A new era to Momoiro Clover

Yesterday Momoiro Clover’s sub-leader Hayami Akari graduated from Momoiro Clover. (It’s horrible is it that my favorite member left on my birthday. :/) To comemorate Akari’s depature from the group Momoiro Clover is dedicating their new song Akarin ni Okuru Uta, to her. Momoiro Clover also announced that the group will also be changing their name to Momoiro Clover Z.

It is extremely sad to see Akari go, when she was a refreshing addition to the group. Adding a cool element to MomoClo among all the cuteness. I wish her all the best though. And when she gets more confidence I would love to see her doing something again.

I have to say I completely don’t see the need for a name change. I understand that they are an idol group that doesn’t add new members. But they didn’t really need to change the name to reflect that one did. When Maiha left did they become Berryz Koubou Z? Of course not. And if they were going to change the name wouldn’t they want a completely new name to reflect the seperation? Instead, they lazily changed the name by adding one letter. It honestly reminds me of when Tsunku decided to revamp the shuffle groups and made names like: ZYX-a and Pucchi Moni V.

MomoClo are Bowling for the future

The PV for Momoiro Clover’s upcoming single, and last single with Akari, Mirai Bowl was just released. This PV is another short version, because the PV on the limited version is a whopping 9 minutes and 45 seconds.

The PV is pretty much what Momoiro Clover usually releases. It’s completely upbeat and adorable. The PV is cute but it seems to be all over the place at times. But the PV seems to be following a rivalry between Akari, Reni, and Ayaka over Kanako. And of course because it is called Mirai Bowl, they have a bowling match. But the PV also reminds me a lot of Morning Musume’s Mr. Moonlight PV. The whole dressing up as a guy and falling in love with one of the members aspect.

I absolutely love these outfits!

The dance is insanely simple. But they are so cute I can’t help but like it. Momoka, Kanako, and Ayaka catch my attention the most!

This is cute and all, but it’s way too similiar to Morning Musume’s Mr. Moonlight PV. Akari is Yossie and Kanako is Makoto.

Look how similiar Mako’s scenes are. The both have a flower covered swing!

Shiori looks cute dressed like this. She kinda looks like a hobo though. XD

Momoka looks super adorable.

But woah, she looks like little Orpahn Annie here. XD

I hate Ayaka’s hair like this.

I’m not sure I’m following this PV so well. Shiori and Momoka are dressed like homeless people or painters. But at the same time Kanako and Akari are in love.

They are all wearing outfits that don’t mix together.

Ok I’m even more confused then before. But I just realzied that Akari looks a lot like Cry-baby Walker!


Nice creepers. XD

The bowling dance move is really cute.

But I can’t get how stupid this one is.

Oh ok, they hate Akari because they want Kanako. It makes sense now.

What luck that her bowling hand wasn’t broken. XD

WTF is a Danny Team? A Danny Zuko team? Lol.

Isn’t two against one a little unfair? XD


Somehow I think Akari is going to win. But I don’t know what’s telling me that. XD

Akari to leave Momoiro Clover in April

Momoiro Clover’s sub-leader Hayami Akari announced at a concert today that she will be leaving the group in April. Her reason for leaving was that she feels there’s a better path for her than being an idol. She also said that the decision was completely hers. And that she felt like an unnecessary person within the group.

This came as quite a shock to me. Momiro Clover is a relatively new idol goup. They’ve only been on a major label for a year. This is also shocking because I always really liked Akari. I don’t really know too much about MomoClo because they hardly ever get subbed. But Akari always stood out to me for having a cool character.
It’s also surprising because honestly if any member was to leave I was sure it would be Reni. Reni obviously can’t take the pressure of being an idol that’s always in the spotlight. And because of it she is completely unhealthy and almost deadly skinny.

Has Momoiro Clover gone too far?

It seems controversy has struck the girls of Momoiro Clover. Since the release of the PV for their C-side Kimi to Sekai off their new single Pinky Jones, a lot of fans wonder if the PV itself is too sexy.

Let’s start off by showing the root of the controversy, the PV.

The PV shows the girls wearing sexy, skin tight biker outfits sitting on top of motorcycles.

However, one of the main problems most of the fans and non fans seem to have is with how heavy their makeup is.

Saying the girls are too young to wear such thick makeup. Personally to me the makeup seems to fulfill some wota’s Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby fantasy.

And of course the absolute main problem people have with the PV is the ice cream.

Of course people are outraged because the girl’s are too young and the PV consists of them doing nothing but eating ice cream.

That and the ridiculous amount of sexual innuendos.

It obviously means she’s just a messy eater.

Clearly this is only to show she’s eating a drumstick.

So the obvious question is then: has Momoiro Clover done something wrong, and have they gone too far? And my answer to that is absloutely not. Now I know what you’re all thinking. And I’m sure many people reading this are scratching their heads and have come to screeching halt. But hear me out.
Do I think this PV is too sexual? Yes, for my taste of course. Should they set this PV on fire and never dare to do this kind of thing again? No, no, and a hundred times no.
Whenever I see contoversy among fans like this, it feels like I’m the only person who knows they are watching a female idol group and not a Church choir.

But I should probably start from the very begining. I first started to listen to Momoiro Clover because a big fuss was being made about them. But after listening I fell in love with them. They were sugary sweet and had a unique kimono theme going on. Since fans have gotten so used to that from MomoClo of course it’s quite a shock when you’re thrown a curve ball like the Kimi to Sekai PV. But like all the contoversy about sexy idol PVs the people who seem to have the problem are the foreign fans. I have yet to hear Japanese fans, once complain that a PV is too sexy or has too much fan service. And you know what? They never will! Heck, AKB48 had more of a contoversy with the Beginner PV because it had too much gore. Yet, absolutely nothing was said about the Heavy Rotation PV. Only the foreign fans complained. I guess most of it stems from some foreign fans not fully understanding that’s what female, and sometimes male, idols do. And probably always will do. And stuff like this is what wota expect. They would probably get bored of a group if they weren’t thrown some sort of fanservice every now and then.

As always the main factor is age. Momoiro Clovers’ age range is from 14-17. However, in idol years that’s pretty much the age to do these kinds of things. Not to mention a lot of idols were doing fanservice when they were younger then MomoClo are.

Here are some examples:

Let’s look at Massara Blue Jeans famous Love me Love me Love me dance parts.

When this single was released C-ute was 10-15. Don’t you think 10 year old Mai Mai was a little young to do such a suggestive dance move?

What about AKB48’s Baby! Baby! Baby! PV?

When this single was released AKB48 was 14-21. Don’t you think Mayuyu at 14 was too young to be running around in a bikini?

What about Sugaya Risako’s 1st photobook Risako?

Sugaya Risako released her first photobook at just 12 years old. Isn’t it a little too sexy for a 12 year old?

The list could go on and on with photobooks alone. Fans need to take all of this into consideration, and remember that this is what female idols do. Do I condone all of it, not always no. As a straight girl I hardly let fanservice phase me. And everyone out there needs to realize if they have a problem with fanservice it’s probably because it’s not meant for them. Yes, I know actual fans, or even wota, may complain about fanservice. I heard one AKB48 fan complain that Heavy Rotation was too much fanservice at once. Which is hilarious, because on the other side I’m sure fans complain when there isn’t enough.
I guess my main point in all of this is that people shouldn’t be so outraged over fanservice. It’s basically like going wine tasting and then flipping out that they are serving cheese with it. It goes hand and hand, and to complain about it is ridiculous. As for them being too young, you should realize that Japanese men are obssesed with youth. Hence why idols start out so young and stop when they are “too old” at about 24. It’s why lolita fashion exists. And why older Japanese women try to act as cute and youthful as possible. So, if you have a problem with it go to Japan and change the society there. Or until then I suggest you get some other interests, maybe you should try male idols. Their fanservice is less frequent and less intense. (Which is ridiculous if you ask me. I’d chop my own leg off to see Yamapi and Ryo-chan kiss. ;]) Fanservice will exist for as long as their are wota willing to pay for it.

Also, until female idols fanservice gets anywhere near Jrock’s you can’t really complain.

And finally here’s the PV for Kimi to Sekai in case you want to watch it.

Koko Natsu PV preview

Momoiro Clover released a PV preview for their new song, Koko Natsu. Their single Pinky Jones, which Koko Natsu is the second song, will be released November 10th.

Now I don’t really want to say too much about the PV preview, since I will be reviewing the PV when it comes out. But I gotta say the PV looks pretty adorable. It has more of a backyard pool part theme, than a beach themed. But still tropical and still cute. And did you get a load of Momoka? She’s looks adorable!

Momoiro Clover Koko Natsu preview

Momoiro Clover previewed their 2nd major single, Koko Natsu, on their live USTREAM broadcast a few days ago.

First off I am incredibly stupid. The song Koko Natsu is supposed to mean Coconuts, but my first reaction to the title was “why the hell is it called here summer?” I was obviously taking the title a little too literally. XD

I am completely in love with this song though. It now replaces Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo as my favorite Momoiro Clover song. The song is just so upbeat and happy that you can’t hate it. It’s a very tropical themed song, so I’m pretty interested in what the PV will look like. But for some reason I can’t imagine them in bikinis. I’m like 80% it will be beach themed, but bikini free.
I also think Ayaka and Kanako are leading the single. But I’m not 100% sure of that. Because the quality is a little bad and I don’t really recognize their voices by ear 100% yet. I can only recognize half of them.

The video from the USTREAM show is incredibly cute. They are so energetic you can tell that they love every minute of being part of Momoiro Clover. Which is incredibly sweet. I also wish my favorites, Akari and Momoka, were in the center more so I could see them better.

Why must there be so many idol groups?

Just when I thought I was out of the woods when I started to tip the iceberg of AKB48 knowledge, it seems there’s a plethora of more epic female idol groups to sink my teeth into. Which is really startling news. Of course there’s other female idol groups out their besides Hello!Project acts, AKB48 acts, and Perfume.(by the way Perfume is totally an idol group even if they don’t really call themselves that.) But when you’re like me who’s completely obsessed with Hello!Project, it’s hard to find time to fangirl any other group. I mean it took me 2 years of listening to H!P to discover Johnny’s Entertainment, and 3 years to finally admit I actually loved AKB48. I really have been wearing Hello!Project covered glasses for the past 4 years. Well all of that is about to change! And why is that, you’re wondering? It’s pretty obvious, because there are so many amazing idol groups out there I didn’t even know existed! And I definitely have to broaden my idol horizons.

Reason 1: Ogawa Mana

I first encountered Mana about 6 months back on an idol blog. And it was literally love at first sight. Mana is incredibly adorable. I’m going to make a bold statement and say, she is one of the cutest idols out of all the female idol groups. That’s right Ogawa Mana is up there with the top cutest female idols (in my opinion of course) Tsugunaga Momoko, Maeda Yuuka, Fukuda, Suzuki Airi, Watanabe Mayu, Kuramochi Asuka. Even though I first saw her roughly 6 months ago I literally just started to listen to her solo songs. And I gotta say I like what I hear. Not only is Mana absolutely adorable she has a great voice. It’s like the perfect blend of cute and strong.
In retrospect I feel like such an idiot for not following NGP from the beginning. I mean, I was so amped for Canary Club when they first came out, because Tsunku made H!P and that was amazing so of course this had to be amazing too, right? Well not so much, at least not to me anyway. I wasn’t really impressed with Sweet and Toughness at all when I first heard it, so I completely stopped following them and NGP. Their songs still aren’t really my favorite Jpop songs, but I do really love Seishun Banzai. And I’ll obviously start following them more since Mana is part of them. Though I do like MM Gakuen Gasshoubu about 100 times more. Their songs are instantly catchy.

Reason 2: Momoiro Clover

Of course Momoiro clover was going to be apart of this list. Idol fans and bloggers have been buzzing about them for a couple months. So naturally I gave them a listen, just to see what all the hype was about. And this is one of the few times when you can in fact believe the hype. I totally love Momoiro Clover’s traditional Japanese clothing look. I think it sets them apart from the other female idol groups. Though their outs are half school girl half traditional Japanese, to keep the average wota happy/interested, I still think it’s pretty fun and unique. I think they’re songs are pretty cute and catchy. Their standard cutesy idol group music, but still good. Though Ikuze Kaitou Shoujo is easily their best song. And it should be considering it’s their major debut song. Momoiro Clover is probably going to become popular soon. Mostly because of their young ages and overall wota appeal. I mean the Ikuze Kaitou Shoujo is pretty much geared solely to wota. They display pretty much ever wota fantasy: the school girl, the maid, glasses chick, nurse, tied up chick, and police officer/holding handcuffs in anyway. But stuff like this doesn’t really bother me anymore, most idol groups are geared to wota. Though I do notice the blatant wota appeal in PVs and outfits I usually just ignore it. Oh and score that Momoiro Clover only has 3 singles. It’s good that I can get into them pretty early in their career. Lolz that sounds semi dirty. XD Also chick with the dimples has an adorable voice.

Reason 3: Idoling!!!

I’ve known about Idoling!!! for a while now but never got into them for the stupidest reason. And what reason was that? I though just because they had ABKIdoling!!! that they were a subgroup of AKB48. And because at the time I didn’t like AKB48, I decided to never listen to them. I’m so stupid sometimes. ._. I really do like the feel of most Idoling!!! songs. Especially S.OW. and Chu Shitouze. And Puyo Puyo Idoling!!! is just pure win. And most of the girls being really adorable doesn’t hurt either. And one of the girl’s looks a lot like Ice Creamusume’s Rei Rei!

Reason 4: YuiKaori

This group is causing a lot of controversy because of the racy photoshoots they’ve been doing. Which by the way I think is completely pointless. It’s not like this is a new concept for Japan. Someone alert the presses older Japanese mean love to see underage girls in sexy, racy photoshoots. Oh no! I’ve even been hearing that they might also have an overly obsessive fetish with school girls. It’s no big deal really. Honestly, you either love the pictures, or you do what I do, look at them and shrug. Because there’s not much more you can do about it besides that.
Anyway, I think YuiKaori is instant win. They might become my favorite duo since W. (No one will ever surpass W for me. NO ONE) They’re are both incredibly adorable, though Kaori, in my opinion, is a lot cuter. And Yui’s voice is probably the squeakiest cutest voice ever. Even if it is borderline annoying, I love it. Overly cute idol voices are always my favorite. And I really love the song. It’s got great music and is uber catchy.