating around the net. But I decided to wait until more high quality previews to come out before making this post.

After watching the commercial I gotta say I am less then impressed. Which makes me sad for 2 reasons. 1. After reading the translated lyrics to the song I just started to really like the song. 2. After losing the jankan tournament this is the last AKB48 PV that Mayu will be in. Of course until the next senbatsu election or jankan election. And of course she’ll be in the Under Girls PV, but I never pay attention to them. Which is a bad habit I should eventually get out of.

I’m not into the overall plugged in video game/futuristic/matrix theme going on. Mixed with the random killing shots. The PV reminds me of Michael and Janet Jacksons’ Scream video, and Koda Kumi and Misonos’ It’s All Love PV. I also really hate the amount of latex they are wearing.
I don’t know as of yet, I’m really not feeling the overall PV. But as always I’ll have a more in dept review of the PV once it’s released.


Sugaya Risako-Elegant Girl preview

A commercial was released to promote Sugaya Risako’s first solo single, Elegant Girl, giving us a short preview of the PV. Which is completely unexpected because it’s also the first time we’re hearing the song.

I really wasn’t expecting this single to be so soft sounding. Though it’s called Elegant Girl, which should have given me my first clue. But I was actually expecting this to be pretty tough and loud, because isn’t Risako’s character supposed to be mean or the main character’s rival or something? The song itself sounds really pretty, but I’m not feeling it. In my honest opinion it’s a little forgettable. Let’s hope her second single is better. Or a Ogawa Mana duet!

The CM is far to short to get any substantial feel of the PV. All we’ve actually seen so far is the close up shots. But in that short time makes it look it’s going to be exactly like the Itoshiki Tomo he PV. Or the Bokura ga Ikiru My Asia PV. Both Morning Musume Tanjo 10nen Kinentai PVs were basically the same. Also I think I’m the only one who doesn’t like her evening gown hair. I honestly think it does nothing for her. I prefer Risako with her hair down.


For the promotion of their 4th album live NEWS made 3 different commercials. Well, they’re not so much different as just being different versions of the same commercial. But different nonetheless. The three versions are dubbed the Yamapi version, the Massu version, and the Kei-chan version. Which is a kind of unfair to the other members if you ask me. But i guess it’s fair when you take into account that Tegoshi and Ryo have recently starred in their own solo commercials. As for Shige, I don’t know. I guess everyone just hates him. XD

Since I only know minimal Japanese let’s focus on what’s really important during these commercials, their overall looks.
Yamapi: I am completely ecstatic that his “what was he thinking” perm is all but a distant ugly memory. And he’s back to having sex hot hair. It’s pretty similar to my favorite Yamapi hairstyle, his Kurosagi hair, yet it’s a little different. I guess it’s a little more mature.
Massu: I don’t find Massu to be all that attractive to begin with but he’s even more so with blonde hair. I don’t understand why he went back to his Tanabata Matsuri hair as if that was a good look for him.
Tegoshi: Pretty much the same as usual.
Shige: Shige’s hair is an abomination! It looks like his Sakura Girl hair but worse. He looks completely hideous, which makes me uber sad.
Ryo: Looking the same but still adorable.
Kei: Kei looks incredible. His short cut and dark hair is probably my favorite Kei hairstyle. Whenever he has his hair like this he look incredible. I absolutely hate his constant blonde hair. With his dark brown hair he moves for a pitiful 3/10 to a solid 7/10.

Overall I think the CMs are pretty much standard new album CMs. Nothing extremely amazing going on. Except for Ryo of course. Maybe it’s because of my obvious Ryo bias but I was paying the most attention to Ryo throughout the commercials.

From when he’s the only one slyly smiling in Yamapi’s CM.

To when he’s the only one not laughing in Massu’s.

Or when he’s the first one to laugh at Kei. I’m always drawn to Ryo.

Anyway, here’s a mash up of all 3 commercials.

New Hey!Say!7 Lotte Fruitio CM

While I was feeling under the weather Hey! Say! 7 released another Lotte Fruitio commercial. Now I’m always super excited for a new Hey! Say! JUMP commercial, especially one starring my beloved Yuto. However, I’m a little bit sad Hey Say 7 gets far more pimping than best does. Even though I like 7’s music more, Best has more of my favorite members. I’d kill for a new Best themed commercial or song. But apparently that’s a pipe dream.

But I digress. This new commercial is pretty much identical to the last commercial in every way possible. They dance to Kagayaki Days again, they are wearing near identical outfits from the last CM, and the boys are in the exact same positions. The only main difference is this commercial is lemon/yellow themed rather than grape/purple. And yet I find this CM to be completely adorable. I love how they stop mid dance because, the lemon is either too sour or too bitter. Which was of course unexpected. And you have to laugh at Yuto’s over acted, nonrealistic reaction.

But probably my favorite part of the commercial was Ryosuke.

Him saying paradise was the hottest thing ever. How he says it in a breathy almost whisper. No wonder he has so many fangirls.

Afternoon Musume Georgia coffee CM

Several OG Morning Musume members have formed a new unit called Afternoon Musume to promote Georgia coffee drinks. The units consists of Nakazawa Yuko, Iida Kaori, Abe Natsumi, Yasuda Kei, Yaguchi Mari, Fujimoto Miki, and Ogawa Makoto. In the commercials they sing an original song entiled Gohoubi no Afternoon Coffee. AKA an enka version of Morning Coffee. It is still unconfirmed if this will be released as a single.

I gotta say this CM and song aren’t exactly my cup of coffee tea. I absolutely hate the overly Japanese theme of it. Mainly because I don’t find enka music to be all that appealing. However I find the geisha outfits to be adorable. I also am incredibly sad that KonKon isn’t a part of this at all. But I’m super excited for OG being pimped again. Even though I’m not an OG fan at all. It’s nice to know every once in a blue moon UFA lets them do something other than gather dust.

Ryo shows off his air guitar skills in new CM

Nishikido Ryo is staring in a new solo CM for 7-up Clear Dry. Which was just released a few hours ago.

First off, I am 100% sure that they don’t make this product here in the US. And if they do I have never seen it or heard about it. The bottle even has the label used for 7-up products sold outside the US. But I don’t see why they don’t make it here. According to the bottle it’s a zero calorie 7-up. Coke zero is really popular here, you’d think we’d have 70up Clear Dry too. But now I’m just rambling. XD

About the commercial itself, I like it. It’s really adorable. I always love when Ryo shows his dorky side. And Ryo rocking on air guitar is pretty dorky. And apparently he was really shy while he was filming the commercial. Which just adds to the cute factor of it. And I must say I completely approve of a Ryo solo commercial. Yamapi is usually the one getting all the CMs. It’s about time my beloved Ryo got another one.

Maji Bomber CMs

I don’t really like posting about PV previews or commercials too much. Because it always seems with my horrible luck the PV is released like the next couple of days. And then my post is pretty pointless. But it’s been 4 days since the CM was released and no PV, so I think it’s ok to mention. And besides that, Maji Bomber is too epic not to blog about.

Within the last four days 2 commercials were released for Berryz Koubou’s 23rd single, Maji Bomber. Combined they’re 45 seconds of the PV itself. Which is a pretty decent enough preview, you get the whole feel of the PV. The PV looks incredible. The PV itself is actually really simple, and there’s really nothing going on. So what makes it so incredible? For starters, the song itself. Maji Bomber is an amazing song. It is hands down my favorite Berryz Koubou A-side ever! It’s just an incredible son. I won’t say it’s my favorite Berryz Koubou song because I don’t think any song will ever replace Baka ni Shinaide.
But more importantly what makes the PV so epic is the girls themselves. These outfits and Rivals outfits are probably my favorite Berryz Koubou PV outfits. They all just looks amazing! I mean I could cry over how incredible Chinami looks!

Yeah that’s pretty much all I’m going to say about the PV, because I am 100% going to do a PV review of it. And I don’t want to put all my best comments in this post. Also with my rotten luck expect the PV to be out tomorrow. XD

Maji Bomber commercial 1

Maji Bomber commercial 2