Hello!Project 2010 poll!

Paul from Hello!Blog has his H!P 2010 poll up. Which you can take here. And I gotta say I was pretty excited to take this poll. I pretty much wait every year to do this poll, because I love to see how much my opinion has changed in a year.

My results are drastically different from last year for 2 reasons. The first and main reason is that I can’t vote for my top 3 members from last year in this poll. Koharu, Kanna, and KonKon were my top 3 last year. And of course I’m still incredibly sad about what happened with my top 3. Well minus KonKon. So I had to basically push my next 3 to numbers 1-3. Which sucks because they’re not really my top 3 in H!P, but anymore I suppose they are/have to be. The second reason being that my opinions of the girls have changed a lot. Some girls have started to annoy me. And on the opposites spectrum I’ve begun to realize how awesome some of the girls I hardly paid attention to are.

So here’s my results.

This year’s H!P is really different from last years. Last year it was just your top ten, but this year you had to rank every single girl. Which made some of the choices extremely difficult. Especially on the least favorite end. It was hard to pick which girl I dislike more, but somehow I managed. Some of my results might seems unusual to the average H!P fan. So I’m going to explain the “weird” ones first.

LinLin: Some people might find it weird that LinLin is number one. But it was a pretty obvious choice for me. I follow Morning Musume the closest out of any H!P group, so of course a girl from Momusu was going to be number one. I really LOVE LinLin. She’s got the best personality of the current line up. She’s extremely funny, always speaks her mind no matter how weird some of it sounds, and has a lot of energy. She reminds me of Koharu in that aspect and is probably why I love her so much. And most of the time she usually hands down has the best answers for the Pocket Morning Questions. They’re usually full of win. LinLin is also uber underrated. Her voice is incredible I can totally see her being a main singer when the current girls graduate. Was her Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari part in the the Nine Smile Concert a little bit of foreshadowing? I’d like to think so. LinLin being sub leader would be incredible.

Mitsui Aika: Aika in the top 10? Aika number 3? You bet! A lot of people dislike Aika because she’s a little on the boring side. And I agree she kind of is. But most of the time Aika has to play down her personality because the other members of Morning Musume don’t really seem to like her that much. Most of the time they act like she’s a bother to have around. Even when she was the teacher in Yorosen they seemed pretty annoyed by her. Sure it was a little obnoxious to be in every single picture with the dog. But if that was Sayumi doing it they would have thought it was cute. But I love Aika. I think she’s incredible sweet and genuine. And I always look forward to reading her blog. So anyone out there who hates Aika, go ahead and hate her. That means there’s just more Aika for me. I also want an Aika photobook already! I don’t think Aika herself can make it anymore clear how much she wants one.

Fukuda Kanon: It’s no surprise to anyone who reads my blog regularly that over the past year I’ve developed an infatuation for Kanon. I pretty much haven’t taken my focus off of her since Shugo Chara Egg was formed. I don’t know what draws me to Kanon more her adorable voice or even more adorable voice. But whatever it is I am completely smitten with Kanon.
However I don’t really know too much about her personality wise, since there’s a lack of S/mileage things being subbed and translated. But if their debut goes according to plan I’ll have plenty of time to learn about her. After all she did just turn ichigo this year. ;]

Kamei Eri: Eri isn’t really that weird of a choice to be in the top ten, because she seems to be extremely popular among H!P fans. But it’s a little weird for me to put her up so high. When I first got into H!P she was always the one member who I forgot about. But recently I’ve been becoming a fan of Eri. I just find her naiveness, to be incredibly adorable. I think it’s also pretty cute that she is 21 and still doesn’t completely act like an adult. But I mean everything about Eri just screams cuteness. I absolutely love her voice. It’s cute without sounding screechy or being forced to sound that way. She’s also pretty cute herself. However not with her current hair. XD

Tokunaga Chinami: I started to really take notice of Chinami while looking at the cover for the H!P 2009 calendars. Chinami stood out right away because she was the only one who looked genuinely happy. I’ve been intrigued by Chinami ever since. Chinami just seems to always be cheerful and happy. She adds a really energetic super positive element to Berryz. She’s also really gorgeous. And steals the spotlight from the recent Berryz PVs. Especially Watashi no Mirai no Danna Sama. Even though she’s not up front much in that video, when she is she looks adorable. And definitely gets your attention.

As for my picks on the negative side of the spectrum, 21-25 are all basically tied for 25th place. These girls either lack personality or overall vocal ability. They’re arrogant, narcissistic, or just plain annoying. And usually are a combination of all of these elements. They’re just the H!P girls I could seriously do without. Though recently I found that Chisato isn’t absolutely annoying all the time. But I still don’t particularly like her. And I’m starting to like a few of ManoEri’s songs. That doesn’t mean she can actually carry a note.

These year’s poll also featured a current H!P units/solo artist rank. My result are the following.

The results where pretty obvious. Of course Morning Musume would remain number one. Even though the quality of their songs has been going through a dry spell lately, they still managed to have a few gems through that. Kimagure Princess and Naichau Kamo for the singles. And SONGS, Guru Guru Jump, and Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou on the album side.
C-ute’s results were even more obvious. In 2009 they kicked out my favorite member. And if that wasn’t bad enough their size diminished even more when Erika left. So C-ute pretty much turned into a weak and sad 5 member group. That features 3 member I don’t really like, 1 I love, and 1 whose floating somewhere in the middle. Even though Shock turned out to be more awesome then I expected it to be, there others songs aren’t too great.
Buono and Berryz made it to the top three because they’re songs are always consistently amazing. I didn’t exactly do back flips for Our Song, Buono made up for it with their incredible songs My Boy and Bravo Bravo. As for Berryz their last 5 singles have been some of my all time favorite Berryz singles. Most of them were double A sides for twice the awesome.

So there you have it my results and opinions for this years poll. Love them or hate them. Take them or leave them. They’re just my opinions about H!P and you don’t have to agree with them.