The illusive Junior

Every week I watch School Kakumei’s live stage, and every week there’s a particular Junior in the background that I always notice. But the problem is I don’t follow Johnny’s Juniors, so I have no idea who he is. And there’s my dilemma. So dear readers, or anyone reading my blog, I need help finding out his name.

Here are some terrible quality pictures of him. If you want a clearer image of him watch the SK live stage at the bottom of this post.

This is the only live stage where they show him for more then half a second. And I really want to know who this Junior is because he looks exactly like someone I used to have a crush on a few years back. If this Junior didn’t have obvious Asian features I would think the guy I knew secret went to Japan and joined JE.
And JE doesn’t like list this guy anywhere. I looked at the recent Juniors calendar and I don’t see him in it. It’s terrible! XD