I spot Kusano!

As some of you may know I am completely a Kusano creeper. Mostly because I miss him in NEWS, both his face and voice. And he should have never been kicked out in the first place. I’ve seen the pictures, it’s obviously soda! And of course my utter resentment for Uchi who actually did drink underage, but is nonchalantly in JE activities while Kusano does nothing. :/

And for that reason I like to keep updated on what Kusano is up to. Such as that modeling he did for that random store nearly a year ago! But since Kusano does virtually nothing, keeping updated on him involves creepily searching for tabloid pictures he’s in. Where he usually has a black bar or pixilation over his eyes or face, which is completely frustrating.

So, when I saw DBSK’s/TVXQ’s JYJ’s Jaejoong took a picture of his friends I honestly didn’t care much. That is until I took a closer look. Beyond the always sexy Yamapi and Shirota Yuu, there’s Kusano!

I’m sure a lot of people overlooked him because he’s looking at the ground. But it’s completely him. You can so tell it’s him by the side of his face, and how that’s the hairstyle he has a few years ago.

I am extremely sad that Johnny still owns his soul, and god forbid he ever show his shamefull face. I mean seriously, it’s a picture with his friends and he has to bend forward. Will the insanity never end? XD Though, I am happy that he’s back to a hairstyle where he actually looks attractive. I hated him with long hair.

But whatever, since Kusano is doing nothing I’ll settle for some side face. You have no idea how excited I am over his side face. That’s so sad. XD

Kusano and Kanna reappear!

It must be forgotten ex-member week in Japan, because pictures of forgotten members have surfaced. And because I must have incredible luck, it just so happens the pictures are of members I always complain about not seeing.

First up is new pictures of former NEWS member Hironori Kusano. When I first heard about new Kusano pictures I was pretty thrilled. I’ve expressed on this blog several times I want to see new things from Kusano. So I’m happy at any little new thing that surfaces about him. But it’s hard to find pictures of Kusano that aren’t unnecessarily blurred, or partying with some random foreign chick. But this is something official. Kusano modeled for some sort of store called Cailly*Coo. You can go here to see for yourself.

It’s good to see Kusano doing something again. However, not with that hair. He looks pretty much disgusting. He’s got this wannabe Johnny Depp hair going on, and I am not into it at all. Kusano is usually really adorable, but this hair completely ruins everything. :/
I wonder if this means Kusano will actually do something now. Wasn’t it for the longest time he wasn’t allowed to show his face at all? If he is now, apparently JE had something to do with it.

And the next person is none other than my favorite C-ute member, if she’s officially one or not, Arihara Kanna! I literally gasped when I read that there was a new picture of Kanna. I haven’t seen Kanna in over a year. Ever since she had her “bunion surgery.” And I am beyond excited to see her again.

This picture is from Erika’s blog, where you can check out here. Since I can’t read or speak Japanese, I have no idea what is being said about Kanna. The only thing I can understand is えりかのBESTFRIEND, which pretty obviously says Erika’s best friend.
I am so happy about this picture. Kanna is looking as adorable as ever. I definitely think Kanna should follow in the footsteps of her best friend and become a model or at least open a blog.