YuiKaori-Shooting Smile PV preview

Even though YuiKaori’s new single, Shooting Smile, isn’t being released for another month they’ve just released a PV preview for the song. The preview is a minute and 20 seconds long, and is more like a short version of the PV. 

I absolutely love this song and am glad that we finally get to hear more than 30 seconds of it.  The PV reminds me a lot of their PV for Heartbeat ga Tomaranai. Where it’s them dancing in a separate place, with their matching outfits, and then them running around town in their school uniforms. Granted that Heartbeat ga Tomaranai was filmed during the day, and had more of a storyline beyond that. I still think the two PVs are similar regardless. I do really like the oufits they are wearing though. Despite the fact that they are yellow, they’re cute. They actually kind of look like the Doublemint Twins in those dresses. XD
I’m a little dissapointed by the dance. Dancing is usually YuiKaori’s strong point, their dances are always incredible. But this dance is too stiff and robotic. But at the end of the preview it alludes to the PV having a robot theme, so it most likely interconnects that way. But we won’t know 100% until the full PV is out.

You can buy this single from CDJapan by clicking the links below.

YuiKaori – Shooting Smile [w/DVD, Limited Edition]

YuiKaori – Shooting Smile [Regular Edition]

YuiKaori-Shooting Smile preview

YuiKaori’s upcoming 4th single, Shooting Smile, isn’t being released until April 6th. But King Records has decided to give fans a short preview of the song a lot earlier than expected.

I don’t know about you, but I have been waiting for months for any sort of news on this single. Obviously since it was announced in December and wasn’t being released until April, the waiting has seemed like an eternity and pretty much has been torture. XD

This single follows suit of YuiKaori’s past singles. It’s super upbeat and super positive, with heavy anime music. Even though the preview is only 30 seconds of the chorus it’s enough to get the overall feel of the song. The style is extremely similar to their Vivivid Party song. Since the song is extremely happy and YuiKaori like, I’m really excited to see what the PV is going to be like. Since all of their PVs have strikingly different.

Click here to listen to the preview.

Also here’s a video of the always adorable YuiKaori talking about their upcoming single.

And of course you can purchase the single from CDJapan by clicking the links below.

YuiKaori – Shooting Smile [w/DVD, Limited Edition]

YuiKaori – Shooting Smile [Regular Edition]

YuiKaori-Heartbeat ga Tomaranai PV preview

Apparently a few days after YuiKaori previewd their new single, Heartbeat ga Tomaranai, on their web radio show they also released an actual PV preview a couple of days later. But this just completely fell under my radar. I actually completely forgot they hadn’t released the PV preview yet until today.

Since this is YuiKaori’s most toned downed single it only makes sense it’s their simplest PV. But it still turns out to be a completely adorable PV. The PV storyline follows a lovesick YuiKaori throughout the town being followed by a giant heart. They also keep checking their cell phone a lot, so I bet there’s something about phones in the lyrics. I could have sworn I heard keitai in there somewhere.

And of course the main focus of this PV, and every other YuiKaori PV, is the dance scene. The dance scenes are my absolute favorite because YuiKaori are wearing gigantic white bows. Which remind me of Tsuji Nozomi and Suzuki Airi. XD

YuiKaori-Heartbeat ga Tomarani preview

On a recent episode of YuiKaori’s web radio show, YuiKaori no Mi, YuiKaori danced to a short version of their upcoming single Heartbeat ga Tomaranai. Which is completely exciting news since this is the first time we’re hearing the new single.

This single is significantly toned down from their first 2 singles. But that doesn’t make the song any less great. The song still has a very upbeat and cute musical track. But after the heavy anime music of Our Steady Boy, and the huge dance beat of Vivivid Party, anything released after it would just seem slow by default. But I am happy to say that YuiKaori has yet to disappoint me. They really are turning out the be the greatest duo since W. (Because NO ONE will ever replace W. I think I’ve mentione dthat before. XD) The song is keeping with YuiKaori’s adorable theme. The song actually sounds pretty refreshing and unique. After listening to this short preview I have a perfect image of what the PV should be. For some reason this just makes me think of YuiKaori riding bikes in their school uniform, and maybe on top of a cliff by an ocean. (ZONE’s True Blue anyone?) But in general I want an outside PV. As for the song, there’s not really much else I can say about it. It’s incredibly adorable and I am instantly in love with it. I just find YuiKaori’s whole aura entrancing.

YuiKaori throws a vivid party

It’s finally out! The PV for YuiKaori’s second single, Vivivid Party, is finally out! I’ve been checking youtube everyday obsessively for a month waiting for the full PV to be released. I am completely excited to finally have the full version.

Also am I the only one bothered by the fact that their song has an extra vi? It should be Vivid Party. But I guess it was added for cuteness, just Kusumi Koharu’s Papancake single. Either that or someone really sucks at English.

I completely love their outfits.

Some parts of the dance are just a little bit awkward.

Yui is so adorable!

But Kaori is miles cuter.

Definitely awkward dance. XD

I officially need to become a dancer. Look at all the random foreign dancers in this PV.

I’m more impressed with this then I should be.

The cute screen caps of Yui could be endless.

Kaori looks gorgeous. The curly hair really suits her. She should seriously always have her hair like this.

Kaori bias. Though I’m not 199% sure what her hat is supposed to be.

Lolz at weird dance move.

Simple dance move, but it’s actually really cute.

Extreme leg close up.

Insert perverted comment here. XD

Reminds me of Dakishimete Dakishimete.




I love Kaori.


That’s kinda creepy. Someone lurking in the mirror.

I knew he wasn’t dead!


This part of the dance is really awesome.


Gosh Kaori is so cute.

Gotta end it big.

Why must there be so many idol groups?

Just when I thought I was out of the woods when I started to tip the iceberg of AKB48 knowledge, it seems there’s a plethora of more epic female idol groups to sink my teeth into. Which is really startling news. Of course there’s other female idol groups out their besides Hello!Project acts, AKB48 acts, and Perfume.(by the way Perfume is totally an idol group even if they don’t really call themselves that.) But when you’re like me who’s completely obsessed with Hello!Project, it’s hard to find time to fangirl any other group. I mean it took me 2 years of listening to H!P to discover Johnny’s Entertainment, and 3 years to finally admit I actually loved AKB48. I really have been wearing Hello!Project covered glasses for the past 4 years. Well all of that is about to change! And why is that, you’re wondering? It’s pretty obvious, because there are so many amazing idol groups out there I didn’t even know existed! And I definitely have to broaden my idol horizons.

Reason 1: Ogawa Mana

I first encountered Mana about 6 months back on an idol blog. And it was literally love at first sight. Mana is incredibly adorable. I’m going to make a bold statement and say, she is one of the cutest idols out of all the female idol groups. That’s right Ogawa Mana is up there with the top cutest female idols (in my opinion of course) Tsugunaga Momoko, Maeda Yuuka, Fukuda, Suzuki Airi, Watanabe Mayu, Kuramochi Asuka. Even though I first saw her roughly 6 months ago I literally just started to listen to her solo songs. And I gotta say I like what I hear. Not only is Mana absolutely adorable she has a great voice. It’s like the perfect blend of cute and strong.
In retrospect I feel like such an idiot for not following NGP from the beginning. I mean, I was so amped for Canary Club when they first came out, because Tsunku made H!P and that was amazing so of course this had to be amazing too, right? Well not so much, at least not to me anyway. I wasn’t really impressed with Sweet and Toughness at all when I first heard it, so I completely stopped following them and NGP. Their songs still aren’t really my favorite Jpop songs, but I do really love Seishun Banzai. And I’ll obviously start following them more since Mana is part of them. Though I do like MM Gakuen Gasshoubu about 100 times more. Their songs are instantly catchy.

Reason 2: Momoiro Clover

Of course Momoiro clover was going to be apart of this list. Idol fans and bloggers have been buzzing about them for a couple months. So naturally I gave them a listen, just to see what all the hype was about. And this is one of the few times when you can in fact believe the hype. I totally love Momoiro Clover’s traditional Japanese clothing look. I think it sets them apart from the other female idol groups. Though their outs are half school girl half traditional Japanese, to keep the average wota happy/interested, I still think it’s pretty fun and unique. I think they’re songs are pretty cute and catchy. Their standard cutesy idol group music, but still good. Though Ikuze Kaitou Shoujo is easily their best song. And it should be considering it’s their major debut song. Momoiro Clover is probably going to become popular soon. Mostly because of their young ages and overall wota appeal. I mean the Ikuze Kaitou Shoujo is pretty much geared solely to wota. They display pretty much ever wota fantasy: the school girl, the maid, glasses chick, nurse, tied up chick, and police officer/holding handcuffs in anyway. But stuff like this doesn’t really bother me anymore, most idol groups are geared to wota. Though I do notice the blatant wota appeal in PVs and outfits I usually just ignore it. Oh and score that Momoiro Clover only has 3 singles. It’s good that I can get into them pretty early in their career. Lolz that sounds semi dirty. XD Also chick with the dimples has an adorable voice.

Reason 3: Idoling!!!

I’ve known about Idoling!!! for a while now but never got into them for the stupidest reason. And what reason was that? I though just because they had ABKIdoling!!! that they were a subgroup of AKB48. And because at the time I didn’t like AKB48, I decided to never listen to them. I’m so stupid sometimes. ._. I really do like the feel of most Idoling!!! songs. Especially S.OW. and Chu Shitouze. And Puyo Puyo Idoling!!! is just pure win. And most of the girls being really adorable doesn’t hurt either. And one of the girl’s looks a lot like Ice Creamusume’s Rei Rei!

Reason 4: YuiKaori

This group is causing a lot of controversy because of the racy photoshoots they’ve been doing. Which by the way I think is completely pointless. It’s not like this is a new concept for Japan. Someone alert the presses older Japanese mean love to see underage girls in sexy, racy photoshoots. Oh no! I’ve even been hearing that they might also have an overly obsessive fetish with school girls. It’s no big deal really. Honestly, you either love the pictures, or you do what I do, look at them and shrug. Because there’s not much more you can do about it besides that.
Anyway, I think YuiKaori is instant win. They might become my favorite duo since W. (No one will ever surpass W for me. NO ONE) They’re are both incredibly adorable, though Kaori, in my opinion, is a lot cuter. And Yui’s voice is probably the squeakiest cutest voice ever. Even if it is borderline annoying, I love it. Overly cute idol voices are always my favorite. And I really love the song. It’s got great music and is uber catchy.