MatsuJun’s gonna run this town tonight

Arashi’s Monster PV has been out for a couple weeks now, and it was my intention to make a PV review of it. The problem is it wasn’t boring enough or loltastic enough to make a review from it. Basically I’ve got nothing witty to say about it. Damn you mediocrity! However, there was on aspect of the PV I felt the need to point out. And that’s MatsuJun’s shirt.

So what’s wrong with MatsuJun’s marching band styled shirt? Nothing looks wise I actually like it. But that’s only because I liked it the first time I saw it, when Rihanna was wearing it in the Run this Town video.

Rihanna wearing it.

MatsuJun wearing it.

I can’t be the only one out there that immediately saw it was the same shirt. Jun’s is a tiny bit different though. For one he has sleeves and Rihanna’s doesn’t, and he has random tassels on the back. But it’s essentially the same. It was either made by the same person, or custom made to intentionally look the same.
Either way he’s wearing a woman’s shirt. And I find it hilarious every time I can point that out. So far it’s been MatsJun’s Rihanna shirt, Tegoshi’s I heart Tom shirt, and Ueda’s womanly jacket.

Anyway, while I’m on the subject of Jun, I gotta say he looks great in this PV. Jun has that look where he either looks extremely hot or extremely gay. And a great majority of the time he looks gay/hideous. There are very few PVs were he actually looks good. And Monster is one of them. Though he probably looks the best in Love So Sweet.

And if you care here’s the Monster PV. But the quality is terrible. JE seems to be having all their videos taken off of youtube. I tried to find HSJ’S Ultra Music Power PV yesterday but it’s gone. If I have to find a whole new streaming site just for JE videos I’ll be really angry. XD