Passpo-Shoujo Hikou PV preview

Despite their major debut single, Shoujo Hikou, being pushed back from April 6th to May 4th Passpo is stll going strong. And we finally have a PV preview for their major debut. It’s the first time we get to hear the song. We have heard it once before, but it was literally only for 5 seconds.

The song sounds pretty much on par with what Passpo was releasing while they were still indie. It’s rockish sounding, while still having that fun idol cuteness. The song is just a little less rock then their previous singles. But I’m sure that’s just to make sure their sound isn’t too bold it will scare off new fans.

I think what we see of the PV is absolutely adorable. Since it’s their major debut they finally are able to have a PV with some what of a storyline. And since they have the money to do so they really played with their

stewardess theme. The PV features them half the time on an airplane and the half half in an airport. Which I think is actually really awesome. But it makes me wonder what they are going to do with their next PV? I wonder if they are going to pull a Momoiro Clover and not really wear their theme in every PV. Only time will tell on that.
The only thing I think this PV is lacking is a better dance. The dance is pretty simple and nothing really to write home about. And even though I do think the parts with the luggage was a cute idea, it actually makes that part of the dance look a little awkward. But that’s really my only complaint about the PV. I mean the video is cute and the girls look great. I don’t think Mio could get any cuter and I don’t think Kaho could get any prettier.

If you like what you see, you can buy the single from CDJapan by clicking the links below. And if you really love Passpo you can pick the single featuring your favorite member. However, I am not sure which girl goes to which type. :/

Passpo – Shoujo Hikou [Limited Edition / Type A]

Passpo – Shoujo Hikou [Limited Edition / Type B]

Passpo – Shoujo Hikou [Limited Edition / Type C]

Passpo – Shoujo Hikou [Limited Edition / Type D]

Passpo – Shoujou Hikou [Limited Edition / Type E]

Passpo – Shoujou Hikou [Limited Edition / Type F]

Passpo – Shoujo Hikou [Limited Edition / Type G]

Passpo – Shoujou Hikou [Limited Edition / Type H]

Passpo – Shoujo Hikou [Limited Edition / Type I]

Passpo – Shoujo Hikou [Limited Edition / Type J]

Passpo – Shoujo Hikou [Regular Edition]

Passport to Passpo

I’ve been trying really hard to make this blog completely about idols. But I never really have the time to learn about other idol groups, because there’s always something going on in the world of idols that I have to blog about. (Eventually I’ll know about Idoling!!! and the 48 groups beyond AKB48. Eventually. XD) But since it’s been a pretty slow news day for idols, I decided to learn about another idol group. And the idol group I picked is Passpo.

I picked Passpo for three reasons: They are relatively small with only 10 members, are fairly new having only released 4 singles and an album, and are making their major debut soon. Now, I might be an idol fan but I really only care about major idols. Indie idols are usually extremely hard to find information on. I can barely find translations for less popular idols such as Idoling!!! and Canary Club. I can imagine how hard it must be for indie groups. It also steams from me not caring about Research Students, Eggs, or Juniors before they officially debut too. It just seems pointless to learn about people who may or not do anything.

I really like Passpo’s overall theme. Being flight attendants is something completely original and unique to Passpo. Another thing I find so appealing about Passpo is that half of the members are either my age or older. And in some odd way that makes me feel a little more connected to the group. XD
After actually listening to their music I was really impressed. The songs seem to be heavier and more rock sounding than the average idol group. But of course the music does still have that sugary sweet idol feel to it. Singing wise I think the group is very talented. I actually wasn’t expecting that. However, their vocals mostly sound so strong because all of the girls are singing together. It’s like listening to AKB48 for the first time. When all the girls are singing at once it’s hard to differentiate each girl’s voice and hard to notice who’s the stand out. I’m also really looking forward to how the major debut will effect their songs. When Momoiro Clover went major their songs went from semi interesting to full blown awesome. And of course the PVs and outfits also improved.

I definitely think Passpo is worth keeping an eye on. Their major debut with Universal J is scheduled for April 6th. I don’t think the recent earthquake will have any effect on that because all the late March releases were pushed back for early April, so everything should be right on track for them. Their debut single is called Shoujo Hikou and I will most likely be making a post about it as soon as anything is released.

To get ready for their major debut here are some of my favorite Passpo songs.

Let It Go:


Pretty Lie:

Natsu Sora Dash:

Muteki Girl: (Not the full song, sorry)

The embedding was disabled so you have to click here to watch.

Kisumai to debut in May!

It was revealed at today’s Kis-My-Kt2 concert that the Johnny’s Junior group will be making their long overdue debut this May. Instead of being signed to Johnny’s related labels such as Johnny’s Entertainment or J Storm, Kisumai will be taking a page out of Tackey and Tsubasa’s book and signing with Avex. Also, I’m not sure what kind of release this will be. I read somewhere that said as of right now it’s unsure whether this is going to be and album or a single. And then I read another place that said this is totally going to be a single. But you can be sure the moment their album or single is announced I’ll write about it here.

I can’t say that this news is shocking. When I read this news I didn’t even bat an eye. Mostly because them debuting soon became so obvious I’ve been expecting it everyday. I even said in two posts how they should just debut already and it’s going to be any day now. But dedicated Kisumai fans have been saying that for YEARS. Literally years. I remember when I first became a Johnny’s fan in 2008 there were a bunch of annoying fans crying over Kis-My-Ft2. I’d imagine the same thing happened with KAT-TUN fans, since both groups were in nearly identical pre-debut situations.

I never really got the appeal of Kisumai before. Well, I don’t really get it now. But after actually listening to FIRE BEAT and hearing how incredible the song was, I understand the fuss that was made over them. Do I get why they have to wear ridiculous roller skates when they perform? No, and I never will. That’s actually probably a main part of why I didn’t care about them. Half because I don’t care about Juniors until they debut. And half because whenever I saw Kis-My-Ft2 perform on Shounen Club in roller skates I’d laugh and then skip their performances. I wonder if there’s any chance of them dropping that now that they’re officially debuting? Probably not because by now that’s their schtick. Which is completely lame.

I’m not a fan of Kisumai as you can tell. But I am 100% excited for them to debut. This will mark the first Johnny’s debut since becoming a fan. Well, first if you don’t count NYC. Which I don’t. They’re only a sub-group, and weren’t even supposed to last past the Nakayama Yuma w/ BI SHADOW / NYC Boys single. And this is really a momentous event for me fandom wise. JE isn’t like female idol agencies, where they make one-shot groups and sub-groups all the time. No, it takes Johnny’s years to form new groups. And to actually be a fan when it’s all happening is incredibly exciting. And maybe that’s makes me a loser, but I get really into my idol music fandom. I mean, I can’t wait until 6 years from now when S/mileage is insanely popular and taking over Japan, that I can proudly say, “You see them, in a small way I helped  with their debut.” Just like with Kisumai I can say, “Yeah, I’ll never forget they day they formed. All of their fans finally shut up for 5 minutes.” Whether I look back fondly on the memory or curse the day it happened is really up to the group themselves. Let’s hope their music actually ends up being good. Or at least end up like KAT-TUN. Where I only listen to their singles because their album songs just aren’t as good. Let’s hope they end up having some real personality and have entertaining shows. I can’t wait to see who is the Kei-chan, Shige, MatsuJun, Koki, Taguchi, or Hikaru of the group. Since I don’t really think Kisumai are all that much to look at, let’s hope they make up for it with personality. Well, Fujigaya Taisuke is a little cute. Cute in that I have an interesting face sort of way.
Well, I’m off now to learn Kisumai’s member’s names and a little bit about each member.

SUPER GIRLS are miracles that don’t stop

SUPER GIRLS released their debut PV, Miracle ga Tommanai, through their USTREAM account. Since this song isn’t a single, and is coming straight off their debut album Chouzetsu Shoujou, I wonder if this means some other songs will get PVs too? I would love for that to happen, but honestly I doubt it will.

A lot of people were expecting another completely unique idol group. Since Avex usually makes out of the ordinary idol groups like Hinoi Team and AAA. But honestly I am really excited to another SweetS type idol group from Avex.
The song and PV are pretty much carbon copies of every other idol group that’s out there. Which is completely expected. It’s hard to make an idol group now a days, that’s actually original. The PV is pretty simple, almost boring. But since it’s their first PV you have to cut them some slack.

I absolutely love the outfits.

  This chick looks like a mix between Ariyasu Momoka and Watanabe Mayu. And I hate the super low quality. XD

  Well, she’s cute.

  Wow, this girl is the prettiest.

  Look, it’s Tsuji Nozomi mixed with Tanaka Reina.

  Super pretty.


Oh man, she has a cute voice to match.

  She totally looks like Hayami Akari mixed with Akimoto Sayaka.

  Group hug!

  The random hearts reminds me of Ice Creamusume’s debut PV, but I’m too lazy to go make a cap. XD

  Haato! She has Arihara Kanan ears, except more intense.

  I really need to stop making caps of this girl. But she’s just so pretty.

Oh man, it’s just like Perfume’s Baby Cruising Love. Too lazy to make a cap of that too. XD



  The cutest girls in one line.

S/mileage goes major!

It’s official S/mileage is finally going major. Tsunku, just as planned, announced at ManoEri’s concert that S/mileage will have their major debut. They will be signed to Pony Canyon, the same label as Buono. Theie debut song, Yume Miru 15sai, will be released May 26th.

I am completely thrilled that S/mileage accomplished their goal and are going major. I love S/mileage and I think they have real potential to be a top act in H!P. I loved all of their singles so far. I’m really excited to see a S/mileage concert, full album, B sides, and photobooks in the future. I’m just really excited about this! S/mileage is really adorable and have cute voices.

They also revealed the mosaic of all the smiles pictures.

So good luck finding yours. I’d like to think that mine is somewhere making up Kanon. ;]

And if you can speak Japanese, here’s the video where Tsunku makes the announcement. I totally expected the wota to flip out way more than they did. But they also break out in a S/mileage chant for about 3 seconds though. XD

Only 1,000 smiles away from S/mileage’s major debut

S/mileage has been collecting smile pictures for the past month, so they’ll be able to get a major debut if they reach 10,000 pictures. Which you’re probably already aware of. Unless you’ve been under an anti H!P cave for the last month. What you might not be aware of is S/mileage currently has 9,000 smiles. And only 3 days to collect the last 1,000. The final result will be announced during the Mano Erina and S/mileage concert on April 3rd. And most likely the mosaic board will be revealed.

Even if you don’t like S/mileage you should really help them now. I know there’s a lot of people who dislike S/mileage and haven’t sent in their pictures yet. But you should sent in your pictures to show your support for H!P as a whole, if not for S/mileage. If ManoEri needed piano pictures for her debut, or Melon Kinenbi needed melon pictures to stop from breaking up, I would send in my smiles for support. Would I be happy about either happening? Would I care either way? No and no. But I would still do it, to show support for H!P as a whole. H!P very rarely puts the fate of groups in the fan’s hands. They very rarely get the fans involved this much. I think the only other time was with Morning Musume. So I’m actually really excited to be apart of this. Halg because I love S/mileage and half because in some small way it feels like I’m making their debut happen. Well indirectly anyway, but you get my point.

If you haven’t sent in you’re picture yet, what are you waiting for! H!O has posted all the info you need here. You wouldn’t want S/mileage’s debut to be undecided now. ;]