Idol World Cup 2010~!

CDevil‘s Idol World Cup 2010 has officially begun. So I thought it would be the perfect time to announce my team. If you’re not sure what the Idol World Cup is you can read more about it at his blog here.

So here’s my team 5nin Idol Revolution! (picture made by

Team anthem: Aozora ga Itsumademo Tsuzuku you na Mirai de Are

Captain: Watanabe Mayu
Striker:Kojima Haruna
Goalkeeper: Mitsui Aika

4th player: Tsugunaga Momoko
5thplayer: LinLin

The countries were also announced and my teams are the Ivory Coast and Serbia. Which is great and all, but I have no idea if my teams suck or not. The only thing I actually know about soccer is the following: Brazil is really great at soccer, England goes nuts over it, and the United States could care less about it.

I probably don’t have a chance in hell to actually win this, but at least it makes the World Cup more interesting than it normally is. I entered far to late too actually get a good country, but somehow I still managed to get Watanabe Mayu as my captain! And that’s pretty much all that matters to me.

So wish mw luck everyone. Or I should say wish the Ivory Coast and Serbia good luck. And I guess all I can say now is srećno and bonne chance!